Little Things (Chaper 15) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 15)

Arnav and Khushi leave to office.

Arnav: You are comfortable staying with us?
Khushi nods.
Arnav:Today i have few meetings… Please make sure nobody comes to my cabin.
Khushi:Yes sir.

At office,

Khushi meets Aakash and Aman. Both smile……

Aakash:Arnav! How is di? All fine?
Arnav:Yes bud.
Aman:We are coming to your house today.
Aman:Its friday buddy. Did you forget?
Arnav:Yah! I just forgot.
Aakash:Aaj kal aap thoda zyada bhool rahe ho (You are forgetting things nowadays)

Aakash looks at Khushi while saying this. Arnav looks at Khushi. Khushi gives a confused expression.

Aman:Anyways lets proceed with work.
Khushi records Arnav’s work for the day. And she recites everything. Arnav just admires her.She looked extravagant in a beautiful kurta. Arnav couldnt take his eyes off her. Khushi takes the intercom.

Khushi hears “Chudail is coming,”.Khushi says this to Arnav. But Arnav couldn’t hear anything he could only admire Khushi’s beauty. Khushi shakes Arnav and says this, he holds her and was back to conscious…..but the time wasnt right as Sheetal was already there inside his cabin. She gets angry seeing Arnav holding Khushi’s hand. Arnav and Khushi doesn’t understand why she was angry. Then Arnav realize that she saw Arshi together. Arnav holds Khushi tighter making Sheetal more angry.

Khushi:Arnav please leave me.
Arnav:No i am not gonna leave you… If i leave you now i would never hold you again.
Khushi:What rubbish?
Arnav:Stay here till i say or else i will fire you.
Khushi stays silent.

Sheetal rush there and tries unting them. But Arshi hold their hands tighter.

Sheetal:Arnav! Leave her.
Sheetal:I have to talk about Dadi.
Arnav leaves Khushi’s hand. Khushi looks on confused. Sheetal grin

Arnav(shouts):Whatever just tell that now
Sheetal(acting innocent) :Dadi wants our ahh… Our marriage..
Arnav:What the..
Sheetal:Dadi said if you don’t agree she will send Shyam back.

This confuses Khushi more.

Arnav(shocked):No! I can deal with him….
Sheetal:What about di?
Arnav:I am getting di married.

Sheetal and Khushi looks on shocked. Khushi was numb, tears start rolling down her eyes. She couldnt believe her ears.

Sheetal:But Arnav… Dadi
Arnav:Get out.
Arnav:I said get out…. (he shouts)

Sheetal walks out enraged, she looks at Khushi thinks something and leave.

Arnav in rage push a chair beside him and fall on the ground unconscious. Khushi gets shocked and calls Akash and Aman.

They take him home and call doctor there. Anjali who hear this runs to her brother and caress his face. She lays his head on her lap… And asks the doctor to check him.

Dr:Anjali! Did he start drinking?
Anjali:I….I…. I… Dont know Doctor.
Dr:Yes he has started drinking. And above that he is not eating properly, he has fallen weak. Let him take rest for about 5 days. Dont let him go out.
Anjali:He takes tablets on time, then Why did he fell unconscious?
Dr:He took stress….and i feel he is skipping his medicine.

Nani runs to the room and sees Anjali beside Arnav and smiles. She doesn’t enter the room. Nani calls Khushi out.

Khushi:Nani! Why arent you going in?
Nani:After 2 yrs Anjali is being with chote. And i didnt want to spoil that.
Khushi:If you dont mind can i know why she isnt talking to anyone?
Nani:I wish i could tell you, but if Arnav knows that i bought the past back, he would be upset all over again.
Khushi holds Nani’s hand.
Khushi:Its ok Nani. I understand. But can i know why Arnav started drinking?
Nani:Its the second time he is falling unconscious.The last time, Anjali beti had ran away from home (Nani cries) ,he was all upset as he felt he lost his di forever. And started drinking. And i tried my level best to help him but it was all in vain. Akash and Aman helped me a lot but all was in vain. And finally one day he got information that Anjali is in an orphanage in Mumbai itself.And Chote stopped drinking. But when Anjali bitiya didnt talk to him he felt he was the reason and started again.

Khushi goes to Arnav’s room,

Arnav was half conscious. He takes Khushi’s name. Anjali,Aman and Aakash were shocked. Khushi also gets shocked as he sensed her near him.

Doctor tells Khushi about Medicines. Khushi gets them and again runs to Arnav’s room. Arnav again takes Khushi’s name.

Arnav gets back into conscious and sees his di’s face, all angry. He gets confused.

Arnav gets up.
Anjali:Chote you better lie down. And dont talk to me. How dare you start drinking?
Arnav:How…how do you know?
Anjali:Do you think you can fool all of us your entire life. I have thrown all yout bottles away now you wont get a drop of it.
Arnav:Di! Please let me be.
Anjali:No way! And Aman and Akash i am giving you the duty to make sure Chote doesnt drink a drop of alcohol.

Aman and Aakash nod.

Khushi:I will take care of the food.
Anjali:Great! And now you will only be at home for the next 5 days. Khushi ji will be your official nurse and PA.

Khushu widens her eyes.

Anjali continues :And Khushi ji you cant deny as its my order.
Khushi gets shocked.
Khushi(to herself):What the! Anjali bhabi toh koi aur nikhli, she was loveliest par abhi boss bangayi meri. Shyam bhai se kehna padega. Ordering me! Ah! (What the! Anjali bhabi became somebody else all of a sudden. She was the loveliest but now became my boss. I Think i will have to tell Shyam bhai. Ordering me! Ah!)

Arnav smiles controlling his laughter.He holds Anjali’s hand and makes her sit beside him. He lays his head on her laps and looks at her.

Arnav:Di! Calm down. I am ok. And as you say i will obey all your orders.

Anjali caress his face. He smiles… Suddenly Shyam’s face comes in her mind she gets up and without telling anything runs from there. Arnav gets up shocked.

Anjali in room,

Anjali:Chote please forgive me, i cant be your old di so easily. I cant until i find about Shyam ji. God! Why do you push me into such circumstances.? I want to bring my pari back home soon.

Anjali cries in her bed, Khushi sees this and thinks about telling her about Shyam.

Khushi talks With Shyam,

Khushi tells whatever happened. Shyam laughs when Khushi says about the ordering scene.

Shyam(laughing):Rani sahiba jaise hai waise bilkul bhi nahin hai. Woh bohat chalak hai. Chote aur unke pyaar dekkar kabhi kabhi humein lagta tha ki unke jaise pyaar koi bhai behen mein nahi hoge (The way Anjali is not the reality. She is very naughty.Seeing Arnav and Anjali sometimes i felt nobody can ever love their siblings like this.)

Khushi:I feel we must do something to re unite them.
Shyam:Like what?
Khushi:I have a plan.
Shyam:Khushi! Be careful its Arnav and Anjali. They are the most naughtiest and brilliant people.And if they find out about you. You will be dead.
Khushi:Bhayya…i forgot to tell you. Today Arnav was talking to sheetal(she explains whatever Happened at office )
Shyam:Damn! Then something crucial happened after i left. You need to find it out Soon Khushi.
Khushi:Yes bhai.

Screen freeze.


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