Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Episode 3

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Dev reaches home after thanking sonakshi. The smile never left his lips. Their antics and her smiling face still makes him smile. He enters in the house and finds Sneha (his step mum) chooping onions,tears were falling down to her cheeks due to this. Her vision goes blurry and her thumb get hurts in the process. She hisses in pain. Blood starts oozing out from it. Dev runs towards her panicking.

What the hell! Who told you to do is?? There are so many servants in this house but no,you just wants to do all the things by your own. See it’s bleeding now ; he literally shouts on her for being so careless,kneeling down infront of her,holding her hand,examining the wound,taking her by surprise because usually he didn’t talk too much with her. They didn’t share a good bond though both loves each other but the tag of step mum and step son didn’t let them show their love towards each other. But whenever they saw each other in pain they just can’t hold on on their feelings and express it which make them more uncomfortable with each other.

Just then Riddhima arrives there hearing dev’s shouting. The scenario infront of her eyes make her have tears in her eyes too. It’s so rare for her to see the two most important persons of her life together and showing care for each other. She stood there and admires them. Sneha too had tears in her eyes,not because her wound hurting her,she has tears in her eyes seeing dev’s concern towards her. She always craved for it but alas it’s so rare to see his this sight for her. She raises her hand to caress his hairs but soon reality hits dev and he immediately jerk himself up.

Kichu………Bhola……….. ;he shouts in anger,hearing him shouting Kichu and bhola immediately arrives in hall.

If you guys didn’t want to work then tell me i can appoint someone better then you. Why she is working??? Is it her work??? ;he yelled at them and they stood there with their head hung down into the earth.

“Veer Ji” ; Riddhima approached him seeing his raising anger,to calm him down. Seeing her dev immediately left the place not able to give the answers of her upcoming questions.

Sneha was all happy to see his concern. The happiness she was feeling was beyond words. Riddhima goes to her and do her first-aid. Rather then hissing in pain she was smiling thinking about his concern towards her. Riddhima huffs in dismay seeing her mother’s weird behavior. She just can’t understand the bond they share.

Maa!!! Like seriously…….. You are smiling……. I’ll go mad one day because of both of you ; Riddhima mocks at Sneha twitching her nose in anger.

Nobody can understand our bond……..Now stop getting angry otherwise my grand child would also born with this anger ;sneha claims chuckling over her antics and side hugs her.

Ohh my god !!! It’s getting late………I have to do so many things. Please help me in packing ;Riddhima says tilting her head up and makes a puppy face to convince her mother. Sneha pull her cheeks. She looks so cute while doing this.

*At Taneja’s*

Twinkle and sonakshi were busy in packing their stuffs. They have a early morning flight tomorrow and their packing is yet not completed. Their room was a big mess. Their clothes were Scattered all over in the room. Rupali comes in to check them if they needed her help and face palmed herself seeing the mess they created.

Hey…..It’s mine don’t you dare to shove it in your bag ;sona says snatching the denim jacket from twinkle who was shoving it into her travel bag and they starts pulling it from each-other.

Ughh!!! Vaheguru Ji………..Stop……Stop it. Look at yourselves you guys always fight like cat and dog. And look at your room. I don’t think that i should let you two go alone for this trip ; rupali says getting angry on them. Day by day It’s getting difficult for her to tolerate their dog and cat fights. There is’nt a single day when they don’t fight.Listening her words they immediately leave the jacket and it falls down. They grin wildly at her.

Maa……See i am telling her that have it. It will look good on her and she is’nt listening to me. Tell her na that take it ; sona says picking up the jacket shoving it in her bag while this twinkle collect all the clothes from the ground and shove them back into the cupboard.

You know na maa that we love each other so much that we can’t live without fighting. And Paa always says that if two people fight alot then it means that their love is pure and undying ; Twinki claims and rolls her lips outside making a pout. Sonakshi also joins her and makes pout. These two Monstrous of her mother knows how to calm her.

