So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 7




Here twinkle is still smiling looking at the note
She slid down her blanket n got down from her bed….
“Ahh its still paining” she says holding her forehead
Leela entered her room
“What happen twinkle??.. R u fine” leela questioned with concern
“Nothing much Maa…buss ek cute se sher ne hamla kar diya tha (its just that…..a cute lion attacked me)” she replied reminiscing that previous night n smiles endlessly
On hearing this leela makes a wired face….she doesn’t spoke anything n left the room
Twinkle again cuddled herself within the blanket still smiling remembering the kunj….the note….the words?

Twinkle is sitting on the sofa with her legs spread….a perfect relaxing position….she was sipping coke while her lands were busy in grabbing her crisps
She switched on a random channel n yes….same news channel…
Her eyes grew bigger n wider like a button on listening the news
Yes….another shock
The new stated that a big businessman was beaten up ruthlessly by the same serial killer….
Reporter : Jee Haa phir se ek naye Vardat saamne aaye h…yeh khunkhar sher (kunj) aapne dehshak failane me koi kasar nahi chod raha h…aaye din phir wo kuch naami udyogpatiyo ko maut ke ghat uttar raha h…par iss baar kuch anokha saamne aaya h…Mr Anuj Singhania Jo ki haalhe me uss sher ke shikar bane the…vo Bach ke zinda bahar aa chuke h…hairani ki baat h…pur aabhi vo aaspatal me sahi salamat h….aaur khabro ke liye humare saath bane rahe

(Yes…yet again a new incident has came into limelight…that dangerous lion (kunj) is not leaving a single chance to spread the terror among the ppl…now a day he is targeting many big business tycoons n kills them heartlessly…but this time it was something different….Mr Anuj Singhania who is widely know for his great business empire have witnessed the terror of this serial killer…but the strange part is that he is still alive…its shocking but true….)

[Sorry for the crap guys…but my translations r really very dumb…sorry again but yes…vo Hindi wala part likhne me maza bht aaya??]

Twinkle was just eating crisps will utter shock cum happiness….
Within no time she jumped on the sofa….was dancing….twirling
But then composed herself n sat down smiling….
“Haayy mere (my) Broccoli….mai mar jawa gud khaa ke….I m impressed…now its just a start…there is lot more to go?” she smiles making her bunny teeth visible


Twinkle came out in her lawn just to have a glance of kunj….but he was nowhere to be seen
She peeped in his house from the window but still no sign….she finally decided to knock the door…
Knock knock….
Still no reply….she got frustrated n was about to leave when she saw a guy in the garage fixing an old white Ambassador car….
He was bare chest with a black trouser….the sweat dripping throughout his perfectly carved skin….the masculinity his body displayed ….the lifted nerves caught her eyes….she was completely lost in him

She slightly looked behind n saw her standing…
“Not Again!!” he exclaimed harshly bringing her back in reality
“…what happened hottie???” She gave a lame question in a cracked voice
But he was still busy in his work n didnt even bothered to answer her questions
She stood beside him
“Now please not again hotsome…I mean kunj…now we r friends right??” she says looking at him with an hopeful eyes
He turned to face her

“I would still prefer to be ur ‘best Enemy’…n what is this hottie, hotsome n all huh??” he said
Twinkle gives a childish pout n then pulled his cheeks
“Awww….so cute…but what to do…i m not able to control myself on seeing ur body” it was again a way to irritate him…she says moving her fingers through his body
He shook her hand
“Come let’s do something interesting….ummm…I will say a sentence n u have to continue it okay….ummm…TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR”
“What the hell??… (but twinkle makes a puppy face n requests him)…Fine….umm…U SHOULD WONDER WHAT U R” he tells
“Okay….so….IF U GOT TO KNOW WHAT U R” she completed the sentence
On hearing this kunj arched his eye brow n said, “THEN MENTAL HOSPITAL IS NOT SO FAR??” he says laughing

Twinkle was just staring him laughing n an unknown smile surrounded her lips
(Aadha ishq plays in the BG??)

She continued , “U look cute while laughing….keep smiling(kunj stopped laughing n again came in his angry young man avatar)….Anyways….thank u”
Kunj narrowed his gaze in hearing her words
“For what???” still confused
“For not killing that businessman”
“I dont wanna go on the same topic….I hope was warning went in ur empty head….n if not then be ready to face the consequences…n that was not becoz of u get this thing clear…” he said coldly
“OK OK…dont blast now….hold on… yes I just came to ask u that would u like to join me for the disco”
“What???” he questioned
“Aarree aaree not as a friend rather as a ‘best enemy’” she said in same tone
“I m not interested in going with a spoilt brat cum EMPTY HEAD…” he replies
“Broccoli kahi ka..” she whispers n leaves making faces looking at him
But then turns n says
“I m going to xyz disco” she says making sure that it is audible to him but he didnt reacted
She leaves frustrated
He was rather shock on hearing the name of the disco….something was constantly running in his mind

Kunj thinks, “ I can’t leave her alone”



Twinkle got down the stairs wearing a red skinny one piece with a blood red lipstick which perfectly matched her personality….
She looked simple but bold…
She started her car n drove off the disc
Her friends were waiting….she greeted them giving hugs…n they got inside
But all the time someone was looking twinkle…or can say that someone was spying her
She started dancing on the dance floor

DJ played Cheap thrills by sia:- [Do read the lyrics…its my fav…n I think most of u might be knowing]

Come on come on turn the radio on
Its Friday night n it won’t be long
Gotta do my hairs, n the make up on
Its Friday night n it won’t be long

I hit the dance floor
Hit the dance floor
I got all I need
No I ain’t got cash
I ain’t got cash
But I got u baby

