You live in my heart forever… OS

Hiii guys.. after a long time I have tried to write an os.. So many of u don’t know me.. I know some ppl.. like Reji, Narendrean(ranaji) anna.. so I don’t know will u ppl like my story..pls do comment.. so that I can know how I have written…

Fuggi… fuggi.. Why aren’t you talking with me.. what did I do.. Pls speak to me… I can t tolerate this.. speak to me.. Pragya replys when u cant tolerate that I am not speaking to u.. Then how can I tolerate to see u drinking and smoking.. I am not going to speak to u until u stop drinking and smoking.. Abhi tells I am so sorry.. this is the last time I am sorry.. Pragya tells how many last times?? Abhi looks at her sadly.. Praya gets sad and hugs him.. Abhi gets happy.. just then Dadi comes in.. dadi clears her throat.. Pragya seprates from Abhi.. dadi tells just now u was fighting but.. now u joined each other.. Pragya and Abhi blushes.. Ddi tells ok.. its time for Pooja come down.. Dadi does Aarti and all pray.. Pragya prays god pls make abhi ji to forget what is smoking and drinking.. Abhi prays god I and Pragya should live together happily forever..

Then after Aarti all go to their rooms. Abhi gets ready for the concert… Pragya wishes him all the best and goes to the room. Abhi catches her hand and asks “ wont you come with me to the concert?” Pragya asks what I am going to do in the concert? He asks her to come with him. She says Ddi will not leave.. He tells Dadi gave me permission to me already.. and sighs Dadi..Dadi tells u can go with him.. Pragya gets happy and goes with him.. In the concert Pragya sits in the V.I.P seat and Abhi starts the concert. The concert starts and Abhi tells today is a special concert.. and someone special’s birthday… ALL look puzzled.. Even Pragya GETS THINKING.. Juz then Abhi drags her to the stage and shouts Happy Birthday Fuggi… Pragya is shocked.. Abhi brings cake and make her to cut the cake.. Pragya gets teary eyed.. ALL shout with joy.. After the concert Pragya tells Abhi I have not celebrated a birthday like this before..and hugs him.. Abhi tells hereafterwards your birthday will be like this only..
Fb ends…

Abhi comes back to his senses and cries sees Pragya’s photo and tells why fuggi now u are not hugging me.. You are not even speaking to me.. Why Fuggi why?? Why did you leave me like this.. Uknow that I Cant live without you.. Thn why this punishment for me.. Dadi come inside and keeps her hand on Abhi and tells.. No you re wrong she is living inside you..A small boy runs inside and sees Abhi crying and wipes his ears and tells.. ‘papa don’t worry papa.. even now Mumma is not there I am there na.. don’t cry.. Abhi hugs him and gets teary eyed..

Fb starts..
One day while doing Pooja Pragya faints.. The doctor comes and checks her and tells that she is pregnant.. All gets happy.. Dadi informs everyone that little rockstar is going to come.. Abhi’s fans gets happy.. then after nine month Pragya gives birth to a boy baby.. all name him Azai… After this happy moments a big blast happens in the family.. One day Abhi gets severe pain in his chest and falls down.. They take him to the hospital.. All come to the hospital..Pragya starts crying..Everyone console her.. The doctor asks Dadi whether Abhi used to drink and smoke.. Dadi tells’Yes but he had stopped it a year ago.. Doctor tells the thing which he had stopped before a year had made the problem.. Even after he had stopped.. that drinking and smoking had caused a disease in his heart while he was drinking and smoking.. this had made the problem.. Now his heart had failed and now withina evening we need a heart to replace his injured heart.. everyone cries.. Pragya is left in shock.. Everyone contacts every hospital that tthere Is any heart available for Abhi..Till evening they don’t get a heart.. Doctor comes and tells we have got the heart.. Dadi gets happy and searches for Pragya to ell the happy news.. Pragya is seen missing .. juz then Bulbul come with baby in her had and then tells to Dadi “ Di is very happy hearing the news.. she is in temple.. after the surgery is over.. All go to see Abhi.. Abhi gets up and asks where is Pragya? Bulbul cries and asks him to listen to his heart.. Everybody is shocked.. Abhi wiped badly and runs to the top of the building to die.. Bulbul runs back of him and stops hi. Abhi tells bubul Leave me idont want to leave in the world where my Fuggi does not live.. Bulbul gives a letter to Abhi .. Abhi reads it . it is written that. Abhi ji I know that u Would do like this.. I know that u love me very much.. If u die .. what is the use.. I need a promise from u that u will not die in any case..and bring up Azai.. Promise??? Ours dearly, Fuggi. After reading the letter Abhi cries.. Bulbul brings the baby and gives in his hands.. And the kisses he baby in forehead..
Fb ends..

Then Abhi seprates Azai and goes somewhere.. Azai asks where are you going Papa?? He smiles and says to “Pragya ban smoking and drinking association.. Azai tells to our association?? I will also come my Rockstar PAPA.. Abhi tells sure.. Azai tells YIPEE … and both father and son go together to the association..

I don’t know how it was.. Pls comment.. Rotten eggs and tomatoes are welcomed…

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  1. Riyashri

    Wow…………This was such An Wonderful os !!! Cutiee pie achu missed u soooo much……
    If u r wondering who i am …..I am Riya silent reader from long back….But now not a silent reader….AS u ppl are surely to be appreciated….
    A very Happy Father’s Day to all the Wonderful Father’s……

  2. Really nice…but pragya was missing here so bad for that….but itz nice forum…this story was happened by real movie…..anyway gud ff..

  3. It was awesome I loved it

  4. really nice yaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Ohh dear it was really wonderful i jst cried superb dear loved it???

  6. Cutiepie Achu

    Thank you so much… For ur comments..

  7. Soooooo emotional episode yaar??? really awesome love…

  8. It’s really wonderful…

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