Live In/Life Partners (Devakshi) #Episode 1

Hello guys……..Here i am,with the first Epi of this ff. Hope you’ll like it. Sorry for the delay but you all know that it wasn’t my fault. And because m already writing an ff so it’s difficult for me to balance between them so you have to deal with the delays but i’ll make sure that atleast you get one update in a week and if you like it then don’t forget to give your views below into the comment box,so now let’s go with the story…………

In the month of monsoon, there was not much difference in the summer of Delhi. There was a humidity in the air.
The sun has raised fully but they were sleeping peacefully under their warm duvet,totally lost in their la la land. Sun rays starts peeping in the room from the window. A Phone starts ringing,on the bedside table. One hand comes out from the duvet and stops the alarm.

Twinki wake up……’s morning; she says,shaking her little sis’s body with all her might.

Hmmm……let me sleep sona. Today is sunday…… ; Twinkle says,pulling the duvet on her side.

A lady comes there and twitches her nose in anger seeing them sleeping peacefully under the duvet. She goes nearer to their bed and the pulls the duvet from their body,breaking their peacefully slumber.

It’s gono be afternoon now…’s sunday then it doesn’t mean that you can sleep whole day,you can’t be dead to the world ; she says to them in her pissed off voice.

Maa…….. ;saying this sonakshi got up,stretches her hands and sits comfortably on the bed,rubbing her eyes with her hands. She was looking all messy because of her rolling and twisting habitat,while sleeping. Her hairs were tied in a loose bun. Her eyelids were yet not fully opened.

Look at her,she is still not getting up,Twinki woke up now; rupali says this to her shouting her lungs out but she didn’t moved an inch.

Getting disturbed in her sleep and seeing her sis still sleeping,sona immediately goes towards her and starts tickling her inorder to woke her up.

Stop!! Stop it sona. I can not laugh anymore.Please leave me ;twinkle says this to her between her laugh,trying to stop her,who was tickling her badly and laughing over her state.

Gosh…..!!! Get up and get ready. You have to go to shopping. Buck up now; she says to them,reminding them about their plan.

Hearing to her words both jerks themselves out of bed and rushes towards the bathroom and starts fighting to use it first.

You’ll spend too much time in washroom let me go first ; sona says hurrying inside the washroom but twinkle stops her in between.

You both are always ready to go to war. Twinki!!JUST go and use the guest room. Come down early otherwise your shopping is cancel ; she threatens them to stop their fight and hurry up with their work. Hearing to their mother’s threatening they immediately parted their ways with their belongings and headed towards the washroom,having a quick shower and get ready for their shopping.

A boy was practicing his boxing on the punching bag in a room. Sun rays peeps in from the window and falls on his muscular body. Sweat drops were falling from his chiseled body like beads. His hairs were wet due to his continues practice session. He was wearing a vest and track pants. Anger is clearly visible in his eyes. It seems like he was transferring his anger on the punching bag.

That much anger!!! ;a man says this walking past through him.

When will dad understand that i don’t want to marry,not now,not few years later ; the boy says,punching hard on the punching bag that it falls down.

Dev!!!!! You also know that at one time you will have to bow before his stubbornness….Then why not now ;the boy says to him in his calm voice and tries to make him understand the depth of situation.

Anuj!!!!! Just because you are happily married,it doesn’t mean that you’ll drag me in this mess ; he says to him,giving a pissed of look to him. He took the towel from the side table,wipes the sweat drops from his face with the help of it and hungs it on his neck.

I can’t understand that why are you so stubborn with your dicision??? It’s high time now……You’ll have to agree this time or else your mum will talk to you this time ; a man says,coming in into the room,after over hearing their talk.

Dad!!!Why are you dragging her into this??? You know we didn’t talk too much……….. And i told you that i’ll think about it but after starting my business ; he retorts back and hufs in dismay.

Will you guys stop bothering him??? ; a girl with a baby bumb highlighting from her dress,comes in and shouts at them,chomping on wafers and chips together at the same time. He goes towards her and she shoves a wafer in his mouth lovingly,he side hugs her and teases them showing his tounge.

