My Lioness – A Ragsan One Shot


“Haa dekhle teekh se dekhle mera chehra. But remember one thing if my eyes see you next time you wont have the courage to face anybody” ACP Sanskar Maheshwari heard a female shouting as soon as he entered his station. The constables and SI’s stood up to salute him. But a female whose back was facing was still yelling at a middle aged man who was standing infront of her horrified. He went to his cabin and called “Tukaram” the head constable. He came inside and saluted him. Sanskar asked “What’s the chaos outside. Why is that female shouting so badly” he asked irritated. “Sir one man was misbehaving with a school girl. That lady rescued the girl and dragged that man to police station to log the complaint.” “So tell them to do it peacefully. Why are they shouting” he asked cutting the constables words. Tukaram continued “She was quite only sir. That man started defending himself. And told women should stay at home. If they come out this is what happens. She slapped him hard. He said he will see her later and teach a lesson. That’s why she was yelling sir.” “Interesting. Send her inside once F.I.R is lodged I want to meet her” said Sanskar wishing to congragulate the brave woman who can fight for others. “Yes Sir” he said saluting and leaving from the cabin.

Sanskar was engrossed in his work in laptop checking the progress of the pending cases. He heard chiming of anklets, and heard a sweet female voice “Excuse me sir? May I come in”. His eyes moved up and stuck on a beautiful face. He felt a tickling all over his body. He came to world when she again said “Excuse me” with raised eyebrows. “Haa?. Hmmm Ya. I mean yes please” he said smiling. She came inside. “Please take your seat” he said pointing the chair infront of him. She said “Thank you” and sat on the chair. He was keenly observing her. “So?” she asked him starting the conversation after a long silence. “Actually I just wanted to appreciate you for your brave work. You see we keep witnessing how girls get harassed in broad day light. Nobody interfers. They just silently watch. They don’t even call the police for help. I mean they are scared to come to police station too.

You took so much of risk and also came to the police station. Must say you are very brave.” he said controlling his excited heart from pumping outside. “Hmmm ya that’s true. It’s sad that people are scared to take help from Police department who are recruited to protect them. That’s a misconception what people have. But you cannot completely blame them also, your department has created this image, like without bribing them you cannot get police verification done for even a passport.” she said countering him. “So you are saying this sitting infront of an Assitant Commissioner of Police” he smiled. “Ya. I don’t bother about anybody as far as I’m speaking truth” she said with attitude. He twirled his chair and smiled carassing his head with his pen.”So, I’m leaving now. Nice meeting you” she said getting up from the seat. He stopped twirling and asked “What’s your name.” “And why do you think I will tell you that” she said smirking. “Hello I’m an ACP you have to answer me” he said getting up from his chair angry. “Is there any Indian Penal Code section which states so? You need to have a proper permission to question a female in your cabin. Show me that I will answer” she said leaving.
“What’s this letter beta?” asked Annapurna to Sanskar who was reading the letter he recieved from Post man. “Wo Maa I have been transferred. Now I’m ACP in Malleshwaram Police Station” he replied. “Thank God. It’s near only na. They did not transfer you to some other district I’m happy for that” she said caressing his hair. Sanskar smiled and walked in.
“Maa I’m leaving for station.” shouted Sanskar heading out of the house with his cap and Lathi.

“Okay bye swara. Be careful okay. I told you I will come till your house. It’s so dark” said Ragini pouting. “Ohho Ragu. I walk in this street daily ok don’t worry” Swara said assuring. “But still be careful. Bye” she said. “Bye. We will meet tomorrow” said Swara smiling. Ragini turned and told the Rickshaw driver “Chalo Bhayya”. The auto speeded up. Swara was walking in a dark street casually. A guy held her from behind covering her mouth. Four more men joined him and lifted Swara and put her in their Innova car back seat. They tied her hands and legs and covered her mouth by tying a hanky around her mouth. “Chup. Chup. If you made noise I will kill you” one among them said keeping a knife near her neck. Tears started flowing from her eyes. She got horrified thinking what will happen with her now with these beasts.

“Roko roko bhayya.” said Ragini stopping the auto. “Apne tho Malleswaram 18th cross bola tha madam.” said auto driver thinking he lost his customer. “Yeh lijiye. 70 rupees. 18th cross thak ka auto charge.” as she felt sorry for the auto driver’s problem. “Thank you madam. ” He said smiling at the first customer who understood his problem. “Was that Swara in that Innova car? She looked so. I’m not sure. But whoever it is I need to help her.” she said to herself taking the mobile to dial women helpline. “Damn. My mobile is switched off. What to do now” she got worried. “Police station is 10 minutes from here. If I go there it will be late. If they do anything to the girl. No better I go there and think what to do” she said walking the way she saw the Innova car parking.

