Little Things (Chaper 6)

Little Things (Chapter 6)

Recap:Arshi’s another part of past revealed.

Raizada House,

Anjali and Nani go for wedding Shopping. Forcing Arnav.

Shyam joins Arnav.

Arnav:Oh God! Shyam why do they have to take me all the time.
Shyam:Its a type of fun. Bcuz now Khushi ji is also going to be there and your family can pull your legs.

Arnav senses Khushi coming and turns back. He finds her more beautiful than before. He feels something passing through him. She smiles at him. He bends down.She widens her eyes. He then realise his position and gets up.

Arnav:Can i talk to you for a minute?
Garima:Khushi you may go.

Anjali and Nani were discussing something.

Anjali:Nani! Dont you find Arshi odd? They were best friends since childhood and in the last four years everything changed right?
Nani:I too feel the same beta. Kuch toh bada hua tha (Something big did happen)


Arnav:Ok Khushi. I have organized a decorator from Mumbai for our wedding
Arnav:And i want to tell you that. (he holds her hand) can we start a new life after marriage?
Khushi(Smiles):You mean the old us? (Khushi?) You have lost that Arnav.
Arnav:Can we try? Khushi:No!
Arnav:Lets give it a chance
Khushi:I dont want to. I have moved on now.
Arnav: Really!? You are marrying me!
Khushi:Hush! I dont care that. We cant be the old us. I dont want a partner who doesn’t have integrity.
Arnav:What the… You are crossing your limits.
Khushi:I had heard whatever you said through my own ears.
Arnav:You didnt see me right?
Khushi:Kya mein apki awaaz nahi pehchan paungi? (Cant i recognise your voice?)
Arnav was silent. Khushi gets up to leave. Arnav holds her hand and pulls her to him. Her back to him. He moves closer to her ear and whisper.

Arnav:Please give me a chance. I beg for your apology.
Khushi:You could have asked that few years back. Now i dont care about you and your interference in my life.
Arnav:Can we be friends atleast?
Khushi:No.i need integrity in my friend.

He leaves her and goes. Khushi cries. Shyam sees this and get confused.

Shyam goes near Khushi. Khushi wipes her tears.
Khushi:Aankh mein kuch gaya shayad (Something went inside my eyes)
Shyam:Humne sab kuch dekh liye abhi bas humein sach jaanni hai. Humse chupana mat (I saw everything. Now i just need to know the truth. Dont hide that from me. )
Khushi again cries.

Khushi tell all that happened in the last 11yrs

After their drunken night. Khushi gets dressed and comes to the hall where Marriage is happening. Khushi and Arnav share love glances. ?.
Arnav signs her that she looks gorgeous. And Khushi signs that he looks hawt!

Khushi was assigned the flower work by Nani. Khushi while taking flowers. Hear Arnav’s voice. But doesnt see him.

Arnav:Ok Baby! So what do you think about tonight at my home?
A Girl:I would love to Baby.
Arnav:Waise bhi last night was pretty boring (Anyways last night was pretty boring)
Girl:Baby! I will compensate that today.
Arnav:Then Now give me your kiss.

The Girl Kisses Arnav. Khushi could just hear voice.She couldnt see the person. She cries sitting in that room. But makes up her mind not to talk to Arnav.

In the whole function Khushi doesnt talk to Arnav. Arnav finds something weird. He pulls her aside after the marriage ceremony . And pulls her closer to him.

Arnav:Kya hua Khushi? (What happened Khushi?)
Khushi:Where is your baby?
Arnav:What!? Baby?
Khushi:Yah! Jiske saat tum aaj night spend karne wale ho(With whom you are spending night.)
Arnav:Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho? (What are you talking about?)
Khushi:Please Arnav! I dont want dramas.
Arnav:Are you joking? I know you are.
Khushi:No Arnav. Go spend time with your baby.
Arnav:Dammit Khushi! I love you don’t you understand! (he shouts)
Khushi:Chillane se kuch nahi badlne wala (Nothing is gonna change by shouting)
Arnav:Did you see me with other girl?
Khushi: No. But cant i recognize your voice.
Arnav:May be that guy has the same voice.
Khushi:I dont give a damn to your reasons.
Arnav:Fine! Then lets just break up!
Khushi:Bohat easy hain na. Kabhi i love you kehna. Kabhi break up kehna. (she wipes off her tears) aaj se No Arshi. No Khushi and Arnav. (Its very easy right to say i love you sometimes and lets break up some othertime. From toda No Arshi. No Khushi and Arnav)

Khushi slaps Arnav and runs to her car crying. Arnav stood there sad.

Fb 4 ends.

Shyam:Khushi.I shall promise you one thing. Arnav cant do anything of that sought.
Khushi:I also trust him. But neither he tried to reconcile with me nor he found the person. So that means he doesn’t value me and our relation. Just breakup kehdiya and thats it.
Shyam:I agree to you Khushi. But never be in the misunderstanding that Arnav doesnt have integrity.
Khushi:No never! I just wanted Arnav to bring out the truth. So that he understands the value of relations. And Prove me wrong. And he should say that he values our relationship.
Shyam:You are right Khushi! Come let’s go for shopping.

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