I know how much you love each other. No one will listen to me so there is no point to arguing. Come down when you are done with your work. Atleast today have dinner with us ;rupali says rolling her eyes off them. “How will they manage alone and that too in another city” ;she thought to herself when sona and twinkle take her in a bone crushing hug,assuring her about their safty. She was worried for them because they were going out alone but inside her heart she know that they’ll manage.

*At Dixit’s*

Are you sure doctor that there will be no problem?? I don’t want to take risk about it………. ; he was about to continue when Riddhima snatches his phone and cuts it.

Enough is enough Veer Ji………..This is the tenth doctor whom you are consulting with, I told you na that my doctor has allowed me and now if you have called another doctor, I will not talk to you either ; Riddhima yelled at dev annoyingly while this others couldn’t hold back their urge of laughing and burst out into a never ending session of laughter. Riddhima pursed her lips tightly seeing them laughing like maniacs.

Dad!!! Anuj!!!! This is not funny……….She is pregnant and had a low suger level today itself. I don’t want to take risk about it. I know you guys must be thinking that i am gone mad but i can’t take risk about her ; he asserts at them and shrugs his shoulders in dismay seeing them so calm and laughing at him for caring about his sister. He had some bitter childhood memories but The time when Riddhima born his whole world started roaming around her only. He loves her immensely that the word immense itself is’nt able to define his love towards her.

Dev!!! It’s not like that………See the doctor clearly mentioned that it’s normal. We just have to be little careful about it………… ;he says calming him down but dev was too adamant with his decision.

Maa please now you make him understand………… I want to go ;Riddhima says sadly,seeing him adamant with his dicision and uses her trump card,her maa. Before sneha could say anything to him,he stand up from his seat and agrees. Riddhima’s trump card worked as always and she did her happy dance. His complicated relationship with sneha always works in her favour,she knew that it’s not good to took advantage of this but sometimes she shamelessly uses it without any regret.

Ravindra takes dev with him to have a discussion on the progress of their deal. Riddhima being Riddhima goes into dev’s room to pack his stuff,before he changes his mind. After some time all of them gathered at dinning table to have their dinner. Sneha starts serving dinner to them and dev again gets angry seeing her working. He calls Kichu and shouts at him to let her work,despite his refusal. Ravindra immediately gets his point and gestured sneha to sit and have her food otherwise he’ll keep shouting on others. All of them are used to his this behavior so nobody says anything and have their dinner quietly.

*At Taneja’s*

As usual rupali was serving dinner and abhijeet starts teasing her regarding to their newly wedded days when she used to cook burnt food for him because she didn’t know how to cook. Sona and twinkle were having fun listening to their parent’s talks.

Tell me if you need some extra money…….And don’t forget to take your Cards ; abhijeet says to sona who was giggling till now.

“Abhijeet……” ;rupali was about to say something when abhijeet interrupts in between.

Ohh please rupali why are taking so much of stress about it. I know my daughter,they’ll manage. Stop being overprotective ; abhijeet mocks at her and winks at sona who grins wildly seeing her mother tight lipped after her father’s approval.

Rupali gets angry with it and leaves from their without having her food. Sona goes to her to convince her but she didn’t listen to her and told her to leave her alone. Sona comes back to the dinning area with a sad face. Seeing her sad face abhijeet cheer up her. After their dinner sona and twinkle goes back to their room and abhijeet goes to his room with some food for rupali.

You know na that it’s important for her………Why are you behaving like this…….We have to give her,her own time…..Don’t you want to see her happy ; abhijeet says settling down beside her on the bed.

I know it’s important but still i don’t know i am confused……; rupali says putting her doubts infront of him.

You know your daughters more then me………I know they are little crazy……..ok maybe too much crazy but they will manage…….And why don’t you see the positive sight,we will get our we time too ; abhijeet mocks at her with a coy smile while this rupali feels shy and amazed both at his prospective. He always makes her smile at his antics.

