My little secret..OS

Hii friends I am here… Without revealing my identity I would like to present my little secret…

True story…
The story that happened in my life but it isn’t yet completed I don’t it is going to or not but stil I am writing… Do tell how was it? It was real life story..

Its in twinkle p.o.v.

I am so happy. I got good marks and is promoted to class 7. Today is the first day of my class. I was missing my friends after exams Especially Maya.

As soon as I reached school Maya came upto to me. I hugged her so tightly. And started to do my studies. Days passes by but nothing is like previous days. I was getting attracted to a boy. Yes I the studious girl was getting attracted. He is none other than Kunj Sarna. I never talked with boys because of studies but Maya use to do so she use to talk to him and his friends. I use to sit with Maya. So sometimes I got interested to their talks. Indirectly Kunj told me that he likes me. Actually he told this to Maya..

Jisko chaha usko na mil paya
Jisse durr bhaga uski our khicha aaya
Usne na ki parwah mere aane ki
Aur mein uske khayalon mein khota chala aaya…
(Its true lines..he told at that time.)

I was shocked to hear that lines because I don’t wanted to do all this things. But daily he use to say different things like that. Once I found him telling 7 (which is my roll no.) Is his lucky number. My gaze met with him that time but I ignored. I also falled for him I started liking him.

On Saturday sometimes in our school there use to be some games. At once there was singing in class and I found him singing Dil kahe kya raaz hai jane kya keh gaya… He sung that with her friends. But I use to ignore him because I don’t want to make anyone know and I want to concentrate on studies. And like this one year passed in silent talks.

I was again promoted to class 8 but when I went school everything got changed my friendship with Maya and Kunj… The biggest shock for me was he left the school. But then again i make myself indulge in studies. I got new friends and I never talked to Maya because of her cheezy behavior.

But again someone came in my life he is the most studious boy of our class. His name is Yuvraj Luthra. We both use to have some silent gaze of each other. I never get to know what destiny had holded for me. After passing tenth again we both led up having in same college. We both are again classmates. But we never spoke to each other inspite of asking marks we got and we use to concentrate on studies moreover. Once he sang Humein tumse pyar kitna looking at me in program. But I don’t have any clue for both of them. And we both passed our college with good grades. And I left without having any idea.

(Fiction part.. Don’t know what will happen but I wanted to share my story with you all. So had written.)

And like this 7 years passed. I got settled when I found Kunj. He works in the same company as of mine. Now I am changed because now I use to talk to every people. He is also changed for good. We had become nice friends till now. Actually we have become more than that. He proposed me on valentine’s day… He told me,”Will you be my valentine for life?” and I said yes…


HOW WAS IT? DO YOU LIKED IT OR IT BORED YOU ALL? Do tell your views in comment.. And guess me if you can? Let’s see how much will be able to guess me.. Bye.. Love you all so much…??

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  1. wow…it’s nice . ..I think it’s syappa queen

  2. SidMin23

    It was nice and cute story

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome…..

  4. Fatimaa.

    Heyy it was cute and nice…
    Srry i cant guess….
    Loved it dear

  5. Presha

    hey its awesome nd cute story

  6. Affaa

    Yaae uvi was in ur life but still u missed kunj….awww so cute I hope u met kunj asap…good bless u…

    1. Baby

      Dii u know I thought it to be u….hehe ;P sorry 🙂

  7. Sohi

    Sweet os

  8. Ramya

    N I hope ur wish also comes true

  9. Hi I was silent reader but ur OS made me to comment it’s awesome

  10. Hi I am a silent reader but ur OS made me to comment nd this is first time to comment and ha ur OS is awesome

  11. SidMin

    Hey ….. your story is so cute …. Hope the frictional part turns true … don’t know who you are … but would definitely pray that you meet your Kunj once again … and his lines … which he told you were awesome …
    Love you 🙂

  12. Purvi128

    Its awesome dear…!! I hope your Kunj come back to you..!!
    I don’t have any clue about your identity but a guess .. I think you are survi.. Just a guess don’t know I m right or wrong…!!!
    With all my love..

    1. Baby

      Noo purvi dear it cant be survi she is in 11th naa… 🙂

  13. Baby

    Yr dii ur name is from a coz roll no. 7 or maybe from b or d…….
    M nt able to guess u bt srsly too cute love stry…..i mean too good…bt jst hope dat u get ur kunj back…. 🙂
    Lods of love do tell someday who u are… 🙂 🙂

  14. dreamer...arundhati

    I think u r our shreya…may be…but good os

  15. Lovely os dear…..

  16. Lovely os dear……..

  17. Simiyy

    Really good

  18. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Awesome amazing superb yrr….I hope you get your KUNJ….Nd your life would be filled with
    Endless love …. Nd I think u are siyappa Queen….Jst a guess….

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