Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Episode 2

Hello guys……..So here is the sec chapter…………Hope you like it……And sorry for the delay…….so let’s go with the story now….

Both were smiling at each-other. Sona was about to go to him when twinkle comes running towards her and stops her inbetween.

Sona!!! Where were you??? Maa had call,hurry up we have to do our packing also ; she says in one go and literally dragged her,with her before she say anything in her favour.Dev was looking at them and wondering about what had happened. Sona gives a Helpless look to him and bids a bye to him,she wanted to thank him but couldn’t because of her over exited sister. Dev just smiles in reply and bids a bye to her.

After biding her bye,he again starts thinking what to buy. But he wasn’t able to select among them and he ended up with buying those balls,which he used to make her smile,thinking that he’ll do the same when his nephew/niece would cry. His lips curved up into a foolish grin thinking about it.Till now Anuj has arrived there and joined Riddhima in the boutique. The time when she saw him,she immediately hugs him. He was taken aback with this because usually when he dumps her,she used to be angry with him and today she just did the opposite.

Thanks to your mood swings that this time i don’t have to please you ;Anuj mocks at her while caressing her cheeks. She shut her eyes feeling his touch and left a sign of relief. She was little scared with the incident.

Are you Ohk??Is everything ok?? ;he asks seeing her all quiet.

Riddhima immediately spill the beans infront of him. She knew that he’ll be angry with her after hearing this though she told him everything because she didn’t wanted hide it from him. But her bad luck that dev over hear their talks.

Ridzi……………; dev says,standing at the threshold of the door. Riddhima looks at him and bits her tounge. Then looks at anuj helpless.

Are you ok????Is it still Paining???should we go to the doctor???Are you feeling dizzy???Why are you standing???sit….Sit down……;he showers a series of questions in one go at her,while caressing her cheeks and make her sit on the chair. His happy expressions where changed into horrified one. Riddhima was helplessly looking at anuj who was chuckling seeing his friend’s over possessiveness towards his sister.

M fine……. ;she says,holding his hands in her’s,assuring him about her well being.

No you don’t……. just look at your face….. ;he replies,concern was dripping from his voice.

Veer ji………please…….look at me. I am all fine. There is no need to go to the doctor. All thanks to sona ;she says with a big smile and gestures anuj to say something in her favour,who was having a good laugh,mentally. It’s not new to him because he is aware of dev’s over possessive behavior when it comes to his little sister. It doesn’t matter that now she is married and soon going to be a mother too,she is and will be his little sister.

Dev!!! She is fine. Stop behaving like this ;he says siting beside them.

Shut up Anuj……..It’s all because of you. You make her angry,see now. Why don’t you called me?? And who is this sona?? ; he says,getting angry on both of them.

Both Riddhima and Anuj face palmed themselves and narrates him the whole story again. Dev listens it silently and left a sign of relief at the end.

We are going to the doctor right now. I don’t want any arguments about it. Let’s go ;he ordered them standing up from the chair. Both Riddhima and Anuj immediately nods in a yes because they knew that there is no point to arguing with him. He’ll never listen to them.

They were going towards the parking area when something popped in in dev’s mind. He tells them to go to the doctor for her check up and excuses himself giving a pigmy excuse. He again goes to the boutique.

Excuse me ;he says,entering into the boutique.

Yes sir………How can i help you…….. ;shital says fumbling with her words and wonders why he again came here.

Can you please give me the address of Miss Sonakshi Taneja ;he says in his stiff tone.

Yes……Yes sir…..Just give me a sec ; she rejoins,she was little scared seeing him again,thinking if he is angry with her for not informing him about Riddhima’s condition when he was just standing outside of her boutique so she gave him,her number.

Thank you….Next time please take extra care of your customer’s comfort ;he says blunty. Anger was clearly visible in his eyes.

Dev makes his mind to thank her for helping his sister,his lifeline. Thinking about it,he first go to the doctor to assure himself about Riddhima’s well being. He loves her immensely and just can’t see her in pain.

*At Taneja’s*

Sonakshi and Twinkle enters into the house and threw themselves on the couch. There was nobody in the house,abhijeet was out for a important meeting and rupali was out for her social work.

Sona….please bring some water for me. I am thirsty.. ; Twinkle says,shaking her,who was siting beside her,equally tired.

Have it,by your own. I am also tired ;she replies and stretches her hand tiredly.

You are so bad. I am your little sister. Can’t you do this for me ;twinkle says,twinkling her eye lashes dramatically. She knew that this trick of her’ always works.Sona huffs in dismay seeing her and goes towards the kitchen to bring some water for her little monster.

Get some snacks also. Now i am started feeling hungry too ;twinkle recounts her,irking her more. Sona stomps her foot on the floor and goes further.

Sona comes after some time with a glass of water for her and some snacks for both of them. Twinkle was lazily laying on the couch as if she climbed an mountain. Sona irks seeing this. She took a pillow and hits it on her hips. Twinkle wake up with a jerk and falls down. Seeing her laying on the floor sona starts laughing loudly.

What the hell….. ; twinkle shouts,siting on the floor and twitches her nose in anger. She took the another pillow and threw it on her. Sona gawked at her.

You ;she says,getting up from the sofa. Twinkle immediately gets up and starts running while sona aims a pillow at her and they starts fighting as always.

Soon the house filled with their giggles. They were running after each other and suddenly the door bell rang. It was dev standing outside of their house with a bouquet of all kind of flowers in one hand and a big box of chocolates in another. First he went to the hospital,assured himself about Riddhima’s health. She and the baby were perfectly fine and after that he directly comes at her house and brought some flowers and chocolates on the way,Keeping in mind that girls loves these things. He rang the bell again but there was no reply. He again rang the bell hoping that this time he’ll get a reply.

