Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Introduction

Hello guys…..I know m very late and you all are hell angry with me but i was in a big mess. Internet was banned in our city and that was the main reason of my sudden departure. I already posted the introduction on Wattpad before going but forget to post it on tu so here i am. And i promise that i’ll post a new update of both Soulmates and LLP till monday. So here is the introduction and please give your views below the comment box so that i can know rather you liked my new story or not. So let’s go with the story now……

Dev Dixit :- 27 Years old. A punjabi Munda.Happy and lively person.loves his family alot. His sister is the apple of his eyes. Loves his step mom alot but didn’t express it because of a reason.Works with his father and wants to open his own business.

Sonakshi Taneja :- 24 Years old.A punjabi kudi. Fashion designer by profession. The apple of her parent’s eyes. Loves her family alot specially her little sister. Bold and beautiful. A chatterbox.

Riddhima Mehra :- 23 Years old. Dev’s step Sister. Loves dev alot.Married with his long time boyfriend Anuj Mehra,a very good friend od dev. Lives with her parents along with her husband because he didn’t have a family.A sweet bubbly girl.

Anuj Mehra :- 28 Years old. Good friend of dev. A calm person. Always supports dev in his every decision. Didn’t have a family. Consider dev’s family as his own. Respects his parents alot. Lives as an Gharjamai.

Ravindra Dixit :- father of Dev and Riddhima. Loves them equally. A successful businessman. Family comes first for him. Have a friendly equation with dev and anuj.Wants to make dev get married soon so that he can play with his grand child.

Sneha Dixit :- Step mother of dev and real mother of Riddhima. Loves them both equally but didn’t express her love towards dev but always cared about him. Wants her families happiness at any cost.

Abhijeet Taneja :- Sonakshi’s father. A small businessman. All he want is the happiness of his family. Loves his daughters alot. Given them their whole freedom to live their life to the fullest.

Rupali Taneja :- Sonakshi’s mother. A social worker. The boss of the house. Loves her family alot. Always there to clear the mess created by her crazy family.

Twinkle Taneja :- 20 Years old. Studies in college. Little sister of sonakshi. Chatterbox like hers. craziest person in the family. Always ready to mess up with anyone. Loves her family alot.

Will include characters if needed


So this is it for the introduction and sorry for the inconvenience. Will try my best to post asap. See you soon,Till then…………….
Sayonara ???

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  1. Darshana

    Introduction was nyc!..and if u dont mind may i know which city u live in?…
    post asap?

    1. Ritya

      Thank you Darshan ???
      Will update the first episode morrow or the next day ???
      And i live in Bikaner (Rajasthan) ??

  2. Ridzzzz

    Nyc one as all ways waiting for the story to start

    1. Ritya

      Thank you so much Ritzzzz ???
      Will try to post it morrow or the next day…….

  3. Aarti32

    Ritya.. I’m very very excited for your ff..plzz start posting d episodes soon

    1. Ritya

      M equally exited to post it but m not getting enough time to write it so fingers crosed………but will try my best to complete it asap and post the both ffs ???

  4. nice one
    post asap

    1. Ritya

      Thank you Harshita ??
      Will try my best to post it asap ???

  5. Very nice waiting eagerly for your new ff

    1. Ritya

      Thank you ???
      It’ll be there asap ???

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