So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 4

Helloooo lovely ppl
Finally I m back with the next episode
So sorry as I promised that I will be posting it yesterday but my episode got deleted twice n after that I was hell angry….socho kitna boring hoga ek he episode ko 3 times likhna…but nevermind as I wont let u all bore

In case u don’t remember the story so here is my previous episode:-

N one more thing….u can imagine twinkles n leelas bond like kiran Kher n Sonam Kapoor in Khooburat film…

So lets start


Everything is same as always…the same glittering morning…the same rage in the sun…the entire world was still the same except one corner…it was twinkles room
Leela got into her room to follow her same routine that is either to wake her up in a cat n dog style or to just switch off the fan inorder to irritate her….nice tactics na
As soon as she entered her room she got a biggest shock of her life….twinkle was awake at 6 n more over she was found to be on her study table…ya ya STUDY TABLE!!!…

“OHH MY GOD!!…AM I DREAMING??” yelled Leela covering her mouth
This broke twinkles concentration n ran towards leela completely tensed
“What happened maa…r u fine?” she questioned leela in concern
“U know twinkle I think I m finally old now….i saw my twinkle studing…” she continued
On hearing this twinkle gave a what the hell type look n again sat on her table

“Yesterday only that Mrs Gupta was complaining that u r so spoilt…immature…type of girl…u know what I did…I argued that u r no….” leela started her never ending gossips
“MOM PLEASE!!” twinkle exclaimed in a loud pitch
This gave a sudden brake to her mouth
Twinkle continued, “ Some times I feel like I m not ur own child….aapne mujhe mandir ke seedhiyo se uthaya h (u picked me up from temples staircase)” she says rolling her eyes completely frustrated

Leela gave a smirk n then said
“ Finally twinkle u came to know, (shedding her fake tears)…u know I thought that u cant take this big truth…the truth of ur life…yes u r not my own child….but one thing that maine tujhe mandir ke seedhiyo se nahi kachre ke dibbe se uthaya h (I didn’t brought u from temples staircase…instead I picked u from Dustbin) “ she says full dramatically
(guys this was the sad story of my life….my mom alays tease me like this only)

On hearing this twinkle gives a pout n with in no time giggles surround the entire room
They share some cute moments
“U carry on with ur work….as u still have time to leave for college” says leela leaving her room
Twinkle just gave a nod as she was again engrossed in her work

Twinkle thinks, “ Finally I m done with it…now just wait n watch Kunj urf My Broccoli I will rotate, revolve n flip up ur life” n an endless smile starts playing on her lips
She immediately picks up her cell n calls Chinki




What the heck!!!….why these ppl r staring me as if I am an Alien…like seriously??
I can sense several eyes looking me….n their jaws hitting the ground…poor they!!
So let me clear the confusion… for a change I got my self into a different attire…but still I love those old one ….but nevermind as I have to do all this for Broccoli…
I got myself into a navy blue mini skirt with a white balloon top….dont stare at me like this as I really don’t know what they r actually called
Ouch!! These heels…they hurting me
N these red lipstick…it looks like I m a vamp
Somehow I managed myself but ohh shoot!!…the bell gave a ring
I started running but u know na my fate….the prof was already present writing something
“Sir May I come in” I spilt out…rolling my eyes
Manners twinkle manners….i warned myself as I have changed…ya ya for that broccoli
But that prof….he is not worthy of it…still he didn’t even bothered o look up n was still scribbling something on board
Even a kinder garten student writes better than him …I thought
“Ohh Miss Taneja please come in…its my pleasure that u r attending my class” he gives a taunt without looking at me
For the first time I found no giggles in the class….rather all very looking at me jaws dropped….ouch…I know it might be paining
But this Broccoli is just hopeless…he was busy in his books…urgh!!…why is he so
Suddenly the prof looked at me….n guess what….he had the same expressions like others
“Get in” he said meekly
I started heading in but my eye balls were stuck at kunj only….he removed his bottle to drink…
But as soon as he saw me he started coughing rubbing his chest
“Easy boy” I whispered while passing near this bench n left a soft giggle
I went n sat beside chinki who gave me a thumbs up
Finally!!….he noticed me…yeppiee…I celebrated my first victory within
The entire lecture I found kunj peeping me from the corner of his eyes….i agree I was doing the same….hehe
But slowly n steadily I will unfold all his mysteries….
In between the lectures that prof was passing his crooked smile….these men u know na…but I ignored
The entire class left after the lecture….i signed chinki to leave n assured her that I will catch her up later

Kunj was all alone in the class….twinkle motioned towards him n gave a pat on his shoulder
“What do u want??” he questioned arrogantly trying his best to ignore her….coming back in his character
“U” replied twinkle
“What??” he again gave a throw back…making weird faces
“I mean…I just came to meet u…as we r friends na so”
“N when did that happened” he asked sarcastically facing her
“Yesterday…yesterday night” she gave a quick reply
On hearing this he held her shoulders tightly
“Whats ur problem huh??…why don’t u live n let live…I m waning u for the first n last time….just stay away from me TWINKLE TANEJA” she was expressionless all the time
He continued, “ now what the hell is cooking up in ur stupid mind…ohh so let me guess…now u r planning another attack like biting kicking n al right…if so then u r free to do so”
Within no time twinkle grabbed his v neck grey t shirt n pulled him towards her planting a peck on his cheeks
Kunj looses his grip in utter shock
Twinkle smiles on his reaction n started leaving the class but stops at the door
“ Kunj” she calls out his name
He looked at her still in shock
She passes a flying kiss n winks towards him
Kunjs mouth was wide open 😮 😮

