So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 6


Hellooo lovely ppl
I m back with another episode
But before that I just wanted to give a character sketch of twinkel…
Twinkle….she is a kind of immature teenager…she is 20 but still enjoying her sweet teenage…
A type of girl whose words r not at all important for the world….as they consider her as a spoilt brat…
But she is the one who lives in her own rules n conditions…

N kunjs feeling n behaviour is still a mystery becoz u will see him in grey shades….

So let’s start



One fine day she was watching TV when suddenly a news flashed on the screen
It said about a serial killer cum terrorist who have killed 4 big businessmen but is still unknown
Twinkle dropped the remote from her hands on hearing this….she was hell shocked
She remembered those photographs which had cross on it
“No kunj u can’t do this….n what is this TERRORIST???” she whispers questioning herself in shock
Several questions were running in her mind but somewhere she knew that the story is far more deeper than it seems…


I was running here n there like a maniac…literally I mind stopped working at that moment
That murders n all were known but what the hell was that terrorist…they didnt mentioned but I know that it was Kunj becoz they were the same ppl whose pictures I saw that day in his room….
I have to talk to kunj…but how can i??
I know that he won’t hurt me…strange….but true
I quickly grabbed my cell but my shivering hand…Ohh God!!..please help…my brain is completely blank…
• • •

She rushed next door to kunjs house but stopped mid way as she saw kunj going somewhere
She hid herself behind the tree becoz of which kunj didnt noticed her n left the place
Twinkle thinks, “Ohh babaji please help me…this boy is seriously very dangerous…I think I shouldn’t interfere in his matters….but wait…what if he is going to kill someone…no no I cant let this happen…” she started following him

Kunj was walking n our twinkle was following but but….in disguise
Ya she got herself in a baggy shirt n a cap to hide her face…along with her bicycle
Kunj chal raha tha aage aage aur twinkle uske peeche peeche
Many a times kunj looked behind but didnt recognized her becoz of the attire

She made her best efforts to hide herself from his vision…
It really seemed to be a detective mission
She was still on her cycle but as she was driving it very slow to match his movements her tyre slipped which made her fall
“Ahhh!!!…mummmyyyyy…” she screamed holding her legs
This grabbed many attentions but kunj didnt paid heed n just went from their
“Hay bhagvan meri to kismat he phuti h…life me Jo bhi aate h Saab teedhe he hote…pahle mera Broccoli n aabhi yeh cycle…yeh zalim duniya iss nanhi si Jaan ko kitna satati h” She says in dramatically cursing her fate
Suddenly something strikes in her small brain n she quickly gets up rubbing her pants
“Where is Broccoli??” she questioned herself
A man standing beside her said, “See it is there..” pointing towards the vegetable vendor
“Aabe bhais ki puch (tail of Buffalo) …I m asking about my Broccoli” she says giving a pat on his head
N left the place parking her cycle…
“Now where to find him” she says rubbing her head with index finger
But then noticed some noises coming from an isolated corner…she found something suspicious so started moving there…
It was like a chamber…completely dark wherein a man was punching heartlessly to another who was begging n seeking forgiveness….the shots were so hard that it made him faint…
All this was observed by twinkle who was witnessing this ruthless behaviour with great difficulty…
She started moving forward
Here the man left the person….he was having a constant cunning grin on his face…he wiped the sweat from his forehead n said
“Welcome Miss Taneja” with his bold voice
No sooner did she heard the voice….her heart did a flip flop…it was something very familiar to her…yes it was kunj
“Kunj” she spoke with a whisper with tears running down her cheeks becoz she saw a painful sight just couple of seconds ago…
He started moving towards her…
“Aahhaaa Twinkle….Surpriseeee” he says sarcastically
He continued, “Shock laga…shakal dekh ke to lagta h ki kuch zyada he lag gaya” n starts laughing cruelly…. (Seeing ur face it seems like it was surely a big shock)
“Why r u doing all this??” she questioned still having tears in her eyes….n had a cracked voice
He turned his face n started removing his revolver
“This won’t work” she said coldly
She continued , “DID U GET THAT DAMMIT…IT REALLY WONT WORK…I won’t leave this place without getting my answers” she says firmly
By the time kunj was busy in playing with his revolver…n filling the bullets
He loaded his gun n pointed towards twinkle
She immediately closed her eyes
“Look…I know that there is something which u r hiding….that day I saw that photography…it seemed to be a family picture…there is some hidden truth behind ur doings…if u want I will help u…” she says still closing her eyes n sobbing
Its been few seconds but still no movement….so she slightly opened her eyes
Kunj was no where to be seen
All of a sudden her eyes fell on the person who was beaten up by kunj…n kunj was standing in front of him holding his gun
She was awestruck…seeing this all
She immediately ran in between the person n kunj…
“No…u won’t do this” she said warning him
“U blo*dy lamb…u r a meek creature so just be what u r….dont try to come in between my work…or else u will regret” he counter warned her
“Thank God…I came following u…or else I would never have know that u r a jerk…a heartless lion…u r not worth to be known as a human being….u r a freaking wild creature” she says in a hurt tone
On hearing this kunj left out a faint laugh
“So I was completely right…u r really brainless…see smart me…what did u think that u r following me…so let me bring it to ur note that THE EMPTY HEAD Miss Twinkle Taneja u were my puppet…shocked huh??…u should be…I knew that u won’t stop spying me n some or the other day will start ur work again so I just showed u the real me…the serial killer Kunj” he says with an devilish smiling playing on his lips

Twinkle was now trapped in his plan….
“What do u want??” she questioned
“I just want u to stay away from my life” he replied pressing his teeth
“What if I dont do so??” yet another question by her
This was really a high time for Kunj..he threw his revolver n immediately grabbed her hairs pulling her against the wall n banged it….he held her shoulders very tightly
Twinkle was suffering from immense pain
“Ku..kunj…please leave me…its paining” she says n after that she faints due to the sudden hard bang on her head
She fainted in kunjs arms….

Screen shifts in twinkles room where she is sleeping peacefully…
After a while she got up
“Ahh my head” she says holding her head
Suddenly she noticed her surrounding
“When did I came here” the thought
All the flashes in her mind got fresh…but their was a regret of being her questions unanswered
Twinkle thinks , “ I know kunj u might be thinking that u won…but its not that easy…I won’t let to succeed in ur task…day by day u r raising my curiosity…the curiosity to know u..”
She started getting out of the bed when she notices a note

I know u r still struggling with ur small brain…but I request u…yes literally I m requesting u for the first time…that please stay out of my matters.
I dont like to hurt u but u r purposely doing this n raising the guilt in me…
Now its a request but later it won’t…later it would only be action…n u know that I mean it
I won’t say much…n yes take care


Reading this twinkle got a smile on her lips

Twinkle thinks, “ Guess what kunj…ur letter gave me the sign which I was seeking for….now I will make sure too open u up…somewhere i had trust that u r not the one u show…but now its confirm?
This brought a cute smile on her face

• • • • •

NEXT UPDATE : Yet another breaking news….shocked twinkle

• • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
How r u doing???
N did u liked the episode???
As promised I m back with another episode on Thursday
Thanks a lot to all the readers
I request silent readers to give ur views if u r liking the track
So sorry to all the Sidhantians to make kunj a serial killer….but u will surely find the reason for it in coming episodes…
So stay tuned
My next update will be on Sunday
Love u all❤❤❤

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