Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Episode 6

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Sonakshi entered into her room and sprawled herself on the cossy bed which was too big compared to her tiny frame. Their was a big window inside the room,providing a good view of goa.She raised her head up to see the view and smiled seeing the beauty of Goa. She tried to catch some sleep but sleep seems to be far away from her eyes. Chucking the idea of doing her fav timepass she decided to take a long shower and than have some food or maybe a brunch cos she was feeling extremely hungry. Sonakshi comes out from the washroom wearing a sort dress reaching till her knees. Going infront of the mirror,she brushed her hairs and then giving herself a last look she goes down.

It’s been 15 mins from when sonakshi is trying to wake twinkle up but to her dismay.Her sleepy head sister is snoring soundly under her duvet without paying any heed to her constent nudging. Sonakshi tried her best to woke her up but twinkle stayed stiff in her sleep. If they weren’t here she would have grab a bucket full of water and then pour it over her to wake her up but they aren’t in their house sadly. Finally failing in her all attempts sonakshi gave in and leaves from twinkle’s room. Now her appetite has reached at a higher level after all she wested her energy in waking up her sleepy head sister who’s still sleeping soundly under her duvet. Huhh such a burden she is on this world if she couldn’t avail for her own sister ; Sonakshi thought to herself and then moves towards the kitchen to get something to eat.

It seems like god is testing her patience today. She searched for the care taker so she could ask him to fetch her something but There was no trace of him in the house. Shrugging her shoulders in dismay she started to search something to fill her stomach.She finds nothing in the kitchen except then 2 packets of biscuits and one packet of bread. There was no chips,no fruits,nothing not even nutrella!!! And the fresh veggies were useless for her cos she don’t even know how to make a sandwich. That’s why she tried woke twinkle cos she’s a pro when it comes to cooking. Such a irony is this!!! Her useless sister can cook unlike her who don’t even know the “C” of cooking. Having no other option she grabbed the packets of biscuits and moves upstairs.

Everybody was sleeping in their room,the plan of roaming goa seems to be forgotten by the sleepy heads where as sonakshi was sitting all alone in the balcony,munching the biscuits. Goa’s weather seemed to be hot and humid. Sonakshi could clearly see the whole area comes under the villa. The beauty of the villa is making her wend her eyes over it.

Coffee!!! ; Dev says offering her a cup of coffee.Sonakshi smiles in reply taking it while dev settled down beside him maintaining a decent distance from her.

I thought you too would be asleep ; she replies sinking the biscuit into the coffee and shoved it into her mouth in the next swift. The moment when the biscuits melted in her mouth her expressions changed into a blissful one and that Mumm sound was another cherry on cake. Dev wondered seeing her going crazy with just a coffee and biscuits. Who eats biscuits with coffee!!!! Isn’t it a weird combination!

Ahmmm…….Sorry….. ; Dev says looking at her who was still lost in her own world,munching those dipped biscuits and drowned into that heartwarming pleasure.

Ohh That’s perfectly fine…. ; she replies licking her fingers and then again dips another biscuit into the coffee mug but to her dismay the biscuit didn’t survived and she made a sad pout. Every single expression of her’ was deeply observed by an amused dev.

Ok she’s not a alien but a human but the thing which surprised him was the kid inside her who don’t give a damn to anyone. She’s being she only no faced at all. No selfconsciousness.He remember the things Ridhima used to say him about girls and their ways to present themselves among man. She is not among those girls whom he met,The one who perfectly fits into ridhima’s check list. She is different. She has a strange power to attract people. Attract!!!! Is he feels attracted towards her. Hell….

No….. ; his selfconsciousness yelled mentally.

But wait is she said she’s perfectly fine with that!! Did she even know what he is talking about. No……Right!! than how can she say it just like that.

I said I am sorry ; he said again thinking he’ll get to hear a different answer but nah her answer remains the same.

It’s ok for you if I drip my saliva on your head and make you feel Yuckiii…… ; He says a bit loudly not knowing if now also she get his meaning or is she still lost in her own lala land with that coffee and biscuits.

You didn’t did that knowingly…….And my ears are all good to hear you in your normal tone. You don’t have to put extra effort on your throat to make me hear your voice ; she said the last line with a sarcastic tone.

Dev looked at her with shock+confusion. She knew about it but she didn’t said anything about it. If she knew about it then why didn’t she yelled upon him for doing that stupidity. She’s confusing him.

You knew about It???? How?? ; he asked.

Well m not that dumb. I felt that dampness and then your eyes spoke volumes ; she said looking into his eyes. Her eyes held a strange spark in it which he never saw in anybody’s eyes. He found himself lost into that spark.

Only some people has those eyes which can speak volumes then their words and your eyes are mirror.They show the real you…… ; she said again bringing him out of his thoughts.

I…I know it wasn’t intentionally but still… ; he said blinking his eyes and would have continued but sonakshi stoped him in the middle.

You thinks too much Dev…..Stop thinking about other’s and try to leave things… ; she said it with a little smile and then she left out a tired sigh grabing his attention.

What’s wrong….. ; Dev asked looking at her changed expressions. How immediately her expressions changes just like blinking of eyes. From where she get these all expressions ; he wondered.

Churn…… ; Dev hear the voice and then looks here and there to know the source of it.

It came from here ; sonakshi said pointing her fingers towards her belly and give him a tight liped smile.

You should have made a sandwich for yourself if you were so hungry ; Dev says seeing the fading colour of her face due to hunger. They hadn’t eaten anything from the time they were in flight and she looked quite exhausted when they came here.

I…..Don’t know how to cook not even a sandwich and the care takers was also not present in the kitchen so I only get these ; she admits the fact and shows him the empty packets of biscuits.

But I can….. ; he says with a grin and sonakshi’s face light up listening to him.


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