Little Things (Chaper 13) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 13)

Part 3,

At Raizada house,

Khushi excuses herself and moves to the garden. The screen flashed Bhayya calling. She takes the call.

Khushi:Shyam bhai!
Shyam:Khushi! Where are you dea?
Khushi:I am at Raizada house now.
Shyam(excited):How is Rani Sahiba?
Khushi:She looks gloomy. She didn’t understand who i am.
Shyam(sadly):How is Nani and Chote?
Khushi:They are good.
Shyam:Khushi! I beg you not to take my side anywhere… Arnav will be angry.
Khushi:I will take care of it bhai.
Shyam:Can i see Anjali ji’s photo?
Khushi cries.
Khushi:Sure bhayya.
Shyam:Please dont make me weak Khushi. I want to be with her soon. I want to see my child.
Khushi:Child? But Anjali ji doesn’t seem pregnant!
Shyam:What!? No that cant happen. I was the one who saw her pregnancy report….. Khushi please find out soon.
Khushi:Yes bhayya. Please dont worry.

Khushi comes back to the Raizada’s. Arnav and Nani smile.

Nani:Aapke maa thi phone mein? (Was that your mother?)
Arnav:Oh damn! Its raining heavily what shall we do now.!
Khushi:We are going in car na.
Arnav:I wasnt talking about us…. Di visits orphanage every Wednesday.Today she would have to go alone as Nani cant bear cold.

Khushi:I will take her. I know driving also.
Arnav:Thats great. You dont have to drive… Driver is there.

Anjali :Thank you Khushi ji.

Khushi and Anjali were going in a car.The car was sunk in silence.

Khushi(to herself): Why do i find her exactly the opposite of what bhai said about her?

Khushi(to driver) :Aap koi gaana rekhenge Please? (Can you play any songs?)
Anjali:Koi gaana rakhiye bhayya (play any song bhayya)

Driver plays yeh mausam ki baarish (half girlfriend)

Anjali get immersed in deep thoughts.She sleeps off. In sleep she starts talking. Khushi goes close to her to hear what she was saying.

Anjali(in sleep): Chote! You are mistaken he cant do anything to me. He is innocent please understand.I beg you. I fall in your feet please dont throw him out..

Anjali starts to shake her head. Khushi gets worried. And shakes her and wakes her up. Anjali holds her head in pain.

Anjali:Khushi ji. Did i say something.?

Anjali and Khushi reach orphanage.

Arnav calls Khushi.
Arnav:Di is fine na?
Anjali takes the phone.
Anjali:we have reached orphanage.

Anjali hangs up.

Anjali seeing a group of kids running to her smiles . She gives them all chocolates and gifts. The orphanage warden comes.

Warden:Anjali whose the new member?
Anjali:This is Arnav’s new PA.
Warden:I thought you will come alone because it was raining badly.
Anjali:You know right Arnav doesnt let me alone. Its better she came or else i would have to take Arnav along with me.
Warden:Shall i bring her?
Anjali nods.

The warden again enter with A small girl around 2yrs.Khushi gets suspicious.

Anjali:Hello my baby. (Anjali smiles bright)
Anjali takes the baby and starts playing. The baby smiles seeing her.

Anjali:How are you my sweety. Did you miss your mother? (Khushi gets shocked)

Happy tears form in Khushi’s eyes..

Khushi(to herself): Is this my neice!!! Now, i am determined to bring you back bhayya.

Anjali looks at Khushi.

Anjali:Khushi ji… Please promise me that you wont tell this to anyone! Please!
Khushi:Yes Anjali di.
Anjali hugs Khushi.

While coming back. Anjali had taken a photo of herself with the baby. She smiles seeing it.

Anjali(to Khushi):Aapko yaad humne Shyam.Jha ke bhare mein pucha tha aapse? (Do you remember me asking about Shyam Jha?)
Anjali:He is my husband. That is our daughter. I have lied to Nani and Arnav that i lost my daughter.
Khushi:But they didnt find out?
Anjali:Its a looong story which i don’t want to think about.
Khushi:Your daughter looks exactly like you
Anjali:Thank you… But her eyes resemble Shyam ji’s. He had those innocent and beautiful eyes.

A lone tear fall down Anjali’s cheeks. Khushi wipes it off.

Anjali:You know why i said the truth to you because i trust people from lucknow.

Khushi console a broken Anjali.

They reach back home. Anjali thank Khushi.She leaves to her hostel.

After reaching hostel,

Arnav message her.

Arnav: Thank you.
Khushi:For what?
Arnav:For taking di to orphanage.
Khushi:Oh! You are welcome.
Khushi:Yes…just now. And you?
Arnav:Not yet!
Khushi:Go and have its already late. Bye
Arnav was typing something he sees the BYE and gets upset.

Arnav(to himself):Bye! What the… Isnt she clever enough to understand that i was trying to make up with her? Wait! Did she just ignored me? Yes Arnav thats it… You must now try harder to make her fall for you.

Arnav messages her BYE.

Khushi smile seeing his message.


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