So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 35 FINAL EPISODE

Helloooo lovely ppl ?
Shatakshi here
Remember me?
Well I didn’t do anything worth remembering….But made u all wait so long.
Without wasting time let’s start..
Do refer the previous episode to get an idea of the story

Episode 34

Here is the last episode of


“That’s not fair dude!”
Sidmin heard a voice which broke the trans.
A sudden curve appears on Sidhants lips with his eyes still welled up and a running nose

“Dude look at your face, seems like u ran from kindergarten” said the voice again

“ZAIN!!! I am gonna kill you. You jerk.” Sidhant jumped on Zain giving him a hard playful punch.

“Ouch!” Zain yells in pain

“You retard” cursed Zain

“Aahaa! Finally you got me right.” Smirked Sidhant

“May I know what is going on here?” Questions a confused jasmine

“Umm…Nothing much. Just ur over possessive EX Boyfriend is still jealous of me. Because he know that my charm attracts you everytime?.” He says with a wink and boasts himself.

“Damn! You Zain…Grow up.” Says Jasmine hitting me and they both burst out laughing.

Suddenly Zain stopped laughing as soon as he saw Sidhant standing quitely in a corner.

“Shhh Jasmine…. I guess I am going to be killed anytime.” Says Zain sarcastically.

Within no time Sidhant rushed towards Zain and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Bhai. Pata nhi aagar tu nahi hota to kya hota humara. Hum to ego aur badle me ittne aage chale Gaye the ki humare pyaar ko bhul he gaye. Par aaj sirf Teri vajah se Bhai humre beech ki sari problems khatam ho Gaye hai.” Says Sidhant sobbing

(Thank you brother. Don’t know what would have happened without. We both were so engaged in revenge n ego that we forgot our love for each other. But only because of you, all our misunderstandings are cleared now.)

“Awwww you look so cute while crying. Cry baby.” Says Zain girlishly.

Sidhant broke the hug and hit him again.
“The only thing you deserve is this.” Saying this he started running behind Zain.
And finally after a long run. They hugged each other. A soothing embrace.
“Wow…People forget me in their bromance.” Yelled jasmine with an angry pout.

“Aapko kaise bhul sakte h janeman.” Replies Zain
(How can we forget you darling.)

“Oye saale dhang se baat kar. Bhabhi hai Teri.” Warned Sidhant
(Hey dude talk properly. She is your sister in law.)

“Opps! Someone is jealous again.” Says Zain teasingly.

Within no time Jasmine ran and gave them a tight hug.
The trio had a satisfying smile like it was a beginning of a good life.

It was almost dusk.
“You guys carry on. I guess I should give you both some privacy.” Says Zain winking.

“Yeah yeah you should.” Says Sidhant suddenly.
“Omg looks like someone is so desperate.” Says Zain.
Jasmine blushed in shyness.

The wind near the cliff was calm and quite showing the calmness within the two.
Jasmine held Sidhants palm and rested her head on his shoulder.
Sidhant smiled at her gestures.

[I have died everyday waiting for you.
Darling don’t be afraid
I have loved you for a thousand years…
I love you for a thousand more….??]

“Sidhant we will have 5 children” says Jasmine slowly.
He was kinda shocked with her sudden statement but then smiled.

“Don’t you think it’s too much. Umm…But I think it’s a great plan. Why don’t we start right now? What say?” Says Sidhant naughtily.

“You idiot. Shut up. I am serious. I want a big happy family with sooo many kinds. So that we never face lonliness like we faced these years. I just never want this scary isolation to come in our life again.”
She says smiling.

“Yes jasmine you r right. These years were like hell to us. I just hope we have a great life…. Together… Forever!”
He says kissing her forehead assuring her their togetherness.?

Silence filled the air. But this time it was silence of happiness, love and togetherness.

****THE END****


So finally it ends here….
How was it?
After a long journey of this ff…..I hereby conclude it.
Thank you so much for all ur support for season 1 of 12 episodes
And season 2 of 35 episodes.
Thank you so much for bearing me so long.
Thank you so much for having patience .
Thank you so much for all ur words that makes my day.
Thank you so much for everything.
This was my first ever ff…..N I m so happy that I brought it so long…
N finally SORRY for my irregularities…
I thought of leaving TU but how can I leave this story incomplete.

It was not an easy task to make it so long….N specially for a lazy lad like me ???

Thank u so much for ur support on my new ff…
Here is the link of the first episode.

Do check this out.

It was really difficult to stay away from u all….
Hope u understand…
Love u all…
Will be waiting for ur views.

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  1. Presha

    Hey satakshi awesome end but seriously saying I didn’t read any chapter leaving this but promise I will read within few days nd tell my veiws about it..

  2. Aamu

    Haaye awesome shattu…
    Actually I hadn’t read d previous I had also leave TU..
    Just yesterday my preboard got m here…n board is from 15 of march..n I have no more time so…I can’t read previous..
    But yeah epi se bol sakti hu..
    It was awesome..?????
    Yeah to pura nahi padha par 1 season pura padha tha…
    Tw as p.a of kunj..rightright..?
    Chalk koi ni
    Sorry for not reading
    Love uh???

    Will.Misss uu..
    N u start a new one..?
    I will surely read…
    I will b joining TU from 25 of meet u den????????

