Her little superhero….His little babydoll ~ Os

Twinkle ang Kunj are two young kids living at an orphanage. Very young to understand d feeling of love….They were d best of d best friends….they always use to help eachother care about eachother share everything with eachother. For Kunj Twinkle was his baby doll nd for Twinkle Kunj was her Superhero. That is what they addressed eachother as. They promised to be with eachother forever though they dint know what that exactly meant

When they were 9years old a couple visited the orphanage nd decided to adopt Twinkle….Twinkle nd Kunj were sad bcoz they had to leave eachother…..Twinkle promised Kunj that she would come to meet him.

As promised she would come to meet Kunj with her newly made parents….After a year her father had to shift to Canada….So the whole family shifted there….Now neither could Kunj meet his baby doll nor could Twinkle meet her superhero.

Years pass by both of them grew up to be better individuals…..but the thought of their(respective) baby doll nd superhero never left their minds.

Twinkle was 20years old when she decided to shift back to India nd meet her superhero….She forced her dad and moved to India for her studies…but her main motive was to meet her superhero. All the way down her journey from Canada to India the only thought that ran in her mind was ‘Will her Superhero remember his Baby doll?’

She got her admission in one of the best medical colleges of the city. For a few days she was busy nd stressed bcoz of the new atmosphere nd schedule. After a few days she decided to visit the orphanage. When she visited there she got to know that her superhero was also adopted by a couple who wanted a boy child. She got the address but the address was too old nd was not valid now…She lost hopes on finding him.

She started concentrating on her career….She found many good friend but she also found a best friend Mahi…..they shared a very good bond with eachother.

It was Mahi’s birthday nd a party was organised at her home. Twinkle went to the party….Mahi introduced her to her family. Her family was a small one with her parents, a younger sister and a brother who was approxinately d same age(Its Kunj only).

Twinkle adjusted with Mahi’s family very easily…..Twinkle started visiting Mahi’s place very often…..One fine day Mahi nd Twinkle decided to have a night out with eachother….They settled down on d bed.

M- Twinkle tell me more about your family na u never tld me about them.

T- My family is very small Only maa papa and I live together in Canada but

Suddenly there was a knock on d door…Mahi asked d person to enter as the door was not locked…Kunj came in.

K- Mahi I want that XYZ novel is it with u

M- yes bhai (pointing towards d books)its in the second row….(to twinkle) continue

T- actually my parents adopted me from an orphanage….I lived in the orphanage till I was 9yr old with a special friend of mine….U know he was my superhero nd I was his baby doll

M- seriously….and both of them burst into laughter.

While Two eyes present near d door stare at Twinkle in shock.

The nxt day As soon as Twinkle went out from Mahi’s room….Kunj went to Mahi

K- Mahi…I need to talk to u

M- yes bhai tell me

K- Ystrday I over heard a bit of your conversation with Twinkle….she spoke about some orphanage.. baby doll…superhero and all…What was she speaking about

M- Ohh..that one… vo actually….wait a minute Y do u wanna know abt her….(teasing) something something

K- nothing….bas tu jaldi bol….pls

M- what am I getting in return

K(in anxity) anything nd everything….pehle bol

M- Ok…She tld that that she had a frnd whom she use to call superhero but now she doesnt care about him coz she got her parents(teasingly)

Kunj’s expressions changed to sad one

K- thats all??

M- Haan….kuch aur bolna cahiye tha??

K- no nothing….

He silently got up and decided to walk out when he reached d door

M- Bhai

he turned around

M- U are only her superhero na???

K- Yes…but dont tell this to her…its of no use now

M- She loves her superhero madly….nd came back to India in search of him….orphanage ppl informed her that someone adopted her superhero….she couldn’t find him….but still is in search of him.

Kunj got that bright smile back on his face…his heart jumped in joy…but for a moment he doubted Mahi’s words

K- Mahi are u pranking me??

M- Not at all….first I was just confirming….I simply tld that she doesnt love him anymore coz I thought u love her….but as ur expressions changed I got to know she was talking about u….so I said d truth

All of a sudden Kunj ran nd hugged Mahi

K- U seriously are d best sister…Love u soo soo much

M-(winking) thoda sa pyar Twinkle ke liye bhi bacha lo

Kunj walked out of d room with a little blush on his cheeks.

