Little Things (Chaper 7) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 7)

Recap:Shyam learns the truth

Nextday morning

Arnav comes to Gupta house for handing over shaadi’s parcel to Garima. Khushi who was in room feels Arnav’s presence and runs down to the hall. Khushi was in wet hair and casual kurti. She sees Arnav and moves towards him.

Arnav hugs her.
Khushi smiles. She remember something.
Khushi(whisper in ears): Yeh sirf ek dikhava hai ok (I am just showing it off)
Arnav:Hi Aunty..

Garima and Arnav talk about marriage preparations.

Garima insist Khushi to drop Arnav till car. Khushi goes with Arnav and reaches his car. He holds her hand.

Arnav:Please Khushi lets think about reconciling
Khushi:No Arnav! And guess what you have a good news too. I am leaving to London after 6 months of our marriage. And i will file for divorce too.

Arnav Suddenly hugs Khushi. Khushi asks him to leave.

Arnav:Garima Aunty is looking through window.
Khushi: Ok!
Arnav then kiss on Khushi’s Cheeks, she acts shy.
Khushi:You are crossing your limits Mr.Raizada.
Arnav:I have to act till Garima aunty leaves.
He holds Khushi by waist and nods his head showing he won’t leave her

Arnav(a bit loud): I dont want to leave you Khushi. Can we meet today in cafe?
Khushi:No Arnav! I have guests.
Arnav makes sad face.
Arnav: Its fine. Lets meet today evening. Its our marriage fixing na.
Khushi nods in excitement.
Khushi:I am sooo excited.

Khushi enter with others in Raizada Mansion. Anjali and Nani welcome them.

Arnav is climbing down the stairs. He sees Khushi. And walks down lost in her. She was looking all Gold in the Gold and Peach Lehenga and peach shawl…… Rabba ve plays as he slowly walks down lost in her. He slips and falls down the stairs. Khushi starts laughing….followed by others.

Arnav gets up completely embarrassed. He slowly walks to Anjali and Khushi.
Khushi introduce all to Shyam,Anjali and Nani.

Anjali:Chote.Tumhare dost aa gaye (Chote. Your friends have come)

Arnav greets his friends.A guy in blue shirt asks Arnav about Khushi. He sees Khushi beside him talking to other friends.He pulls her to him holding her elbow and holds her close.

His friends greet her. She sees a guy and a girl who are unknown to her.

Khushi:Who are they?
Arnav:Oh! Thats Shashnk and Miya.
Shashnk:Hi Bhabi. You might not know me.I met Arnav at Anjali di’s wedding.

Khushi finds his voice same like Arnav’s. She realise that he is the guy whose voice she heard.

Khushi(to herself): Heyy Devi Mayya aapne humari umeed tootne nahi diya. Abhi toda maza lena padega (God! You didnt let my hopes shatter. Now i have to have some fun)

Arnav:Khushi! Shall we leave for pooja

They do pooja. All sit down for exchanging The Shagun. Arnav and Khushi’s marriage was fixed.


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  1. Anaya

    Finally.. misunderstanding cleared.. bechara Arnav simply kushi troubled him.. nice episode vero.. looking forward for next one & sorry for late comment

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      No sorry yaar. I am happy that you read. Will update on monday as i dont have time Saturday and Sundays.Thank you sooo much.

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