So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Prologue



A delicate figure is cuddling on her bed, sleeping peacefully when suddenly
“NOT AGAIN!!!” she yells throwing something against the wall n covering up her ears with the pillow
But her sleep is again disturbed when 1….2….3… N within no time many alarms started ringing making a chaos…
She sat straight on her bed with her messed up hairs n a disgusted frown on her face
“ MAA…WHY DID U DO THIS???” she shouts hell irritated
“Ohh my princess woke up…good…go n get ready for ur college” replies leela casually without paying heed to her questions
She narrowed her eyes…scratching her hairs n lazily again got on her bed
Leela saw this n started pulling her arms to wake her up…
Finally she got up n unwillingly…but leela pushed her inside the washroom with a pair of cloths n a towel
She closed the door…but then opened n shouted
“COLLEGE SUCKS….STUDIES SUCKS….WORLD SUCKS N LIFE SUCKS” yelling this she banged the door
Leela was folding her blankets n said, “ This girl is such a drama queen” n smiles
Twinkle got herself into baggy grey top n a white denims…with her hairs tied up into a long pony tail but they were not so arranged…she wore a bracelet, a hanging silver earing…a complete dude style get up…

Leela was still in there arranging her messy room…she looked at twinkle n said
“Please twinkle…again u r wearing such kind of dresses…such attire r wore roadside ppl…” complains leela
Twinkle turns to her n sidehugs her
“What Maa!!!…u r so boring…these days such clothes r in demand n it looks damn cool…” says twinkle giving a peck on her cheeks
“Cool???…n twinkle what kind of language r u using now a days…it doesn’t suits on girls…n please behave like a girl…sometimes it feels like I have to bring a bride for u instead of groom” says leela holding her head
“Take a chill pill mom…after all u r The Twinkle Tanejas mom…so dont do such filmy drama…”
“See u always convince me with ur cheezy words….have u ever seen our neighbour…arree that boy…yes Kunj…he is so quite…never engage himself into bad habits…being an orphan…see how nicely he manages his work n studies…he is in ur college na…just learn from him something” says leela leaving the room
“Whatever” says twinkle with attitude hitting her hairs back…
She had her breakfast n left for her college


It will surely kill that Kunj….my Maa is also busy in praising him…
My Maa is the best mother in this world….but u know na…parents comparing with other children….I know its worlds most irritating situation…but never mind!!!
But he is not worth praising….
I know u might be thinking that what the hell I m blabbering… So let me tell u
Actually kunj is our neighbour…. He has no family but runs his expenses through part time jobs….
We study in sane college…he is a bright student unlike me….ya ya whatever….
But he is a mysterious type of guy…its been 2 years since he shifted here but knowing the fact that we r neighbours….share same college…he never felt it necessary to pass a smile…So rude huh!!!
He is considered to be the ‘dreamboy’ of every girl in our college… Honestly speaking…he is…his masculine sculpted body…his visible nerves….his intense eyes…oh…okay wait!!!…I dont love him…but ya I agree that I have noticed him many a times…n trust me the frown on his face literally drives me crazy…
Its his nature… He never interacts with any if our college mate….an isolated person….so boring??
Many a times tried to talk to him…but that Mr Broccoli….never paid heed to my words…dont cook up ur own thoughts…there is nothing Luke that…
What??…dont narrow ur gaze okay…Ohh ya…MR BROCCOLI…its the name which I gave to him
Mr Broccoli…. Boring n tasteless?

• • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
How r u all??
N did u liked the prologue???
Was it interesting???
Should I continue???
N what about twinkle…was her personality cool???
N the bond of twinkle n leela…did u liked it???
Did twinkle relate herself from normal girls???
Honestly speaking…I never understood that how ppl sacrifice their life…hide their feelings n even the attractions…
But in my ff twinkle is a completely normal girl….like us
It was just a faint idea about my ff…

Now let’s see his this Mr Broccoli will fell in love with is spoilt brat…
N thanks a lot to each n every reader for supporting in my previous ff…
Hope u support in this journey too…
Its first episode will be uploaded tomorrow…. As promised
Love u all❤❤❤

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  1. it is realy awsome
    cant imagine the next but plz try to post 3 4 everyday plz plz plz
    theme is graet.plz post everyday and never end
    btw love it

  2. Sayeeda

    Agayi ….Sattu season 2 ke saath waps agayi…yooohoooo…..kya mazedar starting hai ….maza agaya ..amazing
    Mr.. Broccoli…hhhaahhaa …what a cute name ..
    I just love the prolouge…thanks for it’s very interesting nd na continue krne ki toh sochna mat …off course u will continue with it ..
    I really loved the cool side of Twinki nd bond between Leela nd her is so lovely…
    Sattu mind ke kaun se koone se tumhare pass itne acche ideas ate hai…love u

  3. Awwsummmm…plz continue and update soon

  4. Ria

    Shatakshi, the prologue was superb.. eagerly waiting for the first episode.. and, Mr. Broccoli??

  5. Saby

    Satuu darling?
    Its interesting…. Like seriously twinkle ka spoit avatav… Damb good….
    And Kunj isolated1…..
    Hope he is not a vampire?
    Just kidding twilight effect uh see….??
    Har isolated banda vamp nahi hota, par mere dimag me yahi aata hai kya karu???
    Srry for dis…. Unecessary bakk-bak…
    Lekin uh r my fend na… So chalta hai…
    The prologue was dhasu….??
    Keep it up and waiting for kunj’s entry?

    1. Shatakshi

      Same pinch saby…?
      U know Maine bhi Edward ko he idealize kiya that. Kunj ke character ko describe karne me….
      Sacchi twilight ka fever aabhi tak h…hehehe
      But kunj vamp nahi hoga???

  6. Yeyeyye u r back…
    Ya ya I have gone mad….
    Osmmmm yaar jus amazing loved it…..
    Yup loved twinkis new avatar….??
    N d bond dey both mother n daughter share….loved it…❤❤❤❤
    N ya wanna kno how Mr broccoli fell in love with spolit brat….
    Luv uh loads…..

  7. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    it just so beautiful …thankgod tum jaldi prolouge leke aagai…ab bas jaldi se post kardo plz .yah I liked infact I loved twinkle’s cool avtaar n kunjs isolated one…n….n ..yah…it is so annoying when mom compares me with other children. ..I feel jealous
    .. .ya yah ..seriously yaar…im a human being after all…hehehe. ..srry for unnecessary bak bak…

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing…..Nice epi….

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Shtakshi…..awesome ……ur season 2 is just amazing….. superb…???????

  10. Kruti

    Shatakshi is back….OK sorry u never went any where
    Season 2 …woowwwwww eagerly waiting for first epi
    Twinkle ka naya roop wah kya baat hai
    dekhte hain kya hota hai humari Punjabi pattaka aur uske Mr.Brocolli ka
    Eagerly waiting
    Love u loads

  11. Aamu

    ooooooo its awesome shattu
    twinkle spoil wala avtar n kunj ka saddu wala
    wow lved it

  12. Srija

    awesome concept ??????
    it’s seems really intresting
    update soon

  13. Dheemahee

    Hi yar it was a mind blowing awesome and speechless episode yar how do u write such a wonderfull things u r driving me crazy now any ways new name for our all sadu sarna nice one keep it up yar ……Love it a lottttt .

