Live and let live ……episode 1


Life is beautiful . U are lucky if u r born perfectly right without defects cse there are many who cannot see this beautiful world , some who cannot hear the words of appreciation and some who share the same brain and heart

People usually believe in bullying with that category of people as they are helpless about it and they almost consider them as their slaves
People do it for their pleasure and they believe they are the strongest. But the fact is that they are the most coward among all as they wander in groups nd the ones getting bullied walks in single
The day comes when the humiliation and all tortures faced turns out to be their power booster and these bullied ones show what they actually are and the people get a hard slap on their brains
All I wanna say is live and let live
God might have closed some doors of pleasures for these defective ones but he never forgets to keep some other door always open

So never consider anyone as a tool to be subjected to humiliation just because they are defective
Let those be the deaf , dumb or transgender ones
We are all equal and god loves us all in the same manner

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  1. I am so sorry it wasn’t supposed to be episode 1
    Am not continuing it but gonna write short stories of this kind

  2. Thank u 4 give us such a good n inspiring speech .keep it up,apu..

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