She was dancing her heartout…but the got down the dancefloor n went in the bar counter…took a shot n again started enjoying the song

Baby I dont need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
Baby I dont need dollar bills to have fun tonight
(I love cheap thrills)
But I font need no money
As long as I can feel the beat
I dont need no money
As long as I keep dancing

She was dancing but a pair of eyes were still seeing her from far sitting on a couch
On the dancefloor a boy started dancing sensually with her….Earlier she didnt noticed but when she noticed…it was hell irritating for her….he was continuously doing the same
The guy sitting on the couch was boiling in anger….he stood up n was about to go but….
Twinkle suddenly gave a tight kick on his (boys) manhood giving him immense pain
“Ouch!!…I m sorry” she says dramatically
She continued holding his collar n yells, “U blo*dy casinova…dont u dare to do this again or else” she says showing her legs
The boy went from their….later twinkle too left the place
The guy sitting on the couch was smiling looking at her guts
He followed twinkle
Twinkle reached Taneja mansion n doze off


Here kunj is sleeping…suddenly his cell gave a ring
He picked up the call …it was an unknown number
In sleepy voice, “Hello…whose this??”
“Heyyyy Broccoli!!!” twinkel exclaimed yelling
Kunj moved the phone a bit away from his ear due to her sudden sound
K : what on earth r u trying to do??? N from where did u get my number??..(frustrated)
T : (giggles) Awww…u know I m much more smarter than u think
K : Stop this Awww n all….its irritating
T : Awww…anything for u darling
K : U r just impossible….n why did u called me
T : just to say Thank u?
K : (arching his eye brow) Why??
T : to follow me yesterday night….u know I thought only I have the fantasy to spy u but u too…(she says teasing)
Kunj Widened his eyes in amazement
K : (stammaring) ummm…w..what r u talking about??..I m not getting anything….
He says hanging up the call immediately
Twinkle smiles at his behaviour (Aadha ishq plays in the BG)


NEXT EPISODE : The Story of my life


Hellooooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
N the song…u know I love it
N this tu is again troubling us…
But anyways just keep thinking about the precap…whose story it would be???
N guys I wanted to say something from many days but time was not permitting me
It really hurts when someone says that they r angry becoz I didnt commented on their ff or os…I try my best to give my views to all the new n old writers becoz I know the worth of each n every comment….i always try my best to encourage everyone…if I m busy I give a shorter comment but I make sure that I do
But its not possible all the time as I too have my studies…sorry for all those who’s ff I haven’t commented but trust me its not intentional…
N writers u all r doing great…

N yes for the next episode I won’t promise to post on Thursday as my class n college both have started…u know I leave my home at 6:10 in the morning n reach home by 5:45 or sometimes 6…its really very difficult to read ffs write ffs n even study…but I will surely try….ek bechari 15 saal ki bacchi per kitna bojh h?

N did u all got to know that this time jdlj is not on public voting basis instead the judges will be giving their verdict…this would be tough for Sid…but our best wishes r with him❤❤

N thanks a lot for ur lovely comments….I hope u r enjoying the track
Love u all❤❤❤

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  1. Awwww this is too cute!!! And the finish my sentence part…cuteness overload ?

  2. Fan

    Super epi shatz!!…loved it?..

  3. Fan

    Super epi shatz!!…loved it??…

  4. Romaisha

    I understand your point yaar .. I’ve been there :3 no worries ..
    Back to the epi .. That garage wala scene!!! u literally made me smile dii ????
    Haaa kunj’s answers was funny !! Ahh it was amazing this epi was too good and precap .. Im guessing it’s abt kunj?? Well let’s wait and see do post soon im waiting 🙂


  6. Angita

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    Ek baath bataun….every comment of your have this na❤❤
    Bol bol???

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    Oye Baby Doll, kitni badi nakhrebaaz hai na tu. Vaise I hope woh message tune mere liye nahi likha. Mujhe yaad toh nahi what I wrote but, I wasn’t angry on you. I just asked you. Aur tujhe toh pata hai na main kitni badi dramebaaz hoon so, it was just for fun. I’m sorry if I hurt you.
    Back to the episode, it was amazing, superb, splendid. Aww..I love Twinkle’s character. See, I understand your time problems because even I’ve the same prob and that’s the reason why I’m able to upload both my fan fics once a week. Really want to talk to you but, dont know how. Hope soon we can come up with a solution.

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi….loved it….

  10. SidMin

    Shatakshi Loved it it was so cute when Kunj followed Twinkle but it was even better when Twinkle herself proved that any man trying to mess with her would loose for sure waiting for the next episode and post when you are free 🙂

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    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Ria
      Thanks for reading
      N regarding ur question….my personal favourite list
      Love story (Taylor Swift)
      Cheap thrills (Sia)
      Call me maybe n I really like u (Carly re jespen)
      What makes u beautiful (1D)…I would say u can go for many one direction songs
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      I hope it will be useful?

      1. Thanks a lot shatakshi but can u mail me some more if u don’t mind .plzzz. it’s really urgent.

    2. Louist91

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    3. Louist91

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  16. Guys I m new here. The epi was tooooo good like alwayz. Guys can u help me out with some English songs which are released from past 5 yrs both romantic and rocking songs plzzzzzzz. Orelse I can mail me [email protected]

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    Amazing ….episode Sattu ….
    Nd u said right ur Hindi dialouge was too good …jhakkas ….mast ….zabardast …loved ur each nd every scene ….sooo cute one..

    Don’t get upset if u r not commenting coz I know our Sattu is so supportive ….I can understand it’s very hard to spare time to read nd write ff when we have much busy schedule as I myself is into the same boat …
    But still u always their to act our strength …don’t worry …be happy nd keep smiling as u don’t look good wid a dull face …
    love u ….

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