10 days later

In d past few days Twinkle visited Mahi’s place many a times….Kunj use to steal glances of her….Kunj started to drop mahi to clg only to have a glance of his baby doll…he had asked mahi not to tell her anything abt him.

Today finally he decided to reveal it to her.

It was around 6 in d evening…when Twinkle was returning back to her hostel after discussing about a project with Mahi. She was walking towards d gate in d garden when a voice stopped her.

K- Twinkle

T- yes

K-(stammering)…vo…actually…I needed….to spea.k to u…abt some..thing

T- ya tell me

K- actually…I wanted…to…tel.l th..at

T- that u are only my superhero

Kunj’s eyes widened and he looked baffled

T- dont be so shocked…Just like u over heard my talks….I over heard your talks with Mahi

Both of them stood in silence for a few minutes…All of a sudden Twinkle jumped into his arms

T-(with tiny tears) I missed u so much

K- I missed u too….never leave me again

T- Never….I will be with u forever

Still hugging eachother

T/K- (together) I love u

They broke the hug nd smiled at eachother

T/K- (together) I loved u too

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

Bakwas…behuda….ghatia….The first 3 words that came into my mind after re- reading this again….I wont ask anyone to comment today.

But Purvi for u its compulsory….U need to comment coz I completed ur dare.

I will post d ff asap

Loads of Love

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  1. SidMin

    So sweet I really liked the story and the three words that came to my mind after reading the story was :
    Sweet cute and awesome 🙂
    Love you keep writing 🙂

  2. Sohi

    Hehehe don’t say this os as bakwas
    It was very sweet os kruti

  3. Babydoll tu sone dii ….?????sweet and amazing oss??….

  4. Ramya

    Kruti how can u say as bakwaas
    It’s so cute yaar
    Really so cute
    Love u keep smiling

  5. Hey kruti wahh .kya os tha..aur tu bhi pagal h (hope u dont mind) itne amazing os ko bakwass..bekarr bolti h..chal hatt..anyways kitna cute nd sweet os tha yrrrr…aur bhi os likhna..
    All my luv..

  6. It was so cutee

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Cute…lovely..muah…words which came to my mind first..

  8. Presha

    Hey kruti …
    Its awesome…
    Loved it….

  9. SidMin23

    Three word that came in my mind after reading is superb amazing awesome ? keep posting Kruti it was super cute and finally he meet his baby doll and she meet her superhero ❤️

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Wowww yaar such a cute love story! I really loved it! It was super cute! Love you so much

    With love,
    Urs Tamanna

  11. Akanksha

    it was so beautiful kruti!!!! the plot is really heart touching..loved it to the core..

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous fantastic

  13. Hayyeee Krutiiiii……. Maar dala.. matlab kya likha hai yarrrr……
    Sorry me late hun actually na Sunday ko me free nhi hoti toh koi ffs ya os nhi read ker pati… per aj yaad aaya ke tu ne apna dare complete kya hoga so I just came… how can u say that it was bakwass.. Haan.. I hare u for that….. but I love u more
    Bht hi cute love story thi or Bht unique bhi…..
    Okkkkk byeee….
    Love u loads

  14. Affaa

    Oiiyyyyyyyyyyyyy my baby hats off to ur story…. Outstanding, I must say 100 times better than my story…. That twist twinkle was also knowing Kunj Was her superhero mind blowing… U wrote it very well… How did you got such a beautiful story yaar…. Seriously I love it… Daily imagine some story and keep writing….I just forgot ur os… Now I just remembered about it…. After reading I’m so happy…. Thank you so much… Love you my mad baby..

  15. Kruti ki fan

    Best cutest amazing that three words came to my mind after reading this. How can those three stupid words came in your mind???
    Idiot girl. Love you so much. And sorry for late comment. Maaf kar de iss ? ko.
    And do post your ff soon.
    Eagerly waiting for that.

  16. Baby

    Kruti diii…..aapne behudaa….bakwass or watever watever khena kaa sochaa bhiii kaiseee…..
    Meene jab pada merko h laga that it was soooooo cute sooo emotional sooo adorable sooo beautiful superheron babydoll….or aap ho ki diii merii dii ki buaryi kr rhae ho…..hmmm….m ngry wid u didu….
    Will talk to u later bout it…
    Loved d os….beautiful it was….
    Loda of love diii…. 😉 🙂 🙂

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