Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Episode 5

After the long wait of 3 months here I am with the new update of this Story….
Hope you remember the track of it and if you don’t then again readthe previous 4 chapters so that you could relay with it easily so not wasting your much time with my bak-bak let’s go with the story now………


The plane is about to land and here dev and sonakshi were sleeping. Sonakshi’s head was resting on his shoulder and his was resting on her head. Dev who was adoring her sometime ago also falls asleep without his own knowledge and endup resting his head on her’. Her hand was slided in his and till now she was cuddling with him thinking herself in her room, thinking him as Twinkie. The air hostess came to them twice for asking about their comfort but found them sleeping. They were sleeping peacefully forgetting about their surroundings looking all cute cos both’s mouths were slightly open giving them a cute look. The air hostess who came to wake them up couldn’t stop herself from adoring them.

Awwww………;the only word which escaped from her mouth seeing them cuddled with eachother in such a babish way. She was struggling to think a way to woke them up cos they couldn’t sleep like this all the time. They have to woke up before the plane lands and it seems like god sensed her inner turmoli and Dev’s slumber broke. He opens his sleepy eyelashes slowly adjusting them with the light and due to his movements Sona who was sleeping all cuddled up with him also woke up and the next thing they felt seeing each other was embarrassment. Sona was embarrassed cos she found herself cuddling up with a man whom she just met yesterday and didn’t even know him properly.she slapped herself mentally,how can she driven away in her sleep just like this. And on the other hand embarrassment would be a understatement for him when he noticed his soggy saliva on her hairs. Goshhh Anuj & Riddhima always teases him for his dripping habit and right now he feels more embarrassed then being teased by them. What will she think of him??? More over how will she react if she got to know about this!!! He closes his eyes in embarrassment cursing himself internally.

Bringing them out from there thoughts to the earth the air hostess greeted them and they gave a tight lipped smile to her, trying their best to hide their embarrassment in which they were lingering right now. Dev didn’t get time to tell her about his stupidity as the flight landed and they get busy collecting their stuffs. People who were sitting behind them were more eager to go out cos they weren’t giving them time to get out of their seats but literally pushing them inside. As being a gentleman Dev offered Sona to lead him and one of the eager person ligtly pushed her by mistake and she loosed her balance but before she fall or hit herself with the seat Dev holds her by her wrist thus preventing her from hurting. Sona muttered a soft thank you to him and he smiled coyly and safeguard her further. Finally after the time more like eternity they came out and headed towards anuj, Riddhima & twinkle who were already out and were waiting for their arrival only.

Where were you guys. We were waiting for you from past 15 mins ; Twinkle asks them,frowning at their late arrival.

As if you cared……… Well let’s not west our time here only.let’s move out cos we have to find a cab also to reach our hotel ; Sona replied annoying. She was still angry on her for ditching her. Twinkle chuckles internally seeing her annoymous expressions and makes a puppy face to sick her forgiveness.

No ways you guys aren’t going anywhere but coming with us only. Right twinkle ; Riddhima declared looking at twinkle and winks and then eyed Sonakshi.she looked determined with her dicision and Sona was confused by her declaration. She was already feeling exhausted and right now she don’t want to have any argument. Though she loves to treval but couldn’t costrevaling is not her cup of tea,it exhaust her in extreme level as if she ditched a rock. Sonakshi gave a deadly glare to twinkle who hungs her hands up in the air indicating she didn’t knew anything about it.

Before she could think a way to deny or say something to them Riddhima again grab her attention saying there is something liquory thing sticking in her hairs. Hearing her Dev immediately comes infront of Sonakshi pretending to check her hairs and smartly cleaned his seliva from her hairs with his handkerchief and haved a sign of relief thinking that now no one would come to know about his stupidity and he did a happy dance in his mind. After that mental happy dance reality hits him hard and then he realise the blunder he did few seconds ago.Shocked would be a understatement for not only Sonakshi but to the trio also who were looking at them with a “O” shaped mouth. Sona was too numb to even react over his gesture. The time his fingers touched her hairs,she could feel a current running in her veins. On the other hand the trio thought Why on the earth he chose to see the thing which bothered her. Is he her bf???? Why he’s behaving like a bf who didn’t care about his surroundings nor hasitates to PDA his love when it comes to his lady love .

