Little Things (Chaper 5)

Little Things (Chapter 5)

Recap:Arshi meet at temple. A part of Arshi’s past revealed.

Arnav reach back home. He sees his study completely messed up. He decides to clean the table at least. He cleans the table and finds a slam book. He opens it and goes back to good old days.

Past, (FB2)

When Arnav was 21 and Khushi had presented him a slam book.She was too crazy that she had written her name first in the slam book.

One day

Khushi:Arnav…you know what? I think i must give you a nick name
Arnav:Then go on.
Khushi:hmmm(thinks) yah!! Arshu!
Arnav:Arshu? Like why?
Khushi:Arshi i mean Arnav and Khushi’s short form.
Arnav:Then i shall call you Arshi.
Khushi:No that is the name i would like to give my child.
Arnav:Oh god! You have thought till there.
Khushi:Yah! Anyways leave all these and tell the name?
Arnav:Honey? (Khushi frown) ok then Baby (Khushi ?) Jaanu? (Khushi ?)

Khushi kiss on Arnav’s cheeks.
Arnav:Ok so you are my Jaanu
Khushi: And you are my Arshu.

Arshi hug eachother.

Arnav come back to Present.

Arnav(to himself): I am sorry Khushi, i broke up with you. But through this marriage i promise you that i will compensate for hurting you in the past 4yrs Jaanu! (Arnav smile)

Next day,

Nani calls Garima and Khushi for fixing marriage date. Pandit arrives.

Nani:Namaste Pandit ji!
Pandit: Namaste Devyani ji.
Nani:Humein Chote aur Khushi bitiya ke Shaadi keliye ek shubh muhurath nikal kar dijiye (Give me a good day for Arnav’s and Khushi’s marriage)
Pandit:Aaj se 2 hafthe baad ek subh muhurath hai. (After 2 weeks there is a good day for marriage)
Nani:Itni jaldi? (Soo fast?)
Pandit:Agar woh din teek nahin hai toh 1 saal baat ka muhurath hai. (If that day is not fine then there is a good day after 1year)
Anjali:Nani its fine lets fix it after 2 weeks.
Nani:Pandit ji 2 hafte baad ka date nikhalkr dijiye (Give us the date after 2 weeks).
Garima:Ok Nani we are leaving.We have to start preparing.
Anjali:Byee Khushi ji Bye Aunty.

While leaving Khushi looks up at Arnav’s room. She shuts her eyes as tears start falling. Arnav was hiding behind curtains, he slowly peep out and sees Khushi leaving with tears. He feels sad. ?

Khushi on the other hand remember the last time she had entered Raizada Mansion. It was for Anjali and Shyam’s marriage 4yrs back.

4yrs back on February 14th, (Fb3)

Arshi had gone for a Valentine’s party and were fully drunk.

Khushi:Arshuu! I cant go home like this. I will stay at your place and will leave tomorrow.
Arnav:Its Ok Jaanu.

Khushi holds Arnav’s hand and go inside Arnav’s room.
Arnav:You know Jaanu! Kal bohat bada din hai. Mera di ka shaadi ho rahi hai woh bhi unke pyaar se (Tmw is a big day. Its my sisters wedding with the person she loves.)
Khushi:Yah i know. And thank god! We didn’t get caught while going.
Arnav:I told that i have to drop Manav and you?
Khushi:I told i am going with Ishaan!

Arnav and Khushi laugh.

Khushi opens her hair and starts pleating it. Arnav admires Khushi with open hair. Arnav back hugs Khushi.She blush and turn to him and puts her hands around his neck. He smile.

He moves closer and closer and kiss her.She reciprocate the kiss making it passionate one.

He then lifts her and puts her in bed. Slowly taking off her jewelry and unzipping her dress. She opens his shirt button. Both share a romantic drunken night together.

Next day morning,
It was 3am.Arshi get up holding their head.
Arnav(Shocked):Kh… Kh… Khushi! How did we end up like this.
Khushi(cries): I have no idea. Damn! This headache.
Arnav:Whatever! Lets change and get ready for wedding.
Khushi:Lets forget whatever happened between us last night. But today, we promise eachother that we would never drink out of control.
Arnav:Yah! I promise.

Fb ends.

Khushi sleeps off thinking about that night.


I would finish off with Arshi’s past in two epis.

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