“Oh my god. It’s Swara only” she said peeping from the door as she came near a empty old creepy lonely house.”Oh fish they are making her drink so that she cannot run” she worried as she saw one man forcing crying swara to drink alchohol. “What to do now. I have to take her from here soon” she said to herself. She tried to switch on her mobile phone once keeping it in flight mode. Luckily it turned on showing a red battery icon. She went a bit far and started playing the police siren ringtone. The men got jerked and came running out to check if the police had really come. Ragini utilized the situation and went inside hiding. “Swara Swara wake up” she said patting Swara’s cheeks but all in vain as Swara was heavily drunk and could not run with her. She kept Swara’s hand around her neck and started moving with half conscious Swara without making noise. The men came back as they confirmed there was no police around and saw the girl missing. They searched everywhere. One among them noticed Ragini taking Swara with her on a pulling cart. They ran behind her. She speeded up with all her stength. She had punctured the innova already while coming inside, now only she has to run faster than them. Luckily they were drunk and had half the stamina she had, she saw behind she has left them a bit far. She calculated if she run with Swara for sure they both will be caught. She saw a saree shop. She brought Swara down and walked with her inside the shop.
“Please uncle help us. If there was your daughter in our place, what will you do ” she pleaded the shopkeeper. “I have a daughter beta that’s why I cannot help you. They are very dangerous. They will come out of Jail soon then they will target my daughter first, Sorry beta I cannot help. Please go from here” he said ready to close the shutter. “Uncle do me a favour please. Just help this girl. She will sleep here. I will make sure they will not know you helped us I promise” said Ragini pleading. He agreed unwillingly. Ragini hided Swara behind the Sarees kept in the front glass for show. She told the shopkeeper to turn the lights off and put the shutter down. “If I don’t come in half and hour, please call this number. It’s her brother. He will take her from here” she said walking to the pulling cart. “There she is” shouted the goon. She saw him and started running fast. The goon throwed a stone to slow her down. Her head started bleeding, she cried with pain but continued running. She turned left from the road bridge as she knew the police station is just few steps from there.
“Mahesh, make the patrol ready, we got a interpol from the control room that a shopkeeper had called saying some goons are following a girl near circle. Inform the traffic constables there. We will go from this side and lock them” said Sanskar stepping out of the police station. Ragini held her head to prevent the bleeding and was running. She spotted a police officer who just came out of station. Her vision blurred and she struggled for breath, she tried shouting. Sankar heard a faint female voice calling “sir”. He saw a girl who was running to him holding her head which was bleeding. “Oh My God, I think she is the girl. Mahesh inform the constables in the circle to come this side see those goons are still behind her” he said panicking. The girl speeded up and collided with him. The same girl whose name he wanted to know a month back, who took his sleep and peace of mind just with her beatiful face.

He never thought he will meet her again and that too in this state. His heart pained to see her bleeding face. She fell on him and struggled to say, “Swara, Swara” “She is in Kalalay Saree shop” she said falling uncoscious in his arms. “Hey wake up, please” he said patting her cheeks. She did not wake up. He started tearing. The SI and the constables successfully caught the drunk goons. “Mahesh I think one more girl is in Kalalay saree shop. Go and bring her. We have to admit this girl also in hospital” he said lifting Ragini in his arms and heading towards hospital in his jeep. “Doctor, doctor” he shouted very badly taking Ragini inside. The doctor came and took her in stretcher. Her blood was on his shirt. He touched it, without his knowledge a drop of tear dropped from his eye. He wiped it surprised for his feelings for a girl whose name also he did not knew. Constable came there with a half coscious Swara who was acting like a child due to the alcohol effect. “Sir this is the other girl. I think they had made her drink excessive alcohol” he said. Sanskar came near Swara who was smiling stupidly. A nurse came and asked him for the patient name. He turned to Swara and asked “What’s her name”.