After a hectic day it didn’t take time for twinkle to get drown into her beauty sleep. She was sleeping like a baby,grabbing whole bed. Sonakshi was busy in collecting all the information which will help them in their trip. After sometime when she get up to grab some sleep then she saw her sister sleeping like a queen on the bed. There wasn’t any space for her to sleep. She huffs in dismay and then make her sleep properly thus making some place for her too. She covers her with the duvet and kisses on her forehead lovingly. It doesn’t matter how much they fight. At the end of the day,she’ll fall in love with her little sister whenever she saw her sleeping beside her. Rupali and abhijeet witnessed the whole scenario from the window and smiles. All their worries vanished in just one sec. Abhijeet places his hand on rupali’s shoulder,she smiles and side hugs him and then both leaves from there for their room.

Sonakshi goes towards the window and looks at the sky to see the stars. The cold wind hits her face. She inhaled a long breath. Stars were twinkling in the sky and she loves watching stars and replaying her whole day in her mind while this. She remembers about the mall’s incident and dev’s smiling face flashes infront of her eyes. Her lips curved up into a smile remembering about their meet. On the other hand dev was glued to his laptop as always. It’s his habit to work till late night. He was working on his idea from a long time,His dream project,his own business. His vision goes blurry and eyes starts paining due to continuous working. He closes the laptop and stretches his back kn tired then his eyes fell on the balls which he buy today and forget to give it to Riddhima. He goes near them and took one ball in his hands which had a ‛?’ toothy smile painted on it. He mimics the same and remembers about sonakshi. The spark she had in her eyes was new to him,he never saw that spark in anyone’s eyes. The way she smiles was different from other.

“Ofcourse it would be Afterall who smiles like a maniac” ; he thought to himself and scratches his head and smiles foolishly thinking about her house’s incident.After sometime both drifts into their slumber in their respective rooms,keeping in mind about their early morning flight.

*Next Morning*

Sonakshi and twinkle were running late as always and rupali was roaming in the whole house just to find a charger. Abhijeet gives a long do’s and don’ts list to them. Rupali chuckles seeing the list with a “Who told me let them go”look pasted on her face. After finding the charger they bid a bye to their parents and goes to the airport in a taxi. Abhijeet insists them to accompany them till airport but they refuses because they knew that their cool paa will change in a cry baby while signing them off. However he shows them that he is carefree but they know it very well that he is more worried then rupali.

After biding a bye to their parents Riddhima was waiting for dev and anuj to load their luggage. She was the one who was damn excited for this trip. It’s not like that she didn’t visited goa. Goa is the place which she visited the most. It’s like her second home and still she was hell excited to go there. maybe because of her pregnancy hormones,she was craving to go there and spent some cosy moments with her husband. She just kept honking the horn until they came and sit in the car to go. When dev and anuj sits in the car Riddhima passes a death glare to them for being too doodle with such a small work. Both chuckles at her antics and pull her cheeks lovingly and earned a more deadly glare in return.

Soon they reach at airport on time. Ridhima steps out of car and inhaled a long one of fresh air. It’s 10 and they have some extra time. They immediately unloaded their luggage seeing Riddhima’s eagerness and goes inside for further things. Their flight was scheduled on 10:45 so they had lot of time. To kil the time,Riddhima and anuj decided to roam some duty free shops and dev goes out to attend some important calls.

Sonakshi and twinkle reaches after sometime. Twinkle immediately steps out of the taxi and goes inside to check the timing leaving sonakshi alone to unload their luggage. Her suitcase was light weighted so she immediately unload it but twinkle’s bag was as heavy as if she loaded it with stones. The taxi driver helped her in unloading the bag and then comes the main problem. She have to carry both the bags into the airport. She was trying and trying but the bag didn’t moves an inch. She was trying while her sandal slipped and she was about to fall when one strong hand holds her from her waist and pulls her towards him while the other hand of him was busy in holding her bag. Her big black eyes met with his hazel brown orbs. The whole world freezes around them.

Precap :- Fun and Fun

I know you guys were expecting more but this is all i can do. Gosh only i knows that how i write it. I don’t know when i’ll be able to post the next one……..see you soon,till then…………..
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