That’s what i am saying them from a long time but they aren’t listening to me ; he reply them in his annoying tone.

Don’t worry Veer Ji now i am here and yes get ready soon. We are going on shopping,i wanna buy some clothes before leaving ; she says,making a pout to convince him.

Yess…… why not….You guys go….Ridzi, take him along and i’ll join you there directly ; he says,remembering about his promise.

I knew it again you forget about our plan. This is not done….i asked you twice before making the plan and again you are dumping me ; she says sounding sad about it and rolls her lips outward,making a sad pout.

I am sorry…….but you know that it’s important. Her exams are near and i promised her to give her coaching ;he says,slapping himself mentally for not remembering about it.

I don’t care!!! You just go away….. i’ll go with Veer Ji…..He never ditches me like you ; Riddhima says in sad tone.

Knowing about her mood swings during pregnancy dev immediately agreed to her demands and headed towards to his room to freshen up,leaving them alone.

Dad!!! Please give him some time. I am sure that one day he’ll agree ; Riddhima says going towards her dad,who was annoyed with the continuous denials of dev for getting married.

He has to understand. At some point he’ll need someone in his life,he just can’t ran away from the reality. He has to marry someone. I know he’s afraid of it and i can understand that it’s not easy for him but he have to do this ; he says in a helpless tone.

Dad now please stop it or else i’ll start crying ; she says,making a cute pout.

You and your mood swings……….now go and get ready or else you’ll be late ; he says side hugging her and smiling at her antics.

*At Taneja’s*

Sona!!!Twinki!!! How long will it take to both of you to come down ;rupali says this nth time,waiting for their arrival in the dinning area but there was no reply from them.

Let them be. They’ll be coming. Stop shouting your lungs out ; a man says,shoring the news paper.

This is all because of you… pampers them too much……you just spoiled them with your pampering ; she shouts on him,greeting her teeths in anger.

Why don’t i……i love them and can do anything for their happiness. I wanna give them a charmed life ; he rejoins back in his firm Voice. Just then sonakshi comes down and hugs him.

Why you always gets jealous of us maa. You also know that Paa loves us more then you ; she says,smirking at her to tease her.

You don’t get her point sona…….I know maa why you want to send us early. You wana spend some cosy time with paa,right ; twinkle says,siting on the chair,grabbing an apple from the dinning table and gave a mischievous smirk to her mum.

Shut up Twinki!!!or else i’ll cancel your whole trip and then stay here with us and cry over it ; rupali says,serving her breakfast and passes a death glare to her. Sona and abhijeet chuckles hearing their talks and starts eating their breakfast.

After having their breakfast they bid a bye to them and happily goes for their shopping. The name of shopping is enough to make their day. After a good ride of 20 mins they reached infront of the most expensive mall of delhi. Being the daughters of an small businessman,the mall was quiet expensive for them but Sonakshi was a well known designer in delhi and she keep checking all the new designs which comes in trend and the owner of one of the boutique,in the mall is her best friends so she keep visiting her and helps her in her boutique as a chief designer.

Ohh my god…..Every time i visit here i feel proud of you. Atleast i get some benifit of being your only sister ; twinkle mocked at her and laughs at her own talks while sona gives her a death glare. She gulps down her dry throat and follows her.

They go inside the boutique and hear some hustle bustle outside the trial room. Just then sona saw her friend in a panicked state. She immediately goes towards her to know the matter.

Hey shina!!! What’s wrong. Why are you so panicked??Is everything ok??? ; she asks her in a concerned tone.

I am gone….I am totally gone. He’ll never spare me. Shit!!! ; she says in her Scared tone.

What are you saying??? Who’ll not spare you??? Just calm down ; she says calmly and make her drink some water.

Dev!! Dev dixit………If he got to know about this then i am gone ; she says shuting her eyes tight and thinks about the consequences.

Will you please tell that what’s wrong ; she asks frustratedly. Shina points her finger towards the trial room indicating the source of her problem.

