The little things which matter-OS by Saanvi

Hi guys..This is Saanvi..and this is my 3rd One shot 😀

This is a love story which suits Swalak so I chose them as pair..There is no point in writing a story with inappropriate characterization just for the sake of more comments..
I know even after saying this much also many Raglak and Swasan fans wouldn’t read this ff 

For them they can check out my previous One shots 😉
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But I wrote this OS for those few fans who still admire SwaLak pair..

So people it is really long OS but Please enjoy SWALAK love here 

Coming to the story:

Although relationships are based on trust, love and care..There are very little things and little decisions that bring a great change in life and relation..
Sometimes the biggest change in life is usually when the past merges with present..For Laksh Maheshwari also it came that way..

Laksh’s POV:
When I was a young boy, my mom and dad couldn’t afford me a lot of things…I decided to achieve everything when I grow older..I wanted to be the richest guy who can afford a lot of things for himself and his family.
After finishing my graduation, all my friends or classmates wanted was job satisfaction.
But I was the only guy who thought of money more than anything..My mom told me that many rich people sell their Ferraris and convert into monks..A classic example of money never gives happiness but I was adamant to listen to her any good words at that point of time..I believed my own instincts..
I did manage to earn crores of money..But all along the way I had lost everything that once mattered the most to me a decade ago..I lost my wife and my children Akash and Akhil..

Six months ago
A person who loved me more than herself asked me for divorce..
I asked “why?”
She said “You forgot that even I exist and live with you..your life would be the same with or without me.. So it would be better if I leave.”
I said what about our children..
She replied sternly : They never got father’s love so they wouldn’t miss you..
I was shaken up by her statements..She was like a pillar to me..
Suddenly I realized my support system has asked for withdrawal..But I knew I never took care of her and I can’t take care of kids alone too so I didn’t argue neither about their custody nor our relation but signed the mutual agreement of divorce silently..
After signing them I went up to my dog who has always welcomed me home in spite of my rude behavior..but today it didn’t even respond when I was holding it..may be because it understood that it should stay alone in the house from tomorrow because of me..

Back to present:
Yesterday I got a message on my phone
It was about our college reunion..No one bothered to even inform me but my friend sorry my ex-wife dropped a message for me regarding the reunion..I decided to go..
In the reunion everyone were surprised yet happy to see me..I met many old friends there..Pavani, Isha, ,Megha,Sahithi,Priya,Radhika,Karthik,Richard,Rafee, Sanskar, Sahil,Shivansh,Dinakar and many more..
Old friends..LOL..They were my only friends..In these many years I only made rivals or business associates I never came across a person who can become my friend..
Of these friends few were married, few even had children but few were still unmarried..
When asked about it they said they are going to be married soon..
I said you will die bachelor dude..All were in a light mood so they laughed at this simplest joke..
Our chats were going on about my life, their lives and our past lives together..
I came to know how much life I missed..
“Swara is on her way..She’s stuck in Traffic” said Karthik..
All waited for her..Why wouldn’t they? In all these years reunion happened many times but I never kept my promise to attend those instead Swara did it for me..May be that is why they didn’t even drop me a message because they knew I wouldn’t turn up..
Yes you heard it right..Swara was my wife..We met in our college days, fell in love, she waited till I got my first job and then we got married with our parents consent..
Swara knew my mind state in those days and like always she knew it even now..That’s why she messaged me..For killing my loneliness she invited me..
After half an hour a person walked in and waved out..Everyone waved back, except me.. Yes it was Swara my love now my ex-wife..
She wore a bright red knee length dress which complemented her beauty with diamond earrings and bracelet and other matching accessories..
I felt butterflies in my stomach when I first met Swara in my college days..The same feeling came when I saw her now..
Swara greeted everyone with a warm smile and was indulged in chatting with few..All the while my only work was to stare at her..
What to do I couldn’t take my eyes off her..Swara is the same beautiful lady I met years ago and fell in love with..
Dinner started and there wasn’t a single moment of silence..The dining hall was filled with jokes, gossips, hifi’s…
I was laughing so much that my jaws were hurting..
“Sahil, can you please drop me to my place..I didn’t get my car and I caught a cab while coming..I don’t think I will find a cab now” said Swara..
I don’t know how that happened to me, but I blurted out, “Hey, I’ll drop you.. Sahil might be busy”
Swara gave me a impossible look but reluctantly said..”Okay..If you really want to, I wouldn’t mind”
Everyone smiled at me..May be they felt why a married couple like us are now acting like strangers..Little did they know about our divorce..
In car, while changing the gears my hands were purposely touching Swara..
Every time swara gave me a look when I touched her, my heart skipped a beat..
This feeling was new to me but I enjoyed it totally..
We spoke all the way about friends, her family and our kids.
We soon reached Swara’s home..
Swara got down the car and I know my happiness is going to end now..
But to my surprise she asked “ Are you free?”
I know Swara wants my time but I wanted to confirm whether it is for her or for our kids..
So I said “What do you mean?”
Swara said “I mean I’m free tomorrow, so I wanted to know if we can catch up?”
I was just lost in her eyes..
Swara waved her hands before my eyes and asked” Are you busy with your gf or…”
Before Swara could say something I cut her off saying tomorrow my place, early morning!
I got down the car and gave Swara a friendly hug but she reciprocated by hugging me tightly..
All the loneliness that occupied me these days disappeared in one moment..