I………was……..just……………just helping her……; he fumbled with words seeing their “o” shaped faces and gives them a tight lipped smile.

Riddhima bursts out in laughter accompanied by Anuj & Twinkle. The look Dev was having while explaining them,was worth to watch. He looked like that 5 year old kid who’s mum asked him the reason of not having his regular lunch in school. Sonakshi left out a tired sign seeing them laughing like maniacs in the middle of the exit of the airport and Dev still had that baby expression glued on his face.

Look our car arrived……Come Anuj let’s load our luggage ; Dev says taking his & Sonakshi’s bags and gesturing to take the another bags and accompany him. Unknowingly doing a new blunder by carrying her’s luggage with him. Only god knows why he is doing these blunders while Sonakshi greets her teeths in frustration. Seeing her getting angry with the happenings Riddhima was quick enough to convince her to stay with them. Seeing no way out finally Sonakshi gives in infront of her demands earning a tight hug from Riddhima and twinkle vaulted on her place like a baby.

Loading the luggage into the car everybody settled into the car,the girls choose back seats and the boys grabbed front seats. Tying his seatbelt around him Dev thanked the driver and gives him a tip for coming on time. Welcome to Goa, let’s go to our villa now ; saying this Dev started the car to start their journey. The journey which started with so many stupid blunder…… Only god knows that where this journey will lead them in future.

The journey from the airport to villa was not so silent. Anuj was humming the songs playing in the redio, Riddhima & twinkle who were chatting from the time they were in flight,still talking about the random things and the views they are getting to see. Sonakshi was quiet from the time she sit in the car her head was resting on the seat and she was looking outside of the window of the car continuously taking in the Beauty of the city. Dev was the one who was noticing everybody’s activity and secretly stealing the glances of Sona. How can a person be so strange yet so known ; he wondered seeing her. Finally they reached their destination “Captain Jeo’s”.

The moment when Sonakshi and twinkle stepped out of the car, their jaw dropped seeing the Beauty of the house.The house is Built in the traditional Goan Portuguese style it is a mix of old and new – mangalore roof tiles, lofty ceilings, a wide wrap around verandah and a small balcao.The design of the house is open plan.The walled garden and pool are the real stars of this home. The garden has mature trees and pretty flowering shrubs, a lily pond and lawned areas. There is a gazebo which faces the sparkling blue waters of the pool, the ideal spot to relax on the comfortable cane sofa and chairs and lazy away the afternoon.

Captain Jeo’s Vila;The property is only 3 years old and was a labour of love. An ideal location half way between the beaches of Morjim and the restaurants and night life of lively Baga.There are four air conditioned bedrooms and three bathrooms in which two are ensuite. Two bedrooms are located of either side of the entrance hall on the ground level. There are stairs to the third & fourth bedrooms, and a pool table.The villa is entered via the wrap around verandah that runs the full width of the house. And the charges of one night stay per person is
45,000. No……….We can’t stay here…….. It’s out of my budget…….. ; Sonakshi described the Vila in one go,gawking at the Beauty of the villa. The villa is indeed beautiful more than she saw in the website. The moment Sonakshi mentioned about the rent twinkle’s eyes popped out of her sockets. Riddhima gawks at Sonakshi while Anuj passes her a mocking glare,the things she mentioned about the villa were actually not explored by Riddhima till now inspite of the fact that she is the bloddy owner of this villa.Sonakshi grabbed her bag and was about to move out but was stopped by Dev.

You really Did a great research about our villa and am amazed to know about your memory. Such a sharp memory……;Dev appreciates her while Sonakshi gets confused about his statement and gave him a confused look.

Welcome sir. Welcome mam. Good to see you here again ; the caretaker of the villa approachs them thus grabbing their attention.

