To Live a Life is Not Easy (Episode 1)

It seems lovely 2 see d view of mountains & paddy fields frm a train. I luv 2 c those sites, The beauty of nature. Bt plz don’t think i m a poet bcoz mostly poets luv 2 c this n they get inspiration 4 writing poetries. I was reading the novel “The Diary of A Young Girl” written by Anne Frank. The way that small 12 yr old girl potrayed her views of the fate of Jews during Hitler’s regime was awesome. Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder n i turned back n saw my father n said “papa where u went i was searching 4 u.” I was travelling to delhi 4 pursuing my higher studies in ICAR after my +2 completion. I was my college topper. I was only daughter of my parents so they were reluctant 2 send me to a unknown far place n also i don’t hv experience of staying in hostel. Bt my destiny wants me 2 go there. My father n mother r very sweet. I feel no 1 cn luv me more than them. Papa was going with me 2 drop there. It was papa’s 3rd time n mine’s 1st time. Every time my family went there i would hv some important exam so hv 2 stay back. I was excited, nervous n many more feeling were going in my heart. How will i cope up with d students ? Will i found a true frnd or not n many more questions were going in my mind. I said 2 myself in my mind “calm down Aparna everything will b fine”.

Guys dis is my 1st ff i hope u all will like it. Plz comment n let me know ur views. Bye n tc.

Credit to: Rashi


  1. Roma

    Awesome start, sounds interesting story, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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