So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 8




Here kunj was returning from college
All of a sudden he took a glance towards Taneja.Mansion.
No sooner did he see their… His eyes popped out
He just yelled, “TWINKLE” n ran towards the entrance of taneja Mansion….he tried opening the door several times but to no avail…he knew that leela was a working woman n during week days she won’t be present at home…
Then he thought of something…he was sweating hard thinking the consequences
Suddenly his eyes caught a pipe….he immediately ran n climbed it n landed in twinkles room
Now from there he ran towards the terrace n again yelled
But here twinkle was busy in her cell doing something in it so she didnt paid heed to his words or rather say didnt noticed him…
She was standing on the railing of the terrace but her foot steps were continuously moving forward
Kunj had a terror spread on his face becoz he knew that even a single step more n twinkle will fall
He quickly grabbed her elbow n pulled her against his chest
Twinkle was completely shocked on seeing his actions
They were very close…wherein her arms were resting on his chest n his palms her holding her waist
Twinkle was going to utter some words but kunj left her…took a step back to make some distance n gave a tight slap on her cheeks making his hand imprints on it
This was yet another shock for her but she prevented herself to speak something…she just stood there holding her cheeks
He started, “ WHAT DO U THINK OF UR SELF huh???…n what the hell were u trying to prove by doing such childish act…have u ever thought what would have happened if I was a second late…what would have happened to leela aunty…u know what u r seriously an Empty Head” he said in full anger…with his blood red eyes
By the time twinkle was still holding her cheeks but was having a smile playing on her lips
“Now why r u smiling…n may I know what were u doing there??” he questioned faking a frown on his face
Twinkle showed her phone screen…on seeing this kunj made a what the hell type of face
She explains innocently, “I was just playing Pokémon Go…n u jerk…I was going to catch Pikachu..I won’t spare u for this” she says making a pout

“Hold on…u mean to say that the stunt u were doing a minute ago was for this freaking Pikachu….Twinkle r u really out of ur mind…u know I wonder sometimes that how can a person be so immature…wake up twinkle n go n get some life…u r not a teenager…” says kunj holding her shoulder

Twinkle shook his hand and started her drama
“Ek Pikachu ki kimat tum kya jaano Broccoli babu…players ke Saar ka taaj hota h Ek Pikachu” she says dramatically acting…
Kunj was just expressionless as he thought that this girl is really insane
She continued sounding a bit serious, “N about my life…just come with me” she says holding his wrist n took him somewhere
All the time kunj was following her foot steps without any questions
She brought him near a lake surrounded by dried autumn leaves…the dusk made the environment even more lively…
“Sit” she indicated him to sit on the bench
He sat accompanied by her but his face clearly depicted his clueless thoughts
“U might be wondering why I brought u here…” she says passing a smile to his calm face
She continued, “Today I m gonna say something very personal….dont worry I m not a murderer(she gave a sarcastic laugh)…u always say na that I m childish, immature n yeah EMPTY HEAD…but kunj always a happy face doesn’t mean that the person dont have any sorrows….rather it can also be a way to hide ur pain” she says smiling but with glassy eyes
Kunj was a bit shocked with her sudden words…but he managed to shut him mouth
“I lost my father when I was 13…I mean not really lost rather he left us for other woman”
On hearing this kunj was hell shocked…even in his wildest dream he never thought of such a past n that too of twinkle

“From that day my maa lost her husband n my dad was dead for me…u know I have seen him in many interviews as he is a big entrepreneur but on seeing his face my heart burns…I just hate that man….so this probably might be the reason on my such immature behaviour as I didnt got the chance of enjoying my teen years…so my maa too supports me…I just want to live my life to the fullest….to do all the things which I was unable to…n most importantly…keep my maa happy?”
She says with teary eyes but a constant smile on her lips…
Kunj was speechless n appeared to be dumb infront of her

Twinkle was looking at him but he…he just stood up n stormed out of the place leaving twinkle blogged…

• • • • •

NEXT UPDATE : Kunj ignoring twinkle…n yes KUNJS POV

• • • • •

Hellooooo lovely ppl
How r u all doing???
N sorry for the short episode
I know I m damn early as I got time during the breaks so I wrote
N next episode will be posted on Sunday n will be long enough…
N have u played Pokémon Go…u know I caught only 4 Pokemon’s n that too in my college campus….hehe

N guys u all r free to give ur views whether u r liking the track or not…I know it is a mysterious story but I m trying my best to make it funny…n maybe my next episode won’t be funny….so till then enjoy…n thanks a lot for ur lovely comments
Love u all❤❤

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it…Emotional past of twinkle…..

