Little Things (Chaper 12) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 12)

Part 2,

That Day in office,

Arnav,Aman and Aakash enter.Staffs greet them.Arnav felt cool breeze through his hairs.He turns back and sees a group of girls and boys coming and he sees Khushi in middle looking extremely beautiful.

Arnav(to himself):Why does my heart fall weak whenever i see you? What black magic have you done to me in just minutes? Why do i find you the most gorgeous person in the whole World? Is it Love or Infactuation?

Khushi smiles at Arnav.

Arnav(to himself):Maar Dala yaar(Killed me yaar)
Aakash:Bhai! I need to make a choice between Khushi and Payal.Whom do i choose?
Aman:Chi! Akki….
Arnav interrupt:You dare check on Khushi.
Aakash:Calm down brother.I will not take away your Khushi.
Aman and Aakash does hi-fi.

After sometime,
The interns were asked to assemble in the conference hall. The interns introduce eachother.

Arnav,Aman and Aakash gives their introduction to the interns. Aman takes a group, Aakash another and Arnav takes a group which involved Khushi.

Arnav signs Aman and Aakash. They smile.

Arnav’s group:

Arnav was explaining their work. He assigns each some work. As he wanted, Khushi was left without work.

Khushi(to herself): I hope my plan works. I just want to make him repent for what he did.

Arnav:Oh Khushi! Now i dont have a post for you.
Khushi(makes sad face):So shall i leave?
Arnav:No no…. I dont like people going from my office like this. Soo… Why dont you try being my PA for a day. If i like your work i will make you permenant.
Khushi(excited):Wow! Thank you sooo much sir.
Arnav:Call me Arnav.
Khushi:Thank you Arnav.

Arnav’s Cabin,

Arnav and Khushi were discussing work.A call comes in the intercom. Arnav asks Khushi to take the call. Khushi takes and only hears “Chudail is here”.She says that to Arnav all confused.

Arnav gives a shocked expression.

Arnav:Khushi….If a girl enter and ask for me please say that i have gone out.

After few minutes,
A girl in high heels and short dress enter. Khushi gets shocked seeing her.
Khushi(to herself) :Sheetal.Sharma!?That means they still are in good relation but why did Arnav run away like that and why does he call her chudail.

Sheetal enter and asks for Arnav. Khushi replies that he has gone out.

Sheetal:Where is Aman? And Who are you?
Khushi:I am Arnav’s new P.A. I don’t know where Aman is.
Sheetal:Aman sir and Arnav sir.
Khushi:He asked me to call him Arnav. He said that he likes to be called like that.
Sheetal: Dare to call him Arnav! Only i have the right to call him Arnav. DO YOU GET THAT! (shouts)

Khushi gets startled but composes herself as she didnt want to show her weak side to anybody.

Khushi:You have no right to stand here and shout at me. I don’t care who you are. Just get lost now before i do something.

Sheetal(shouts):You!!! (she raises her hand)
Khushi holds her hand and twist it. And push her out. Sheetal fall down on floor. Her hair get messed up.

Khushi:Be careful next time, you have just fallen on floor now. May be next time you might fall in hell!

Sheetal gets up. Khushi close the Cabin.Sheetal was enraged she moves out without saying a word.

Khushi calls Arnav and says that Sheetal has gone. Arnav happily comes out.

Arnav:Thank you soo much Khushi…. But how did she leave so quickly?

Khushi explains whatever happened.

Arnav:Woah! That was cool. Usually my P.A’s are scared to talk to her because she shouts for no reason at them.
Khushi:I am not like others…. I am unique…..I have come here with a mission.
Arnav:Mission? Like Mission Impossible?
Khushi:Nah! Mission Possible.

Arnav laughs. Khushi was lost in his smile. The innocence in his smile had caught her attention. She was slowly going into another world-THE WORLD OF THOUGHTS!

Khushi (to herself): Why do i feel now he is innocent? Should i believe his innocence or my brother’s words?

Arnav disturbed her thoughts.

Arnav:Do you mind coming to my house?
Arnav:Yah! Any problem?
Khushi:No…No problem.
Arnav:I forgot my Lunch. And di doesnt like outside food. So i am forced to go home. I thought of calling you along as Aman and Aakash are not there…..And…
Khushi interrupt. : Ok ok i will come. God! Kitna bolte hai aap (You talk a lot) Arnav:Bachpan se aisa hoon (I am like this from childhood)

Arshi reach Raizada house. Khushi remeber seeing the Photo of the house. Arnav shows her the way. Anjali and Nani welcome her.

Nani:Chote.Yeh kaun hai? (Whose this Chote?)
Arnav:Nani yeh hamari nayi P.A hai. (This is my new PA)

Anjali was staring at her blankly. Arnav hugs her. Anjali doesnt smiles, she look all broken. Khushi smiles.

Dining room,

Food was served.
Nani:Khushi bitiya aapke ghar kaha hai? (Where are you from Khushi dea?) Khushi:Lucknow.

Anjali’s face brighten hearing the name.
Anjali(excited):Lucknow mein aap kaha rehte ho? (Where do you stay in Lucknow?)
Nani and Arnav looks at Anjali shocked.
Anjali’s face now brighten more.

Khushi(to herself): Kahin inko pata na chale(I hope she doesn’t understand)

Anjali:Aapke ghar mein kaun kaun hai?
Khushi:Mein aur meri Ma.Mere ma ki rishtedaar bhi waha paas mein rehte hai.(Me and my mom. My moms close family stays near us.)
Anjali:Do you know Shyam.Jha?
Arnav:Di! I dont want that mans name to be taken here.

Anjali doesnt bother.

Khushi: Sorry maam i dont know anybody by that name.

Anjali was all gloomy again.

Khushi receives a call. She looks at the Raizada’s shocked!


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      You will get to know about Shyam and Khushi…. Thank you dea.

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