She said in drunken voice “Whose name? I don’t know her name. Hey what’s your name” she asked the nurse. Sanskar hit his head and shouted “Oh Miss your friend or sister who saved you” “Unfortunately” he said softly. “Oh Ragu.” she said smiling.”What’s her full name?” asked the constable. “Nurse what is your full name tell na. See these idiots are asking me. You know even for my interview I did not answer such stupid questions.” she said acting like crying. Sanskar, constable and the nurse got annoyed. “Hey bhagvan madam, aapki Ragu’s full name they are asking” said Nurse. “Ragini Gadodia. Now can I sleep” she said acting like a kid. “Hari take her to doctor to bring her back to normal before she eats my head more ” said Sanskar rudely. Nurse goes from there to the ward.
“Now she is conscious. You can speak to her” said doctor coming out of the ward informing Sanskar. “Thank you doctor” he said and rushed inside. Swara followed him.
Ragini woke from her sleep and saw a worried ACP whom she met before a month rushing inside and Swara behind him. She relaxed as she could make her friend safe. “How are you” asked Sanskar. She just smiled. “Thank you Ragu for saving me. I don’t know how to repay you for this” swara said coming forward. “Lado” siad Sharmista entering with Shekar crying as she saw her Ragini lying with a bandage on her head. Ragini saw Sanskar who was controlling his laugh after hearing her pet name. He started moving out looking at Ragini who was busy with answering her family’s question. Ragini saw him when he was near door, he turned and smiled at her and went from there.
“That’s what happened” said Ragini concluding her statement sitting infront of Sanskar. She touched her bandaged head as it pained a bit. “Okay you can go now. You have to come for the court hearing” he said taking the statement back which she was signing. “I will surely” said Ragini leaving. “Waise Ragini your nick name is cute ‘Lado’. Shall I call you that or Ragu” said Sansakr twirling and looking at the pen he was holding in his hand. “No need to call me anything.” she said leaving his cabin angrily. He smiled at her attitude.
“Coffee?” asked Sanskar to Ragini who was standing with him outside the court after winning the case and putting the culprits behind the bars successful. “No thanks” she said with attitude. “Please. This might be the last time we are meeting” he said a bit sad. She could not see him like that. Three months of their meeting has made a small corner in her heart. “Fine” she said walking.
“I love you” said Sanskar stirring the straw in his coffee. Ragini spit out the coffee she just sipped with his sudden proposal. “What?” she asked annoyed and wiping the coffee on her lips. “I know its weird, but I don’t know how to tell you what I feel. I want you in my life always beside me. ” he said leaning towards her. “I need time” she said as she did not wanted to say a no for the first time in her life to a proposal. “No problem. I’m ready to wait” he said relaxing as she did not say no.
“I’m sure about it Dad. Please we like each other.” said Ragini fed up of convincing her dad for her and Sanskar’s marriage. “But beta. He is a police officer. He don’t have any assurance to his life. You have to live in fear always. How can I let you fall in this even after knowing” he said collapsing on his chair. She sat near his leg and said “I really love him dad, I cannot imagine anybody in his place. Please. I’m proud of his profession. If death is written in my fate I will die even if I don’t marry him. Being in his life is important for me, even if it is for a minute also I don’t mind” Shekar kept his hand on her head and blessed her. She hugged him back. Sanskar was smiling standing in a corner of the house and held Annapurna’s shoulder feeling proud of his would be wife.
“I dont know why I fell in love with you but when you peeped in my cabin that day my heart told that you are the one meant for me” said Sanskar hugging Ragini who was sitting infront of the mirror ready to take out her jwellery. She smiled looking at him through mirror. “Wait” he said stopping her from removing her ear rings. He removed her ear ring and kissed her ear lobe. She felt his touch and blushed. “Hmmm so shall we start our new life.” he asked lifting Ragini in his arms. She smiled blushing and nodded. He laid her on the bed and leaned to her and kissed her cheeks. She blushed and turned other side. He turned her face holding her chin and kissed her forehead, then kissed her eyes. He leaned and touched her lips. She held his shirt tight. He started kissing her lips and she also reciprocated it. He held her waist tightly and she kept her hand on his chest, and the screen blurred.

“Thank you my lioness for coming in my life” said Sanskar kissing Ragini’s forehead who was cuddling in his arms covered with a blanket. “Thank you for completing me” she said with a smile. He hugged her tight and both dozed off.
“Sameera..stop running drink this milk” said Ragini runnig behind a 5 year old girl with a milk glass. Sanskar lifted her and said “Sammy baby you have to drink milk. Don’t you want to become strong lioness like mumma?” The girl nodded “So now drink this” he said taking the milk glass from Ragini and making Sameera drink it. She drank and wiped the white mustach formed by milk. “Like dad, like daughter” said Ragini turning. Sanskar held her hand and dragged her in his embrace side hugging and touched her forehead with his forehead and smiled. She blushed and lowered her gaze.
I’m sorry guys I cannot write about romantic scenes much. This is my first attempt in One Shots. Hope you poeple like it. Keep smiling.

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