Little Princess Of My Heart (Episode 2)

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Maa I wanna meet her I dont know how but thats finally Sanskar said but was interrupted by Dp.
Its inauspicious to meet the bride before marriage Sanskar Dp said.
Yeah getting me married to a girl whom I dont even know Sanskar said sarcastically.
Ok enough you wanna see her purna show him Swara’s photo Dp said and Ap showed him Swara’s photo.
For a moment Sanskar was attracted to see Swara looking cute in pink half saree. But he got a doubt.
Dad whats her age Sanskar asked doubting their intention.
Well she is 18 Dp said causally making Sanskar shocked.
For God sake are you all out of your minds She is a kid and I am 28 Dad its her age to study and you are getting her married Sanskar shouted in despair looking at his family.
Sanskar Pandit ji told if we dont get you married before your 29th birthday then you will never get married…..Ap said but Sanskar intervened her.
So you all thought to make me marry this innocent girl Sanskar said.
Sanskar stop it yes she is a kid and we are getting her married to you because its the last wish of your grand parents to get you married to Swara she is Shekar’s daughter and now this discussion stops here you have to marry her if you like or not Dp said and left with Ap making Sanskar frustrated with their stupidity.
After 2 hours…….
Both Swara and Sanskar’s family gathered in the temple. Sanskar is sitting in the mandap while Ap and Pari getting Swara ready.
Kitni pyaari hai meri Beti Ap said and kissed Swara’s forehead who is smiling with tears. Sumi came there and the duo left to give some mother daugther moments.
Swara now you are going to start a new life you get so many new relation but one thing dont ever oppose your husbands wishes Ok if he touches you means dont get afraid ok just make him happy you know what mean Sumi said for which Swara nodded and got her to the mandap.
Sanskar can see her through the veil. Her eyes are filled with tears thinking about the new change in life. Soon the pheres started and while Sanskar filled Swara’s maang and tied the holy thread around her neck. While tieing it Sanskar’s hands got wet with Swara’s tears.
The bidaai took place in the temple itself. Raghav without anyones concern took Sanskar to a side.
Jiju I just want something to tell you I can say it Raghav asked and Sanskar said yes.
Raghav took a newspaper and showed him.
Atcually Swara is a special girl she have so many talents but because of Mom and Papa she coudnt acieve it but today was her 12th result and she tooped the state I tried a lot to stop this marriage but all went out of my hands Jiju Swara is still a kid she doesnt know anything other than school and house I thought she will learn when she goes out for college but before that itself fate played with her, Jiju I just want one thing please dont hurt even if she does anything plz forgive her Raghav said folding his hands.
Raghav dont say like that I also tried to stop this marriage because Swara is a kid and she needs to study but because of the elders stupidity she got trapped and me too you dont worry you just sent her certificates to this address I will take care of her Sanskar said and hugged Raghav.
After Bidaai the Maheswaris did the newly wedded couples grah pravesh and made them to do the rituals.
Swara Sanskar now I will put this ring into this pot who gets the ring first will rule the others heart Pari said drops the ring. Swara aimlessly ruffles the pot thinking about her life. Sanskar saw her lost somewhere and gives the ring to her which he got breaking her trance. He signs her to show it and Swara lifts her hand.
Woow Swara I know you will only win Pari said hugged her. After that everyone left to their room and Pari dropped Swara in Sanskar’s room making Swara nervous thinking what will happen next.

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