Little Things (Chaper 14) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (chapter 14)

Part 4,

Next day,

Khushi was called to Raizada Mansion.
Anjali welcomes Khushi. Anjali hugs Khushi and wish her good morning.

Khushi receives Shyam’s call. She message him that she is busy.

Arnav comes down and see Anjali and Khushi talking. He gets surprised to see Anjali talking with a smile.

Nani calls him from a corner and asks him not to disturb them.

Arnav:Nani! Is it my di?
Nani:Haa Chote! Hum bhi kuch der se dekh rahe hai. Hayy! Kisiki nazar na lage mere bachchi ko. (Yes chote. I have been watching them since some time. I hope no bad eye fall on my daughter).
Arnav:Should I just let Khushi be with Di?
Arnav:Then lets proceed with this and hope that our Anjali di will be back.

Arnav intervenes Khushjali. Anjali bends her head down.

Arnav:Khushi why don’t you do something stay with di.

Anjali’s face brighten.

Anjali:Can we visit the orphanage ?
Nani:On the way drop me in temple also.

All look at Khushi.

Khushi:I am ok.
Anjali side hugs Khushi.
Anjali:Khushi ji just 5 mins i will be ready. Lets spend the whole day in orphanage.

Nani to Arnav: Dont you find it odd? Why does she always get excited about orphanage?
Arnav:You know na she doesn’t like being with us now. May be she finds happiness there.
Nani nods.

Khushi and Anjali in car on the way to orphanage,

Anjali:Thank youuu sooooo much Khushi ji that you agreed to come with me.
Khushi:You are welcome. And no need to thank all the time.
Anjali smiles.

Anjali:After 2yrs for the first time i am happy.
Khushi:If you dont mind can i ask you something?
Anjali:Today is your day, you have all the right to ask me.
Khushi (smiles and holds her hand): Why aint you talking with Arnav and Nani?
Anjali:Because i hate them since the time they threw Shyam ji out.
Khushi remains silent. She didn’t know what to do. She was confused…

Khushi receives Shyam’s message asking about Anjali. Khushi reply that she is ok.

They reach orphanage. Anjali goes to meet her daughter.

Khushi phones Shyam.
Shyam picks up all excited.

Khushi:Hai bhai
Shyam:Why do you sound upset?
Khushi:I feel so sad seeing bhabi like this. She is gloomy at Raizada house. And she visits an orphanage once in a while to see your daughter.
Shyam:Why is my daughter in an orphanage?
Khushi:I dont know bhayya… I am actually confused. Because Arnav talks about his di all the time.
Shyam:His Di is his world. And for his Di he is her world.
Khushi: see thats where i am confused. She isnt talking to Arnav and Nani.
Shyam:What!? Then something very big happened after i left.
Khushi:I was thinking the same.
Shyam:My daughter looks like Anjali?
Khushi:Yes bhayya… I told her the same. And she replied me saying that her eyes are innocent like yours. (Tears fall down Shyam’s cheeks)…And bhayya she really loves you and is waiting for you.
Shyam:I know Khushi…..I too love her the same way. Par haalat kuch aise hai ki hum unse mil nahi sakte. (But circumstances has forced me to stay away from her)
Khushi:Aap kisse dar rahe ho? Arnav se? Nani se? (Whom are scared of? Arnav? Nani?)
Shyam:No! I am scared of myself. I dont have the strength to see my Rani sahiba all gloomy and broken.
Khushi:Do you think she will be the same once you meet her?
Shyam:I dont know Khushi.
Khushi:Bhayya! Please meet her soon. She badly needs you now. Dont you wanna see your daughter?
Shyam:Yes Khushi. I will come when time is right.
Khushi: never wait for time you have to take the time. Now you are not saying anything…. I have a plan!


Anjali comes after spending happy moments with her daughter.

Anjali:Khushi ji… Humein sach mein nahin pata aapko kaise daniavad karu.Aapne humari sach ko chupayi aur humare saat bhi diya. In do saal ne kisisne bhi mere liye yeh sab nahin kiya. (I really dont know how to thank you. You hid my truth and stayed with me. In these 2 years nobody helped me like this)
Khushi:Aap hamare dost ban chuke hai. So No sorry No thank you(You have become my friend)

Anjali smiles.

Raizada house,

Anjali asks Khushi to stay at their house.Khushi first declines her offer making Anjali sad. But then thinking about Anjali and Shyam she accepts her offer. Anjali was happy.

Arnav comes from office and sees Khushi and Anjali watching TV with Nani.

Arnav:Khushi! Shall i drop you home? Its late.
Anjali interuppt: She is staying with me.
Arnav:Ok di.

After dinner. Khushi Calls Shyam.

Shyam:Khushi! How is everything?
Khushi:Di asked me to stay at Raizada house with her.
Shyam:Wow! So you are staying with Anjali ji today?
Khushi:Yes bhayya.
Shyam:Byee Khushi… I will call you tomorrow.
Khushi:No bhayya i will call you and will update you through message.
Shyam:Ok dea.

Khushi was standing near the window and looking at the sky where Arnav was also looking at the sky. Khushi smiles seeing the stars. Arnav unknowingly smiles seeing the nature smiling at him.

Arnav then looks down and sees Khushi in the opposite room looking at the sky….. Khushi feels somebody looking at her and sees Arnav. She smiles. He smiles back. She unknowingly blush a little. Arnac signs good night. Khushi smiles.

Arnav then closes his curtains and then lay down to sleep. He thinks about Khushi, smile creeps on his naughty yet matured face.

Khushi also close the curtains and then turn all blushing.

Khushi(to herself):Why do i believe his innocence? Am i just thinking from one side? May be i should plan for the side of truth. Yes Khushi. You need to clear misunderstandings from everybody’s mind. Its not just about Shyam bhai’s family, its about binding the whole family.

Anjali disturbs Khushi’s thoughts. Both sleep in the same room.

Next day morning,

Arshi wake up for jogging. Both see eachother ready for jogging and smiles.

Arnav and Khushi decides to walk inside the park chatting.

Arnav:Do you have any idea about Shyam Jha?
Khushi:Why do you all ask me about a person i dont know.?
Arnav:Its a loooong story. Which i dont wanna talk about. Neither i want my di to remember nor anybody to ask about it.
Khushi:Ok i understand. But i feel your di is not over with whatever happened. She said that Shyam. Jha is her hubby. A special mention, ” i didnt ask her about Shyam Jha. ” she just said to me.

Arnav:I know. It hurts me to see her like this. I want my di’s happiness but not that man back in her life.
Khushi:I can help if you share the problem
Arnav:Just let me think about it.
Khushi:Take your time.

Arnav holds her hand
Arnav: Thank you for taking care of di and making her smile…..
Khushi keeps her hand on top of his. Both look at eachother.

Khushi looks at Arnav’s eyes and Arnav at Khushi’s eyes…. Both get lost in the moment……Rabba ve plays


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