This time Sonakshi hears the bell and runs towards the door,to see who it. She was laughing whole heartedly. She opens the gate without looking at it. Her whole attention was on twinkle who was coming towards her with a pillow in her hand to hit her from it. She was laughing and laughing.

She opens the gate laughingly and then look at him. He was looking at her with a ear to ear smile pasted on his face. He was little surprised to see her. His smile brighten,when he get to know that she is the one who saved his sister. “She looks beautiful indeed while smiling” ; he thought to himself while sonakshi was looking at him open moutedly. He was standing infront of her,his hands were occupied with flowers and chocolates.She was blinking and blinking her eyes thinking it as her dream. She was also equally surprised like him. “What is he doing here??? M i dreaming???” ; thought comes in her mind when he was looking at her with a his Bestest smile. They were just looking at each other when twinkle the monster shouts from the hall thus grabbing their attention. Sonakshi turns to see her when she saw a flying pillow on the way,thrown by her. Sonakshi immediately moves from her place and dev becomes the target of it. The pillow directly landed on his face.

He stood there,rooted at his place with “What was that”look pasted on his face. Twinkle sees him and then sonakshi. The time when she saw sonakshi,both sonakshi and twinkle burst out in a never ending session of laughter. Dev looks at them with a frown. “They are gone nuts”;only thing comes in his mind seeing them laughing like maniacs. They were clutching there stomach with their hands and were laughing so harshly that they weren’t even able to breath properly. After a good 15 min laugh they finally realize that he is actually present there and staring them.

Chocolate ; twinkle says,seeing them in his hands. She immediately goes and grab it from him.

I didn’t know that now days delivery boys also developed a standard. You are hot man ; twinkle claims bluntly thus gazing him,up to toe. While dev smiles at her sarcastically.

Twinki !!!! ; sonakshi says,passing a death glare to her thus saving him from her continues gazing.Discomfort was clearly visible from his face which didn’t go unnoticed by her.

Ahmmm……..Hye…….I……I am dev……..Dev Dixit……… Remember you saw me in the mall ;he says,fumbling with his words,trying to remind her of their first meeting. Listening to him her lips curved up into a smile. He also smiles seeing her smiling.

Ohh so you are Mr. Dev Dixit…… How can you be so careless with your own sister. Do you have any sense of responsibility or not???? Does anyone leave their pregnant sister such alone?? Such an irresponsible creature you are ; she says in one go getting angry on him,. remembering about Riddhima’s condition. He gets confused seeing the sudden change in her behavior.

I am sorry……….I know that it was my mistake…… I should be careful with that………But i only came here to Thank you for saving her life……Thank you,Thank you so so so much for helping her….These are for you….Just a little thing to show my gratitude towards you….. Please accept this otherwise i’ll feel more guilty for not being there when she needed me ;he says forwarding the flowers towards her so that she accept it and he can overcome his guilt. He was actually very guilt with that and her words added more in it.

Guilt was clearly visible in his eyes. Sonakshi bits her tounge realizing that she over reacted on it. She hits her head mentally and took flowers from him,passing a awkward smile to him.The whole hall was in a big mess because of their fight. She immediately goes inside and places the flowers on a table and starts cleaning the mess. Dev keep standing at the threshold. Till then Twinkle was settled on the couch and munching the chocolates as if she never ever seen chocolates in her whole life. Both dev and sonakshi saw her and smiles. He wanders his eyes everywhere to see her small yet beautiful house.

Why are you standing there. Come,come in. Twinki,move. And this is for me so you better stay away from it :she says,seeing him still standing at the door and snatches the chocolate box from twinkle who was seamlessly munching the chocolates which were brought for her.

No it’s ok. I think i should take your leave. I just came to say Thank to you ;he replies softly,not bothering her much and starts leaving but was stopped in mid way by her.

Atleast have a cup of coffee with us otherwise i’ll feel guilty for shouting at you extrinsically.Please ;she pleads.

Yess….Please have a cup of coffee with us ;twinkle says the same coming towards them. He smiles at their antics and finally agrees.

Ohh by the way I am Sonakshi…… Sonakshi Taneja. And she is my little sister Twinkle ;she says extending her hand for a hand shake. He smiles in reply and shakes hand with her.

Dev sits on the sofa and twinkle being the chatterbox does the duty of entertaing him,till then sona comes with coffee. They have their coffee and have some formal talks. An invisible comfort build up between them. After finishing the coffee,dev gets up to take their leave and sona accompany him till outside.

Thank you once again for helping my sister. It means alot ;he repeats it nth time. Sonakshi passes an annoying look to him.

Gosh…..She is not only your sister. Now she is my friend also and when a friend in need then a friend indeed. So if you again say thanks to me then next time i won’t help anyone ; she says in fake anger and smiles at the end of her statment. He smiles back listening her and finally bids a bye to her.

Sonakshi comes back in her home and saw the flowers. She took the flowers and caresses the soft petals of the flowers And inhealed a long breath. Different aromas of different flowers fill her nostril. Her lips curved up into a smile. While travling her fingers on the flower petals,she saw a note. She picks the note to read it.

“Miss Goddess”
“Thank you for saving my life”

No Precap

So many exiting things running in my mind.

Soulmates will be updated till Wednesday or before Wednesday and spoilers will be updated on my insta account. So see you soon,till then………

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