So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 5



Next Morning
Its Sunday
Ting tong….twinkle rings kunjs door bell
Kunj opens the door….n was drenched with sweat
Twinkle was awestruck looking at his nerves….his body…but then composed
“Good Morning…Darling❤” she greets him giving a quick hug…but due to this sweat she makes faces but then hides
On hearing her words….kunj makes a disgusting face😒
“Awww…u look so cute while making such faces…my knight in shining armour “ she says pulling his cheeks
Twinkle thinks, “Knight in Shining Armour!!… My foot…right now he is an hottie in stinking sweat…ohh babaji…its so difficult to act like this…but twinkle u have to do this” she consoles herself
She entered his house but yet again he held her wrist inorder to stop her
“U know na that this tactics won’t work” she turned fanning her hairs n an attitude in her voice
On saying this she shook his hand n entered his house…meanwhile kunj followed her…
She sat on the couch with her right leg upon left n was looking around to find something new again…
“Cant u wear something else??” asked kunj in an irritation
She was wearing a cute knee length frock with frils around…making her legs visible
Twinkle looked at herself n then said “What’s wrong with this??”
She continued, “Ohh ya…my babu is possessive huh….but u know I wanted to look hot na after all I have to match u” n she winks
Kunj gives a never mind look
“U know I came here too know u…becoz u never share anything with me” she says with a pout
“Now its enough” he says getting up from his couch n motioning towards her…he grabbed her by her elbow n made her stand on her heels with a sudden jerk
“Now I won’t tolerate ur nonsense any more…DID U GET THAT…what do u know about me huh??…nothing.. U dont know anything about me n its better if u stay out of me n my matters” he says pressing his teeth with his fist pressing her shoulders very tightly…n then pushed her away which made her fall on the couch nearby…tears were gushing out from her eyes
He stormed inside his room n banged the door
Its been half n hour
Kunj didnt noticed any movement outside n thought that she might have left the place
Kunj thinks, “This girl is crazy…but from now I have to be very careful…she should never get to know about my truth”
He started moving upstairs but stopped suddenly on hearing some latch lock sounds….
Something strikes in his mind n he ran towards a room
There he saw twinkle trying hard to open a door which had a lock

All of a sudden he twisted her hand which was giving her immense pain
“DIDNT U GET MY WORDS…just stay away or else I will finish u”
“U know sometimes it seems that u r a vampire…” She says still struggling but letting a faint laugh
“N u know what….u r just impossible” he says leaving her
“Aarrreee yaad aaya…u r a murderer na…now dont ask me how did I get to know n all…so yes…then how many murders have u done yet…I mean 1…2…3..ya koi serial killer ho…vaise u have already killed so many girls with ur hot looks….ur veins omg omg it f**king Awesome n ur body…I will really die” she says dramatically
On hearing this kunjs eye balls popped out as he never expected a girl to be so outspoken n that too knowing the fact that he is a MURDERER!!!😓
“I think u r a serial killer…becoz so many pictures n that too with cross marks…its fun na…everyday is Tufani for u na” she says excitedly
This time kunj was neither angry nor frustrated rather he was tensed….sweating hard
“What did u see??” he questioned coldly
She didn’t replied n was busy in playing with her nails…a way to ignore his question
“WHAT DID U SEE??…” he yelled pointing a gun towards her
This made twinkle shocked….but then a smile played on her lips
“Easy boy easy…n just keep such toys away from me becoz twinkle Taneja is not that stupid that I will consider it as a real ‘Gun’ “ she says casually

On hearing this a sudden smile captured his lips….a cunning smile😏
He raised his gun upwards n shot a bullet
Due to sudden noise twinkle closed her eyes in fear
Fear was all over spread on her face…n after knowing that it was a real gun she was hell afraid
T : T..this…is a real Gu..n (she says stammering)
K : Aahhaa Miss Twinkle Tanejas (says cunningly)
N if u dont want this next bullet to go right into ur empty head then just Get Lost
She without having a second thought left the house….several questions were clashing in her mind
She reached home still fighting with her thoughts…
L : Twinkel tu aa gaye. (Twinkle u came)
T : Nahi aabhi bhi raste me hu. (No…I m still on road). (Funny tune plays)
L : tu kabhi nahi sudhregi (u will never improve)
T : to sudhrena bhi kisko h (then who wants to improve)
N saying this went in her room
Leela thinks, “Hay bhagwan…iss ladki ko assa kyu banaya… I m afraid that who will marry her…”



Was that really a reality or just a daydream…I just hope its a dream becoz what I saw was the way more shocking 😱

• • •FLASHBACK• • •

Twinkel saw kunj leaving the room….she broke down into tears
After sometime she got up to leave but then stopped…she looked upstairs n thought of checking out….as she can get some informations about kunj n his behaviour…

