Little introduction – ‘ Aankhon mein Teri’

Aankhon mein Teri ( little intro.)


Little introduction – ‘ Aankhon mein Teri

Hi friends I’m very soon going to begin with a new fan fiction , Right now I’m working on NAAMKARAN fan fiction. So after its complication I’m gonna begin with it .

So I need to collect votes about the couple I’m choosing .

This is going to be a sweet love story and may be unique for some .

This is about a girl – Naina

And boy – Ahil …

Their love is really sweet that may you would cry sometimes . But I can’t bet that , Just joking .

Teaser would be out very soon .

Some clues which I can give is – A college or high school love story , Heart to heart , and don’t know what’s to add more .

The couple is – Ahiaana or Ahiana

And I know there’s nothing to like in this article as it’s very incomplete , I know , I’m waisting your time .

So let’s come on to real motive behind this article – I want to know if you people like this couple

And if you know them

Also _ Would you read my fan fiction

Totally dependent on your votes ,, Byeee ….

And yes I forget to mention that it might be , Remember may be or may not , decision yet to be done ,,  a 2 in 1 love story .
I know it’s common but in a different way .

So what are you views about this introduction ,, You can write anything


  1. ImRagela

    Wow Kira ..The intro is very nice ..Swadharsh is looking lovely ?????..It’s a total yes from me ..Eagerly waiting..Ahiana ??

    1. Kira

      Thanks so much dear
      Love you
      Good night

      1. ImRagela

        Love u too dear ??..Good night ..sweet dreams

  2. i would love to read it . its an ff on my favourite couple swadarsh , so their names are ahil and naina . nice. waiting for the ff to start . do continue and send me the links if you can

    1. Kira

      Thanks lovely
      Good night
      I’ll post all the links on my wall post
      And will try to send you too

  3. Aryan Bhattacharya

    It’s nice di… And di I have learnt about swadarsh…
    Good night di… And sweet dreams ?

  4. Kira

    Thanks Aryan

  5. Pavithra1616

    I liked it Kira.. Its a yes from me.. And I don’t know anything of this couple.. But I like to read this.. Update soon…

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot to vote dear
      Love u
      My friend

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