Hello Mr. Methyu. Nice to see you too. Hope everything is good in your life ; Anuj says shaking his hand with him with a warm smile. Both Dev and Riddhima greets him with the same smile, Sonakshi was still glued to her place and was trying to absorb the things going on infront of her. The man whom they just greeted was supposed to be the owner as per her knowledge but the man himself greeting them as sir/mam. Twinkle was the one who was least bothered about the talks going on and was busy exploring the place.

Hehehe…… Don’t be so confused Sona. He isn’t the owner but is the caretaker of our villa. My father gifted me this villa on my marriage so I am the real owner ; Riddhima says seeing Sonakshi’s confused face. After listening this Sonakshi passes a awkward/confused smile and again started to leave.

Are you Basanti from sholay?????? And is the bag is your Dhanoo??? Whom you drag in every minute and get ready to go????…….. I mean Come on yaar we are friends right???? So one friend can stay in another’s place….. Don’t you consider us as your friends ; Anuj plays his master stroke and tries to emotionally blackmail her and makes a puppy face to convince her. Riddhima also joins him and makes the same puppy face thus convincing her to stay. Dev chuckles seeing their puppy face.

Ohh come on Sona……Stop being the spoiler……look we know nothing about this city and honestly I don’t have the strength to roam around the city with all the luggage and search for a place to stay. Why are you so stubborn……And they are our friends right so why so hesitancy??? ; Twinkle says frowning at her stubbornness. Why her sister becomes egoistic when it comes to take help from others. She shruggs her shoulders in disappointment and goes away from her.

What are you doing their dumbo…….Who’ll carry your bags inside???? I am not your personal coolie so it’s better if you do the honours of dragging your stuffs inside the villa by your own ; Sonakshi says angrily showing off her bags from her way and twitches her nose annoyingly. Everybody smile after listening this and have a tired sign that finally they convinced The Great Sonakshi Taneja.

Everybody moves inside the villa and again twinkle & Sonakshi couldn’t stop themselves from gawking at the view infront of their eyes. The kitchen is to the right of the entrance hall and includes a sitout bar. The sitting room is adequately furnished with an assorted mix of old and new plus a door at the verandah overlooking a lily pond.

You as you already know the two bedrooms are placed on either side of the hall at the ground level and the Stairs lead to the third and fourth bedrooms of the house and we have kitchen also so please do the honours to choose your room ; Anuj says stretching his hands in the air and winks at Riddhima making her remember those beautiful moments she spent with him at this place. Her cheeks become red with the thought of them having their we time at the place she loves the most.

Ahmm I’ll go with the ground floor’s room and Sona can even adjust in the hall itself so ; twinkle replies Anuj with a grin and earns another deadly glare from her not so lovely sister.

Not only you but m also going to share the room with you so please she was about to continue but twinkle stops her inbetween.

Is it necessary for you to stay glued with me.Give a break yaar….. atleast let me leave alone here only…….. I am not going to share my room with you…….. ; Twinkle relies her straight on her face thus irritating her to the core.

Oh come on girls take a chill pill please. There are 4 rooms in this villa Anuj and Riddhi are obviously going to stay in the one room and then it’s only three of us so each of can easily have a separate room without bothering the other one. Is it necessary for both of you to fight on every topic???? ; Dev asks them finally breaking his pool of silence and stood infront of them placing both his hands on his waist belt and gave them a tired look. Well he didn’t have more energy to see and hear them fighting and fighting over every little thing.

Finally giving in infront of him they both obeyed him with their low hunged face. Riddhima and Anuj goes to their room and so does twinkle. Dev and Sonakshi have to upstairs and Dev being a gentleman helped her to get her luggage into her room.


2449 words *sign now that’s big.
So here it is the beginning of their Goa trip.

How was it????

Did you guys enjoyed annoyed and moody Sonakshi????

Devakshi at the same floor……..

What’s gono happen next?????

What is stored in the box now????

Where this trip will lead them???

Is there more embarrassing situations waiting for them???

Well well well there are so many things to happen in this trip… hold on your curiosity and just wait for another update till then……

Sayonara ???

PS:- The credit of following information of Goa goes to Google baba…..

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