Little Things (Chaper 9) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 9)

Recap:. Arnav makes promise to his di. Ishaan and Khushi share sibling love.

Next day Evening,
Roka cermony
Venue:Raizada House.

Arnav had been waiting for Khushi in his room for the past few hours. Khushi arrives late bcuz of traffic.

Arnav senses Khushi and comes down. She smiles giving Anjali a hug. He smiles all lost on her beauty. Shyam who was behind Arnav thinks of pulling their leg and takes video of Arnav lost in Khushi. Arnav slowly comes down and looks at Khushi. A girl was running with flowers in her hand. Arnav hits her accidently and all the flower in the basket falls on Arshi and Arnav falls on Khushi.

Rabba ve plays….. Ishaan and Shyam sign eachother and laugh. Nani, Anjali and Garima smile teasingly.

Arnav and Khushi look at eachother.

Khushi blush.
Arnav smiles naughtily. He gets up and helps her getting up.

All smile teasingly.

After sometime,
The setting for Roka was done. Before starting Roka. Arnav wishes to give Khushi some gift…..He didnt know how to take her to his room. He gets an idea.

Khushi gets a call. She attends it.

Khushi:Hello.Who is this?
Person:I am Anushka, Arnav sir’s P. A
Khushi:Oh! Why did you call me?
Anushka:Actually! I want to talk to you about Arnav. Can you come to his room?
Anushka:Please mam its important.

Khushi enter Arnav’s room and sees no sign of a girl. She decides to leave. But the door gets locked by somebody from outside. Khushi was about to bang on the door when Arnav holds her hand and pulls her closer to him.

Khushi(soft tone):Why did you call me here?
Khushi:Whatever it is. I want to leave soon.
Arnav holding her closer to him.
Arnav(Huskly intimately): Itni jaldi kya hai Jaanu? (Whats the hurry Jaanu?)

Khushi who was almost inches apart.Was lost in his intimacy,which she had missed years before.

Khushi:Arnav! Leave!
Arnav pulling her more closer.
Khushi starts breathing heavily due to intimacy. Arnav smiles seeing her nervous. Arnav moves to Kiss her. He moves a bit more closer to her face and now they lips were just inches apart.She hugs him, making him surprised.

Khushi:Arnav! I want to see the surprise and lets go down. All will be waiting for us.
Arnav leaves Khushi and takes her to a room beside the pool. The room were Arshi used to hide and romance 4yrs before. Khushi remember the time when they used to hide and romance eachother. She smiles reliving those moments.

Arnav from Behind closes Khushi’s eyes with a cloth and opens the door. He switch on the lights and takes the cloth from Khushi’s eyes. Khushi gets dumbstruck seeing the room lit up with led lights and white dreamcatcher’s hung around the whole room. Khushi smiles and in excitement hugs Arnav.

Khushi:Thank you sooo much Arnav. I really loved it.

Khushi moves forward and see the end of the wall with Arshi’s photo’s in a heart shape collage. Khushi touches all the photos and cries in happiness.

Arnav Holds Khushi by waist from Behind and rests his head on her shoulders.

Arnav:Guess What!? This is going to be our secret room Khushi. Only the both of us will have entry here.These walls will have our special moments. And i promise promise you that i will be there for you in sickness and happiness and never let a drop of tear from your eyes.

Khushi cries in happiness. She takes off his hand.
Khushi:Thank you Arnav for this. But never think that I forgave you. I am over with this and i am leaving to London after 6 months of our marriage.It takes 6 months for divorce petition to be considered….
Arnav:But Jaanu…!
Khushi:Na na… No Jaanu. I am Khushi for you. And Jaanu is over since a long time. So Thank you and i am leaving.

Arnav stands there completely broken.
Arnav(to himself): What shall i do now? She is so adamant. I feel she has become ASR and I am KKG now.



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  1. Awesome vero.. but why kushi acting so stubborn.. bechara Arnav.. loved that last dialogue

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      Thank you yaar. And you will know it soon.

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