I couldn’t sleep in night thinking about tomorrow..
I really don’t know when I feel asleep but first thing in the morning after waking up I did was to drop Swara a message consisting of a Good morning text and a question stating when will she start for my home?
An hour later Swara was home..
She wore a yellow long skirt with little flowers of different colors on it..
The dress was simple yet special because it is my gift to her on our anniversary years ago..
We had breakfast together, watched a movie, went for lunch and spoke for hours..
We returned home after a long drive and then Swara went to kitchen to prepare a coffee for me..No doubt she remembers what is my taste and what exactly I want..
I accompanied her to kitchen..
Slowly my hands fell on Swara’s shoulders..I slid my fingers over her sleeveless hands..
Later I hugged her from back..I don’t know why I did it but I couldn’t stop myself..
She kept quiet all the while but she didn’t even stop me from getting closer to her..
The coffee was prepared and I must say Swara has magic in her hands as the taste of the coffee was really good..
While sipping I exchanged the cups just to taste the coffee through her lips..
Swara ran from there to terrace..I followed her..
We could witness the sunset together..
The view was beautiful and slowly I leaned for a kiss and Swara closed her eyes in approval..
I place my lips on hers.. At first it started gently but turned into a passionate one as she reciprocated..
After some time we broke the kiss but she wasn’t speaking anything..
I was wondering why Swara is so silent but yet reacted to my actions in a positive way…
I asked Swara to speak something but she didn’t respond..
I cupped her face and said “ Please speak your heart out Swara..You will feel better”
Swara started speaking and reminded me of the drop yesterday, that hug on road, good morning text, coffee kiss and the long drive after lunch..
She said she missed all these moments after our marriage because of my busy schedule..
Slowly Swara leaned and kept her head on my shoulder..
She said she tried adjusting but I took her for granted..
Slowly tears escaped Swara’s eyes..I could feel my shirt getting wet due to that but I didn’t want to stop her..It is a moment when she can put all her grief out..
I nodded my head in a yes because I knew she is right..
Swara continued by saying “I felt our love was lost somewhere Laksh..I also felt that no more memorable moments could be created in our future together..So I thought about divorce..”
I could feel the shiver in Swara’s voice..tears automatically skipped my eyes now..
I understood how much pain she went through..
Swara reminded me that I haven’t married anyone nor did she..
At that moment I realized that love was always there between us and existed even after our divorce..
The missing part were those little things I forgot to do for my Swara and the love which was in my heart but never got expressed in actions..
Swara understood that I was busy because I earned money for our kid’s better future and never questioned me over anything..In fact she never complained about me not giving her time..
Swara craved for these little things and I being one of the richest man in the country couldn’t afford her those little things..
I realized my mom’s words of how she said money can’t buy happiness..
All the emptiness I had after Swara left couldn’t be filled by millions of dollars..
I asked Swara for one chance to rectify my mistake to which she instantly said YES..

I started kissing Swara all over her face..I didn’t want to stop because I had to compensate the love which I forgot to give her all these years..
I later carried Swara in my arms to our room..
That day I made love to her..Although Swara reciprocated lovingly..It was all me who was overtaking the act..Because I wanted to convey my love through each and every kiss and every move where I went into her..
We continued making love for the whole night and both of us weren’t tired of it..
How can we be tired or enough of it? After all It was our love that day rather than passion..
Later Swara peacefully slept in my embrace under the blanket..
I was caressing her face and loving looked at her..I later pecked her forehead and kept thinking..
Swara was good as gold..It was me whose was stupid enough to never recognize her value..
Like people say- we realize the value of anything only after it is gone..
Now I understood meaning of that saying after Swara left me all alone after our divorce..
I got married to her once again but this time even our kids witnessed our marriage..

2years have passed and we are blessed with a baby girl..
Swara and I are together now..The only difference is we now have love along with those little memories and romantic moments which I ignored in the past..
All I want to say is in search of big things we often forget those little things that also matter in life. After all life is a balance of both.. Decrease in either of them will make life incomplete..
I was fortunate enough that Swara gave me a second chance but not everyone gets one more chance to experience life back…
Remember even ice-cream doesn’t taste good after it melts..Same applies to life..Once time flies you cannot get your life back..
Last but not the least-Money is important but not more than family..

{Guys please comment if you liked this one shot..Your comments will let me know about my writing skills and also encourage me to write some more One shots..}

Credits : Myself 😉 😀

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  1. Sss

    awesome loved it..
    your writing skill amazing love the massage also..i think you are big fan swadarsh even me..