Twinkle thinks, “ Hush!!…finally I did it…I know its weird but still I have to give a try in best possible way to remove the real him….good going twinkle….good going” she says giving a pat on her shoulder n smiles




Finally I wrote this episode for the third time…
So did u liked the episode??
Do give ur views

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Love u all…

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  1. Awww y such a short update? Anyways, it was awesome. I’m dying of laughter reading Twinkle’s POV and actions ?

  2. Fan

    Fantastic epi shatakshi..

  3. Twinkles tactics r awsm☺☺ luvd the epi … ctd soon

  4. SidMin

    Wow Loved it You know what I really liked the way Twinkle gave Kunj a kiss as a reply Loved it waiting for the next update please post asap

  5. Jisha

    Wow… superb.. sorry I couldn’t comment on previous episodes..I restarted reading ffs recently… Mandir wala dustbin was lol…

  6. Kruti

    Amazing epi shatakshi…… Just can’t wait for d mystery to unfold

  7. Angita

    Loved it

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi….it was lovely dear….awesome……

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing…..eagerly waiting for next part….

  10. Sayeeda

    Wah ….meri Sattu kya episode likha hai ….amazing….
    Kya dialouges the ….kya scenes the …
    Imagining Twinkle in that attire nd kunj behaving like what the hell look was extremely amazing….
    Missed ur ff soo much ….excited for precap…

  11. No words to say….. ita was super se uper wala episode amazing awesome bhi chote h aaj to…. loved it …. happy to see u back….

  12. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡

  13. Poor kunj…??

    Well written shatakshi…amazing..
    Bt plz try to give a little longer updates…tumhara ff itna achha lagta hai ki padhte padhte kab khatam ho jatabhai pata hi nahi chalta…?

  14. Sameera

    Wah wah sattu just awesome epi twinkle n leela moments + last scene whoa post next epi asap????

  15. finally u wrote it …
    i was wa8in 4 it…
    twinkle rocked…loved d episode….
    post nxt asap….:-)
    ya n read ur os was mindblowing lived it 2 d core…do write more…

  16. Aamu

    I k ow m late? but kya karu now only i return from school
    Anyways. ? dis epi was ???????????????????
    N tw ?????????muah loved her
    Arrogant n heartless kunj ??

    Bas ab dono ko ?? ( mazak kar rahi hu.its ur storyline n i know u will make dem fall in fall ? with eo)????

    Do cont asap

  17. Shreya098


  18. Dreamer...arundhati

    Sattu di..ab mai kya bolu..aapne kuch choda hai jo mai bolu…amazing episode. ?.di jitne bar I read it I fell 4 it..I m just addicted to ur writing. ? I was waiting like hell 4 ur update..ctd soon di plzz

  19. U no even i would’ve laughed bcz of twinkle’s changed attire ?? And shocked wala kunj ? he he i can’t stop smiling awesome uodate yaar n next one seems even more interesting cantt wait yaar do post soon …

  20. Ok so this is Twinkle Taneja only? Or any carbon cooy? And this toh is Kunj Sarna only I know…if that is the sad story of ur life then aap meri story ka kya kahoge? I was bkrn in woodland hospital, kolkata…..and my mom always, literally always tells me, “Beta, main tumhara khayaal sahi se rakh rhi hu na? Main tumhari asli maa toh hu nahi. Kolkata Municipal Dustbin se uthaya tha, par tumhari maa banne ki poori koshish ki hai!” And I guve the what the hell look before we both laugh out….aur jaise maine aapko kaha tha….hum dono ywin sisters hai….like potterhead, deepika, directioner blah blah….this also proves we r….ab age dusnt matter na….sisters kafi hai…till then…tadaa….and love u??

  21. Ria

    Hey my baby doll,
    Sabse pehle sorry for this late comment but, it’s okay right! Anyways, ab episode ke baare mein main kya bolun! Mujhe toh rona aa gaya yaar. How could you do this? I mean like seriously? I’m speechless. Ye galat baat hai na, tu hamesha meri bolti band kar deti hai n I can’t live without talking. Also, Twinkle’s actions?? loved them..n that Mandir and garbage bin wala scene..??

  22. Bhavika

    i think next part that heartless kunj will show his heartlessness on twinkle and about the episode
    uuummm……uphm…uph….uhm….yaar kya kahu BAS APKE CHARAN KAHA HAI??

  23. Kritika14

    it was so amazing. specially that kiss as a reply from twinkle. Loved it x continue asap. Waiting for the next part. Sorry for commenting so late. Actually i got to know about this ff yesterday and since then i read the first and then the second season. I must say… you really right well. Really glad that i found your ff. Really looking forward for the mysteries to unfold. Loves x

  24. Baby

    omg amazing shataakshi twinkle hmm nyc idea shatakshi luvng it d way twinj seen ws d bst

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