Little Things (Chaper 10) (iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek jashn)

Little Things (Chapter 10)

Recap:Arshi roka cermony and Arnav surprises Khushi.

Next day,
Khushi comes down and sees nobody in the hall. She gets a note in the Kitchen that Garima has gone for a meeting.

Ishaan comes down and sees Khushi heating the breakfast.

Ishaan:Ma kaha hai Khush? (Where is mom Khush?)
Khushi:She has gone for a meeting.
Ishaan gets an idea.
Ishaan:Shall i call Pri home today?
Khushi gets excited and accidently burns her hand.

Ishaan runs to her.He gets cold water and dips her finger into it.
Ishaan:Aap samhalke kar sakti ti na (Be careful while doing these)
Ishaan hugs her and kiss on her forehead. He invites Priyal home.Priyal(played by Payal of Ipkknd) comes by afternoon. Khushi prepares special lunch for her.

Priyal hugs Khushi.
Priyal:Hi Khush.
Khushi:Only Ishaan calls me like that. I dont give anybody else the right.
Priyal gives a tensed look.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi:I was just kidding Pri.
Priyal:Call me Riya. Thats how my loved ones call me.
Khushi:But Ishaan always says Pri.
Priyal:He said if he call me Riya he would think its another girl.
Khushi laughs. Khushi bonds with Priyal.

The trio have lunch.The bell rings. Ishaan thinks its Garima and Asks Priyal to hide under the table with food. Priyal hides. Khushi opens the door and sees Anjali,Shyam and Arnav.

Khushi:Isha! Its Anjali di, Jiju and Arnav. Ask Riya to be seated.
Ishaan helps Priyal.
Khushi:Aap sab yaha? (You all here?)
Anjali:I came here to clear all misunderstandings.
Khushi:What misunderstanding?
Anjali:I want to know what happened before the last 4 yrs.
Khushi looks at Shyam and Arnav shocked.
Shyam signs he didnt tell anything. Arnav keeps his head down. Khushi angrily looks at Arnav.

Khushi:Di! I will explain it.Before that i want to talk to Arnav.
Anjali:But i want to know the reason why you broke up!
Khushi hugs Anjali.
Khushi:Stress lene aapke liye acha nahi hai. So khayal rakhiye apna.Mein aapse wada karti hoon, mein saara sach bata dungi aapse. After 5mins talk with Arnav.(Its not good for you to take stress. Please take care. I promise you that i would explain all that happened)

Ishaan comes with Priyal and sits near Anjyam. Arnav goes with Khushi to her room. Anjali cries.
Shyam:Anjali ji! (he holds her close to him) there is nothing for you to worry. They are grown up enough to know what is right and what is wrong.
Anjali:But 4 yrs back they werent grown up.
Shyam:If they weren’t grownup enough how would they hide about their relation? See Anjali, keep trust on yourself and nani’s upbringing.
Anjali smiles. And lays her head on his chest.

In Khushi’s room,..

Khushi:What happened last night?
Arnav:Khushi! We have to deal with it now..No use of asking what happened in the past.
Khushi:I don’t want to hear any foolish talks. Just tell me what happened last night.

Last night,

Arnav was drunk.Anjali sees light in Arnav’s room and goes to inquire. She sees Arnav lying down on floor completely drunk and blabbering.

Anjali:Chote! How dare you drink!?
Arnav(blabber):Di… Khushi….. Love…. London.
Anjali:What are you saying?
She calls servants.

Anjali makes him lay in bed with the help of servants and asks them to leave. Anjali think of scolding him in the morning. As she leaves he holds her hand. She sits beside him unwillingly.

Arnav gets up and sits.
Arnav(cries):Di! I sincerely regret breaking up with Khushi. (Anjali gets shocked)… I really loved her.When she didnt trust me i felt broken and i told her that we will break. Was i wrong or is she right?
Anjali cries and hugs him.
Anjali:Everything will be fine tomorrow.

Arnav cries laying on Anjali’s lap.

Khushi:Why did you drink? Ah?
Arnav:I actually, Drink daily.
Khushi:Did you forget the promise we made to eachother.
Arnav:But..that was before we broke up!
Khushi:If you dont know to keep my promises how can you say that You love me and you cant lose me.
Arnav:Khushi,i never drank before our marriage was fixed at the boutique. The moment i felt i dont have any right on you i started drinking. The day we met after 4yrs.
Khushi(tears starts falling) :But why do you feel so? Dont you trust on yourself?
Arnav:I trust on you more than anyone . But i dont trust myself. (cries) Because i am bad. I could have stopped the breakup, i could have proved you wrong. You are right Khushi, when i said break up you would obviously feel that i dont value US!.
Khushi suddenly hugs Arnav.
Khushi:Arshu! I was waiting hear this from you after i saw Shashnk and i realised that it was him whom i mistaked to be you.
Arnav smiles. He lifts her and screams in joy. Arnav still lifting her kiss on her lips,both passionately kiss eachother.

Arshi come out and see Anjali and Shyam waiting for them. Both hold hands and come near them.

Khushi:Anjali di. Thank you for letting us talk. Because today we have cleared all our misunderstandings and are Arshi Forever!
Anjali smiles and hugs them tight.

Anjali:Now please tell me the truth.
Khushi tell the truth to Anjali.Anjali,Ishaan and Priyal were shocked to hear the truth.

Ishaan:That mean….Di you hid about your relation with me .
Khushi nod.
Ishaan:When i hid you found and now when you hid i couldnt find.
Anjali:Sisters are hidden jasoos.
All laugh.

A few days later,

Arnav and Khushi are happily married.Arnav lifts Khushi to his room.

Arnav:Kya hua?? (what happened?)
Khushi:We forgot to thank our friends.
Arnav:For what!?
Khushi:For uniting us again!
Arshi:Thank you soooo much Guys!!!!!
Khushi:Wait for next SS By Vero!
Arnav:Guys i gotta go. We are heading to Paris tomorrow for honeymoon ??
Khushi blush.

Vero:Curtain Closed!


I have a change of mind. I am going to show short stories in the same headings. Locations will be different. Different types of people with diff. Love stories and a single couple, Arshi!!!! Now i will be updating max.15 epi’s of each SS.Support me guys!!!!

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