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Little swara and Cursed doll {os}..


There was a little girl swara…who really loved dolls..she had a big collection of dolls in her home..One day while she was lonely passing through the street..she saw a beautiful doll in one of shop…
she goes to an old woman in the shop and ask..
“How much is that doll, ma’am?”
woman;; this doll is not for sale betta…
swara;but it so beautiful…i really want it…
women {irritated tone}; “i told you it’s not for sale..”
swara;; why not..?
women;; this doll is cursed..
swara;; well…that’s ok..i don’t mind…
women;; “i am not going to sell it to you..but if you really want it..go ahead and take’s yours…but if any bad happrns..don’t blame me..”
swara;; ah!yes…thank you
swara smilingly grabbed the doll and walked out of the shop..
swara was soo…delightful to get the doll for free…that she ran way all the way home carring it in her arms..When she got home to her apartment building …she went into the lobby…it was deserted…she stood there waiting for the elevator to arrive…
The door opened..she stepped inside holding her new doll tightly..
The doors closed…but the elevator didn’t move..
The little swara got scared and start trembling with fear…
O MY GOD….she thought herself…”Is this the curse of the doll?”
Suddenly..she felt the doll move in her arm..’s head turn to face swara…
The little swara want to scream…but couldn’t make a sound…
The doll’s eye lids fluttered and opened…
It stared at swara…with it’s lifeless glass eyes..
Then it’s mouth opened and said
“Push the button to go up…u fool”

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

Credit to: horror..

  1. Janviiivyas

    what the shock …..hahahahahaha

  2. Ameera

    hahaha nice and cool. awesome please write more

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…hilarious….

  4. jasmine Rahul

    cursed doll…i thought it was horror.but it was so cute.loved the surprise ending a lot

  5. Juggu

    Awesome twist….

  6. Awesome

  7. hahahaha….amazing ending….

  8. Harshitha

    Hahahah lol amazing twist at the last

  9. ha ha ha ha please please write more

  10. RoFL….superb Yarr….loved it

  11. Hahhahah…

  12. hahahha funny ending ??

  13. RUPA

    Hahahah lol…… but is this THE END.

  14. ????nice…

  15. Lol ! Too funny

  16. Deeksha

    nice one continue it…………….


  18. Hahaha nice

  19. Pallavibaby

    God!!! It was so hilarious yaar ;D
    I’m laughing my head out….
    It was a little scary….but the ending….lol
    Would love to read more dear πŸ™‚

  20. Alishatani

    Hahaha doll rocked and swara shocked…Amazing year loved it

  21. Isabel

    Oh please do write more, wow, nice and unexpected πŸ˜›

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