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi….episode was lovely….

  3. SidMin

    Shatakshi loved it 🙂

  4. Just can’t wait di!
    Sorry for the short comment.
    Love u?

  5. Joonakanksha

    Awesome yr….and main itni lazy hoon ki ab tk ek he pokemon pakada hai….

  6. Wow!!! I love the wild love….i dont know why….mayB…discovering myself more?….sooo thank u!!! Awesome as always!!!!❤️

  7. Fan

    Hey shatzz awesome epi!!..n ya even i play Pokemon go..but iam too lazy to walk so i caught only 3 pokemons till now?..

  8. Romaisha

    What try your best yaar?? You are funny !!! I enjoy ur episodes aur haa your track maybe mysterious but it adds more fun and excitement for me .. Oyy Sunday … That’s a long wait anywy im gonna be waiting impatiently.
    Superb epi enjoyed it once again and twinkles past was sad … Can’t wait to read next epi 🙂

  9. Awesome epi. I felt sad for twinkle tho..anyway, update soon.

  10. Baby

    hey shatakshi di osm episode n pls post nxt episode asap bcz of dis sid ignring jasmin n y d raeson n spicially d sids pov n yah di luvd d episode d way sid savd jasmin frm falling of course it ws indeed needed haha luvd it n yah cntinue asap

  11. Sameera

    Hahahaha Pokemon go n freaking Pikachu ????just awesome sattu ??and Twi part emotional too

  12. Angita

    Amazing sattu di❤❤❤???????

  13. Happiness

    Shatakshi plz read episode no. 13, 14 n 15 of my ff poor or rich love knows nothing there’s a message fr u n ya I m loving ur story

  14. Sayeeda

    Sattu loved it ….soooo much ….
    Seriously u r wonderful in depicting scenes ….while reading ur ff I myself find so much indulge in it ….
    Love u nd sorry for the short comment …

  15. Shatu… it was short bt sweet.. emotional too.. n sorry for being late… actually I read it yesterday only.. bt jst dint get the moment to comment.. anyways.. update soon.. vl b waiting…

  16. amazing

  17. amazing…………….post soon

  18. Jisha

    Wow… fantastic… waiting 4 Kunj’s pov… this time commented late… Network issues…?

  19. Ritzi

    Shatakshi dear I m bit forward than u ….I catched 7 Pokémons on road….terrace…. School ground nd where not hehe

  20. hey shatakshi
    it was wonderful
    n tw past was hearttouching
    n anyways i also play pokemon go ..i had caught only 6 pokemon n dat too on terrace coz i m not alowwed to take my phone to school

  21. Kruti

    Amazing epi shatakshi loved it sorry for d late comment

  22. Ria

    Hi my baby doll,
    I know I’m damn late and I’m really sorry about it. I am not in a mood today. Anyways, back to your episode it was awesome. Will be waiting for Sunday to come.
    Love you loads.??

  23. Bhavika

    SHATTU dii ZINDABAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHATTU diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii haye haye really nice episode
    and ya i dont play pokemon Go 🙁 but i wanna play it it is really interesting all the time in our school bus all are talking about Pkemon Go only 🙁 but what if i get the game i dont go out f the house and in school it is not allowed 🙁 🙁

  24. Zuha Fatima

    Shatttyyy di (May I call u by that name?) it was a stupendous chappy! Loved it! Keep writing!


  25. Jas and sid lover

    Sorry for late comment….the episode was superb…mostly kunj’s concern for twinkle and twinkle opening about her past…U depicted the emotions very nicely

  26. Shonaa...

    Hey shatakshi…. awesome episode dear nd sorry for late comment…. u described so well amazing…. loved it….

  27. Amazing awesome fabulous and what to say yeah loved it

  28. oh all d tym there was a smile in my face as 4 d 1st tym kunj went 2 twinkles house…loved it a lot n post asap

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