  14. Bhavika

    finally u r back u know i readed ur ff just yesterday still i was missing you and your all india radio has a song for u
    You came back, you came back
    And I’m glad you begged my time
    You came back, you came back
    And by that mischievous look in your eye

    I’d say before long, if I’m not wrong
    You’ll be back, you’ll come back again
    Before long and I’m not wrong
    You’ll be back, you’ll be back again

    Things have fallen into place, putting names on every face
    Remember being dead and alive
    What could be the key? Am I crazy as I seem?
    Can I believe what I see with my own eyes?

    now answers–
    1.i was fine but after reading ur ff i am on cloud 9+++
    2.i loves it as always was FANTASTIC!!!!
    4.arey continue and dont stop just keep writing
    5.her personality was MY TYPE OF PEOPLE SHE IS DUDE!!!
    6.their bond was nice they both love each other not like ME 🙁
    7.ya she really behaved like normal girls not normal DUDE GIRLS

    mr. Broccoli like eeeuu chii i just hate Broccoli it really dont have ANY taste

    but ur f have all the flavours loved it keep writing …. 🙂

  15. AMAzing..

  16. Dreamer...arundhati

    So good 2 see this ff
    Sattu di..muah..chava..mast.osum
    Plz do ctd soon

  17. Angita

    Awesome start but pls pls don’t call me brovllo as I love em pls ya.I loved twinkles cool avatar.

  18. Happiness

    Hey shatakshi u know na I don’t comment I jst save the pages fr offline reading bt I read ur ff plz always remember that I am reading ur ff n ya the story is nice keep writing… keep smiling…. keep commenting on my ff….. n keep loving me……

  19. Jiya_Ani

    Yeppeeeeeeeeeeeee yohooo…such a natural type of story… Muaaah well You know I love Broccolis and our …oops Twinkle’s Mr.Broccoli… But Really really really glad to read this

    Late comment
    But kya karu school main thi …I just returned ,had lunch and ffs padhne baith gyi….I was literally waiting for it …U remember I told u that I suggested my friend to read ur ff just the day before ur last epi of SALFILWAL…when I told her about season 2 she was overjoyed. She read ur ff’s season 1 in a go and has assured that she will read this one too and is apolozining because she will not comment just add +1 to the total….
    And I will try posting at 5 tommorow ….vaise toh yeh mere bad ki baat nahi but I can try aleast…..
    Post next asap….
    Di ?

  20. Lama

    yippeee u r back…i m very very very happy…nd that prologue…was Superrbbb…i like twinkle-leela’s bonding…twinkle’s personality was Awesomeeee…i like these type of ppl…it is more than interesting…Mr. Broccoli ???…plz do continue…eagerly waiting for the next part…plz post it asap…love u lots ???

  21. Sameera

    Wow sattu u r back nicer epii loved it soon so I much woah plzz continue it soon ?

  22. SidMin

    Loved it and You are back this time I think Twinkle is the Lion and Kunj is the Lamb please do continue

  23. Meeta

    Hey there.
    I, for once, thought it to b the continuation of season 1
    Well, it’s ok.
    Do continue soon.

  24. You ask too manyyy questions ofc we liked it i liked it as a matter of fact i loved it now i can’t wait for ur next episode ur storyline is going to be rather uhh.. Broccli-ful ????sorry it just came to mind post ur next epi ASAP plzz i can’t wait
    Exams finally done so imma try to comment regular 🙂

  25. RiaA MendeZz

    I was eagerly waiting for this fanfiction. I’m so happy. Love the starting but even I thought it would’ve been a continuation but no stress, I already gt the feeling I’ll love this season more. Quick question? Who is the lion & who is the lamb? Ya, its a weird question but judging the two personalities twinkle fits the lion instead kunj. Oh well!. Eagerly awaiting whts next.

  26. Fan

    Awesome intro..loved it shatakshi…plz post the 1st epi asap…

  27. Shreya098

    amazing intro…
    Mr. broccoli..???
    waiting for it..continue asap

  28. Apoorwa

    it was beyond my imagination
    amazing track and nice change

  29. osm shatakshi srsly sry fr dis late cmnts bt wt 2 do n yah u wr amazing acha i hv a dout is it d same title bt season2 wid new story?????????????????????????im a lol bt pls tell me

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey baby…yes its the same title but with a new story??

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