Little Things (Chaper 8) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 8)

Raizada Mansion,
Recap:Arshi marriage is fixed.

After fixing marriage. Ishaan (Played by Akshay Dogra aka Akash of ipkknd) arrives.

Khushi hugs him.
Ishaan:Missed you Di!
Khushi:I missed you more!
Ishaan smiles.

Arnav and Ishaan hug.
Arnav:So whatsup?
Ishaan:Great! So my jiju! Bhai se jiju promotion mil hi gaya (From brother to brother-in-law atlast got promoted)
Arnav smiles.
Ishaan:Di,Jiju can you both stand together i wanna take a pic.
Arshi:And send it to Priyal!
Both look at eachother.
Ishaan:Please guy dont embarass me.

Arnav stands close to Khushi. Khushi looks at him. He looks into her eyes. A deep eyelock. Their love for eachother was stronger again. Khushi could feel it. Arnav was all lost in her. His eyes said he missed the old days of THEM….Rabba ve plays.

Ishaan takes the photo. They eye lock lasted long along with too many eye conversations.

Khushi(mind):Prove me wrong and say that you are My Arnav. Say ‘I am your Arnav.Dammit!’
Arnav(mind):Khushi forget the old things. It was all just some misunderstandings.Say ‘I love you Dammit! ‘

They were interrupted by Nani.
Arshi(slowly only audible to eachother):Damn.

Nani:Tomorrow is your engagement.
Arshi smile

At Night,

Gupta house,
Khushi was busy in phone. Ishaan burst in and jumps onto bed and keeps his bed in Khushi’s lap.

Ishaan:So.How is life?
Khushi:Great! How is Priyal!?
Ishaan(Shocked):Kau… Kaun Priyal!? (Wh… Who Priyal?)
Khushi:My Grandmother. Dont act smart. Did she come with you?
Ishaan:Yah! The both of us came together in flight. She is staying at her house.
Khushi:I want to meet her soon.
Ishaan:Shaadi pe mil lena (Meet at wedding)
Khushi:No.Not possible. I wanna meet her soon.
Ishaan:Fine i will call her home one day when Ma is out.
Khushi:Thank you..

She kiss on his cheeks and hugs him. He smiles.

Raizada house,

Arnav was in his room busy in work. While opening some file in laptop. He sees a photo of himself with Khushi. An old photo.

Arnav:Khushi! I dont know how to convince you now. Please manjaavo na. (Please get convinced right)

Anjali enter Arnav’s room, He closes the laptop.

Anjali:Chote aapkeliye humne kapda choose kiya hai. Dekhiye zara (Chote i have bought dress for you. Take a look)
Arnav:Aap woh cuboard mein rekhiye (Please keep that in cuboard)
Anjali:Dekhiye na Zara (Take a look )
Arnav looks at the dress and shows thumbs up.

Anjali:Pata hai Chote! Jab hamari shaadi huyi thi. Tabse humein aapke shaadi ka intezaar tha.Aapke bachcho ka. Mere chote ka chote chote bachche….Kitna maza aayega na. Jab mere bachchon ko ek chota behen ya bhai milega aur jaise hum dono waise wo log bhi….(You know chote! Fr the time i married i was waiting for your marriage. I was waiting for your kids. My chote’s small kids….it would be fun right. When my kids will have a small brother or sister and they will be like us…)
Arnav holds Anjali’s hands.
Arnav:Di. Mein aapko chodke kahin nahin jaunga. Agar aapne aur Shyam jiju aise kuch socha toh mar dalunga khudko (Di. I wont leave you and go. If you and Shyam think about it i will kill myself).
Anjali keeps her hand on his mouth.

Anjali:Humara matlab woh nahin tha. Humein bas ek vada karwana de aapse (I didn’t mean anything like that. I just need a promise from you).
Arnav:Anything for you Di.
Anjali:Aap humesha Khushi ji ko Kush rekhene. Ek boond ki aansu nahin dekhne doge mujhe. Aur sabse badi baat aap humesha unki dekhbal karenge (You will always make Khushi ji happy. You will not let me see a drop of tear in her eye. And most importantly you will always take care of her)
Arnav:Till my last breath i promise you Di.

Arnav and Anjali hug.

Shyam smiles.
Nani:Bhagwan undono humesha kush rakhe (May god always shower happiness on them)
Shyam:Bhagwan ji ne humein aur Chote ko bheja hai Anjali ji aur Khushi ji ke raksha keliye. Aur mein wada karta hoon ki yeh dono humesha kush rehenge (God has sent both me and Arnav for Anjali and Khushi’s safety. And i promise both of them will always stay happy)
Nani smiles and bless Shyam.


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