Sona and twinkle goes towards the trial room and saw an exhausted Riddhima,panting heavily. She was clutching her belly protectively. Her forehead was all sweaty. Sonakshi immediately runs towards her and starts rubbing her hands inorder to calm her down. Only two girls were present there who were equally panicked like shina and doesn’t know what to do. They were just watching them with fear.

Somebody bring some water for her please…….. ; sona assert at them and kept rubbing her hands.Twinkle took out a bottle of water from her bag and gives it to her. Sona makes her drink some water and moves her hand up and down on her back thus to soothing her.

I think her suger level is down ; she says looking at her state. She took out a chocolate from her bag and makes her eat the chocolate. After eating the chocolate,Riddhima’s uneven breathes changes into even. Everybody was amused to see the sudden change in her. Shina comes there and hugs her happily.

Are you ok now?? You shouldn’t come here alone ; sona says,in her concerned tone. Riddhima smiles and hugs her in reply.

Thank you so much. You saved two lives today ; she says clutching her belly and smiles at her own words.

But how did you get to know about this…….. are you a doctor also??? ; shina asks narrowing her eyebrow.

Hahaha!!!!I am not that inteligent… was just a guess…… often happens with my mother also so i just thought that maybe….. ; she says declining her claims.

But you should be careful. You should always keep someone with you in this condition…. ; she says with concern.

No i am not alone….my veer ji is out there,attending an important phone call. Thank god that he didn’t saw me in that state otherwise we all would be in a big trouble ; she says pointing out her finger towards a man’s figure who’s back was facing their face and smiles foolishly thinking about her over possessive brother’s reactions.

How can someone be so careless about his own sister ; she thought to herself and fakes a smile.

Now can we please do the thing for which we all are here ; twinkle says,grabbing their attention. Seeing Riddhima’s confused state sona helps her in shopping and Riddhima thanks her with a bone crushing hug,aware enough of her state. Till then dev gets free from his call but rather then joining his sister he thought to buy some toys for his unborn niece/nephew to give her a surprise and goes towards the kids zone.

Sonakshi along with twinkle and ridhima did their shopping and Riddhima bonded good with both of them and even exchanged her number with them inorder to be in touch. Sona was talking with them when her phone starts ringing,she excused herself from them to attend the call. She was passing through the big corridor when her eyes fell on a couple who were eating ice cream in the cafe of the mall. She got reminded about her past. The entire set of her past memories rushed in her mind like a strom. A lone pair of tear comes out of her eyes. She starts walking forward,her mind was still roaming in her past memories. Her tears didn’t stops but were flowing unstoppablely from her eyes.

Dev was busy in searching for toys in Kidz zone when his eyes fell on sonakshi who was standing few steps away from him,outside of Kidz zone. He stops in his track,seeing her. The first thing he noticed about her,was her teary eyes. His heart hitches seeing her crying. She was rooted to her place with a numb expression. He was thinking of an idea when something strikes in his mind,seeing the balls nearer him with different emojis panted on them. A kid was standing there,he calls him gesturing with his hand. The kid goes to him and he says something in his ear. The kid smiles and gives a HiFi to him and runs towards sona.

The kid stands infront of sona,he holds her hand,breaks her trance. Sona sees him and smiles with tears. The boy points his finger towards a direction. Sona’s eyes follows the direction and then she saw a man standing there holding a ? emoji infront of his face.

She gets confused seeing that. He asides the ball and makes the same ? face,mimicking it. It was dev. Then he picks another ball which has another emoji? he again mimics the same. Sona was looking at his actions. He kept picking different balls with different emoji and mimics as same. At last he picks ? emoji and mimics the same. Till now sona got his intentions and seeing his efforts to make her smile,her lips curved into a ear to ear smile. Then dev gestures her that she didn’t look nice while crying but looks beautiful when she smiles. She gets his point and immediately wipes her tears and gives him her happiest smile indicating that now she is ok. Dev reprocate the same smile..

Precap :- Will be updated on my inshta account

Haashhhhhh…….Finally it’s completed…… Hope you liked it.
Soulmates will be updated soon……..
Soo you soon,till then…..
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