Little Things (Chaper 11) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 11)


INTRO and Chapter:1



ARNAV wakes up disturbed by the loud sound of pooja going on in his house.He dresses up for jogging and leaves .

He reaches a park.Akash,Aman and La reach there.
Aman:You are late today (to Arnav)
Arnav:I forgot to keep my alarm.
Akash:We have finished 2 rounds…lets continue
Arnav:Guys! Today i am in no mood for jogging.
Aman:Why Arnav?
Akash:You lazy people sit here i am gonna take care of my health.
Aman:Me too

A girl comes by and sits in the opposite bench.Akash gets lost in her.

Akash:Aman may be we should take a break.
Aman:What yaar.? Ladki dekhli aur zehat bool gaya (Saw a girl and you forgot about health)
Akash:Sorry Yaar.
Akash adjusts his hair and sits near the girl.

La:Aman come and sit here.We will talk.
Arnav:Who is this girl? I havent seen her here before.
La:Oh! I forgot.She is the new intern in Malik group.And i heard that a few more are there.
Aman:Oh! Arnav we also selected few right.
Arnav nods.
La: I think They all arent working for Malik.Some of them are for AR.
Aman:Oh! Great.Aakash would hope to hear that this girl is in AR.

Arnav and La laugh.

La:Arnav! Can i take Aman for a while?
Arnav teasingly smiles and nods.
Amla leave

Another girl(2) comes in a sports suit.She looked fit and was swearting heavily.Arnav glares at her.Girl 1 pass a bottle to girl 2.

Arnav(to himself):Wow! She looks gorgeous.May be i must talk to her.

Arnav sees Akash and the girl 1 talking and laughing.Arnav moves to Akash.

Arnav:Hey Akki.Will you not introduce me to your new friend?
Akash:Sure buddy…(to girl 1) Payal, meet Arnav my best friend since childhood.
Akash:Where is Aman and La?
Payal:Oh! You have more childhood best buddies?
Akash:Yup!Hey by the way you didnt introduce us to your friend.

Girl 2 turns and smiles.Arnav admires her.

Girl2:I am Khushi.Kumari.Gupta.
They shake hands.
Khushi:Oh Mr.ASR owner of AR!!!! OMG (she scream)
Payal:Khushi! What happened?
Khushi:Payu…he is my boss…i am an intern in AR.
Arnav:Wow! Great.
Akash:I work in AR.
Arnav(to himself):Hayy man mein jingalala (Wow jingalala)
Aakash:So see you later.I gotta go.

Arnav was all lost in Khushi.Aakash had to drag him from there.Aman and La join them.

Aakash:Aman yaar.Atleast rub off the lipstick na.
La observes Aman’s face and doesnt find any lipstick mark.She understands he was fooling her.So she kiss on his cheeks.Aman smiles and winks at Aakash.

Aakash:Single and Happy!
Arnav laughs.

A hostel room,
Khushi comes after bath wearing a kurti.

Khushi stands infront of the mirror and get ready with light make up and simple jewelary.

Khushi(to herself):Mr.Arnav.Singh.Raizada here I come.I would never let you know who i am…..I want to see your destruction!

Khushi looks at a Photo.

Khushi:I promise you that, i will destroy him..I want to see your(person in photo) happiness.


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