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous marvelous epi

  4. SiyappaQUEEN

    Amazing mind blowing episode dear. Love it to the core…??? love you. Was really waiting for you ki kaha gayi no posts and all that. Anyways hope to see you soon. I am waiting. Love you…?? bye..
    Loads of love…
    Lover( Survi) hope yaad hain tumhe..

  5. Hey satakshi i always read ur os and ff and loved them all and this was fantastic loved it and plz come wid new ff soon….
    luv u…

  6. Kruti

    I never expected a post of this ff….I though d 34th was end….nd when u tld on insta I thought it was of your other ff

    But I am glad to see this cute happy ending…..loved it
    Continue d other ff asap

    Loads of love?

  7. Mia12

    Hey satakshi,
    Myself priya i knw nam to nai suna hoga,,?? Well Wooohhooo uulaalaa,,??? m soo happy to see u back,,??? missed u always,,☺☺☺ i love ur writing 2 the core,,?????? n u 2 coz m big fan of ur writing,,??? never cmnt b4,,but now I can cmnt so very much happy,,??? And ur a MARVELOUS n SPLENDID writer,, what to say yarr,,???? n i love ur prvs ff n os also,,??? hope u undrstnd my excitmnt,,??? but now m much very much sad coz of this ending,,??? but I enjoyed very much this ff n season 1 is the best,,??? no pblm kisi na kisi din to hum sabki safar ko khatam hona hi parta hai na,m r8.??,??? but now m damn excited n waiting 4 ur new ff,,??? plzz plzz plzz plzz post soon,can’t wait to read it,,??? come back soon,,???
    Love you,,❤❤❤

  8. Woah shatakshi ur back after a long time superb yaar I loved it and post ur other ff soon

  9. Sameera

    Awwwwww sattu missed u shooooo much yaar ummah loved the episode ???????????????ending was damn cute bond between zain n Sid was amazing ?????..

  10. Purvi128

    Hey Shatakshi,
    Tu aagayi, i never thought that you will be writing this episode because i thought 34th epi is the last one. But tu na .. thankgod tu ne likha to..! I know bohot late kerti hai tu, but i can wait. Coz teri writings ko padhne ke liye mujhe jitna wait kerna pady .. me karun gi.
    Or haan you remember your promise na??
    Love you sooo much..
    Ufff kitna bolti hun mein .. episode per comment kiya bhi nhi or apni baatein kerti rahi..
    Episode was fantabulous,amazing,superb,bravo,excellent,bestest,marvellous.. (can’t think of more words. Is se bhi badh ker thi..!)
    Zain was so cute in the episode nd SidMin toh so lovely. So cute.
    Loved them.
    And post ur next ff as soon as possible.
    Love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much ????❤❤❤???????

  11. Baby

    Satakshi…….. 🙂 😉
    Tune end krdia matlab ab tu nhiii aane wali humse baat krne…….yaar sch mein I ll miss u n ur ff sooo mch……
    Itna cute episode tha luvd it……
    Love u lods 🙂
    Will miss u plss post nxt soon….
    U dont think wat nxt m talking bout m talking bout nxt ff of urs….. 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Ria

    Well, that was a really cute ending to such a beautiful story. I’m looking forward to your next story too. Hope you manage to write it rather soon.


  13. Chiku

    Hey. Thats such a cute ending. ???lovely. Loved it. U r amazing writer. I really like ur writing.
    Now do post ur other ff????
    Post soon

  14. Simiyy

    It was wonderful
    really enjoyed it

  15. SidMin

    Hey You are back … well I missed you and your ff a lot …
    The episode was so sweet and awesome 🙂
    I have liked your ff from the very beginning and have read all the episodes … Loved it and waited for the post … You are an amazing writer waiting for your new ff 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  16. SidMin23

    It was beautiful and happy ending and thank u for giving us episode always and SidMin and Zain were nice trio will miss them in your ff. Do come up with another one if you can overall love the ff from beginning.

  17. Shattu!!!!! First of all I am so sry for not commenting or being in touch with you!
    2) I love you!!!
    3) I love u ff!!

    Missed u soo much! Ur new ff will be another bang!
    Love uh!

  18. Shalini15

    Hey Shatakshi missed you so much dear?????? well firstly very sorry for late comment ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Anyways episode was superb mind blowing fabulous superb. loved sid nd zain bond. It was too good. But I’m so sad you ended it. But loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hope you will come back soon.

    Lots of love ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. Ramya

    Hey shatakshi
    How r u ?
    Missed u
    Awesome amazing
    But mai tujhse naraz hu
    Mujhse baat mat kiya kar pehle tho ff end kardi aur uperb se tu chodne ki baat kar rahi ho
    I don’t want to talk to u
    U very well know I’m a biggest n craziest fan of ur ff from start den how can u do dis to me
    Hayeee kaise zamana hai meri frnd aise baate kar rahi hai koi tho samjau usse ki mai iski kitni badi fan hu
    Itni badi ki I still remember season 1 & 2

    Acha nahi hoga if u will leave tu
    Ager mujhe frnd samja tho den u will not
    Tum isse jo samajna hai samaj sakti ho ordder ya blackmail but u should not leave
    Plshhhhhh plsghhbhhh iss bachi ka dil mat thodi
    Love u keep smiling

  20. Aanya_pandey

    N sorry m this late commenting

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