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot 😀

  2. Megha123

    Aww…saanvi It’s really different & awsm os just loved it

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Megha 🙂

  3. di u know u r an awesome and what to say about ur writting skills i love ur skills and stories not the charcters and u said allthings right that money is important but we don’t buy happiness with money many people live all alone because they are engaged to earn more and more money but in this race they forgot everything nearby them loved it but i don’t agree with one thing that icecream don’t taste good after melting i love cold and melt icecream i love to taste icecream when it is melted it taste somehow awesome give it a try u also love it di and u must be thinking i talk about icecream in every comment but what to say i just love it and thanku for adding me in ur os loved ur skills very much and do u like melted icecream or not please tell me after eating it? ???☺☺☺

    1. Saanvi

      Thank u so much Radhika for your complement 😀 You made me smile whole heartedly 🙂
      I like melted one but not the liquid type of ice-cream and I mentioned about the liquid type of one in the OS 😉
      Finally don’t feel about writing so much about it because even I just love ice cream so much 😛 😀

      1. ur welcome di and its my pleasure that make u smile wholeheartedly and i love icecream very very……… much just love it and i don’t know how people don’t like icecream ????

  4. awesome writter*

    1. Saanvi

      Haha really..everyone is different their taste may be different..don’t bother..
      You haven’t registered yet? May i know why?

  5. Sparkle

    I loved it sanvi. It was awesome.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much 😀

  6. sanjana (daddy's little princess)

    U r right money cannot buy hapiness….
    And I know there are very less swalak fans less than ragsan …
    Anyways ur os was very nice

    1. Saanvi

      Ya Sanjana..I know because of less Swalak fans I would get less comments too but what to do I just wrote for satisfaction as a writer 🙂
      And thanks a lot for the comment..It values to me 😀

  7. Jwala

    loved it.. amazing story.. I’m a swasan fan. but like swalak too.. because I’m ba swaraholic..

    1. Saanvi

      Haha that’s nice..Thank you Jwala 😀

  8. awesome. i loved it.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much 😀

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous OS
    Lovely one
    What you said is absolutely true
    Thanks for this OS DEAR

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks to you for commenting 🙂
      I am really happy to see your comment on my every work 😀

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome DEAR
        I am glad that you are happy seeing my comment

  10. Yaar sanviit is awesome!!! Keep writing!!!

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much 😀

  11. Esha.sumbal

    Its really nice…

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Esha 🙂

  12. RUPA


    The message is wonderful.

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Rupa 🙂

  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)


    1. Saanvi

      Thank you 🙂

  14. awesome!!! nice msg!! loved the story..!!

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much 🙂

  15. swalak best os I have ever read

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot tani 🙂 it’s a huge compliment for me 😀

  16. Tash

    Hey… was superb yaar…n this thought was so mind waking…money can buy everything BT can never buy happiness……u r a gr8 writer saanvi…..plzzzz lyk this only….keep writing os n plzz inform me about ur os bcoz I never open swaragini site so I never get to know when u uploaded an os….n ur writing skills are mind lowing…u express each of the emotion n everything veryyyyyyyyyyyy nycly…luved this Os..
    Keep writing..
    Keep smiling..

    1. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot Tash..Your complement made my day 😀
      And I will keep you updated about my new OS time to time 😉
      Thanks once again 😀 Keep smiling…

  17. Mica

    well said Saanvi, and a damn awesome story hun
    i know money can;t buy happiness..bu t still I LOVE MONEY hehehehe

    1. Saanvi

      Hehehe mica 😀 Ya many love money..and that’s natural 😉
      Thank you so much for the complement 🙂

  18. IshaJain3006

    dii OS was…
    hahha i don’t even have words to say it was just “PERFECT”
    it was soo provoking that it made me think all over my life again it said right money isn’t imp. but our family is our love and care towards them matter didu m soo inspired by this thanku for writing such a great OS 🙂
    keep writing 😉

    1. Saanvi

      Hehe thanks for the comment Isha 😀
      Welcome dear 🙂 and Sure I will continue writing 😉

  19. Nita D

    Its awesome….just like your other two os…..the pair never matters to me. Yes i like swasan n raglak better but in a ff/os what i look forward to is the story….n i just loved it…..

    1. Nita D

      In all 3 stories it was unconditional love, problems n misunderstandings in marriage n happy reunion…. all 3 stories r same yet so different…n so realistic also….cause today people take each other for granted n create distance in relationships…but not many reconcile….but chalo at least in story there is a happy ending….

      1. Saanvi

        Yes Nita..I agree with you..Relationships can be reconciled but many don’t make a effort to be together.. so i wanted to show that happy endings can be achieved if we try..

      2. Nita D

        Yup agreed…n u have very well shown that….

    2. Saanvi

      Thanks a lot Nita 😀
      I’m glad you liked the story 🙂

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you Pooja 😀

  20. Nice ?

    1. Saanvi

      Thank you so much Anjali 😀

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