She ran upstairs n tried hard to open the door but it looked
She thought of something n then removed her hair pin to unlock it….after endless tries finally she opened the door
The moment she saw the room she was shocked
It was basically a dark room in which there was only one wall which covered light….n that wall had several pictures some had cross on it…it had many maps…secret informations n what not…
Suddenly she heard someone coming upstairs n so she quickly closed the room n pretended that she was opening it

• • •

Kunj u really a mystery….that sight was really shocking
The things placed….the maps…the pictures…everything
But that photo….I really can’t get u.. Why will u keep that photo there…I really want to know who was that man…that lady….n yes that two small boys…
Urgh!!!…my head is gonna blast at any moment
Twinkle lay on her bed n slept thinking about today’s incident
Days passed by
Now twinkle again came back to her normal attire….normal behaviour n most importantly she started maintaining distance from kunj….she didnt used to attend college n whole time was thinking about him only

One fine day she was watching TV when suddenly a news flashed on the screen
It said about a serial killer cum terrorist who have killed 4 big businessmen but is still unknown
Twinkle dropped the remote from her hands on hearing this….she was hell shocked
She remembered those photographs which had cross on it
“No kunj u can’t do this….n what is this TERRORIST???” she whispers questioning herself in shock

• °. • °. • °. • °. • °. • °. • °. • °. • °. •

Hellooo lovely ppl
How r u doing???
N did u liked the episode???
I know it was difficult to digest😂😂
N yes I m not giving kunjs POV becoz its way more shocking…I promise within 2-3 episodes everything will be cleared..
I will be posting my ff every Sunday n Thursday so stay tuned..
I really missed u all…ek to in bhar time nahi mila n raat me mila h to ye TU wala aapna server down karne baithte h….seriously I was missing all the ffs…n on top of that they r not allowing to post new ffs also…but never mind 😃
N thanks a lot all the readers for ur support
Love u all❤❤


  1. Maggi

    AWSM epi….. amazing plot
    Waiting fr kunjs povs
    Nd wt twinkle saw in news iz it connectd 2 kunj???
    I jzz luv dis mystry kunj nd hez beautiful admirer twinkle…
    Waiting eagrly fr nxt epi….

  2. |Registered Member

    Shats di😡😡…aapne mere Kunj ko serial killer bana diya? How mean is that! Khair I know mera Kunj bina reason ke kuch nhi krta. As always this os amazing and as always I love u😍😘

  3. zayb zikra

    Superbbbbbbb dii…
    Bt kunj sarna omgg a serial killer…..😈😈😈😈
    Nt expected…..
    Srsly….???like srsly…????😅😅😒😒😒😒
    Ok nw do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz……..
    Srsly ur ff is an mystery an amazing mystery……

  4. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    Amazing….. awesome….
    Kunj serial killer cum terrorist ….OMG ..kab kaise kahan r kyu……
    love that Babu nd tufani dialouge… haahhaa…so funny …

  5. Bhavika


    |Registered Member

    HAYE HAYE MISTRIES HAA bas aab inke reveal hone ka intezaar hai post soon OK and na AWES….NO NO….MYSTERIOUS EPISODE WITH A TADKA OF SHOCK.. 😛 🙂

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Sattu di apne vapas vohi kiya na…
    kal mera elocution competition hai and me uski tayari chodkar ff padh rahi hu..but kya karu..I was waiting like hell for ur update. ..shocking epi..
    it was dhamaka. .killer
    my curiosity is gonna kill me for sure.
    di update super jaldi…plzzz
    luv u di

  7. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Loved it Shatakshi and waiting for the truth to be out waiting for the next episode that is Thursday i guess ? 🙂

  8. Saby


    |Registered Member

    Ohhhh no no no…..
    Jaaan…. Plssss terrorist?
    Like seriously.???? No plz…..
    Mere Jaan ko terrorist mat bana dena…
    Today’s epi was awesome….
    Kunjs cold look and twinkles drama…

  9. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Baby doll, today a very short comment as I’m really angry on you. The episode was too good. Waiting for the next one.😃

  10. Baby


    |Registered Member

    omg shatakshi itna w8 krna pdega par koi nhi krlungi akhir pdni jo hai i luv it yr srsly amazng osm mindblowing

  11. 😘sana(aamu)

    I know ate😉
    But ye test…… Uffff 😞😭😭😭😨😨
    Jst headache

    I dont hav time
    So yahi chala lo 🌹😊😘😘😘😘😘😍💗💋💋💋💋💋💗💗💓💗💗💗💘🌟🌟💢❕

  12. Shonaa...


    |Registered Member

    Its awesome shatakshi as always…. nd kunj terrorist 😲😲….. nywys waiting for kunj POV update nxt soon….

  13. Queen

    Loved it I am really excited to know the whole mystery do reveal it fast cause I’m don’t have so much patience

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.