So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 33




“Holy Crap!!!” I exclaimed
“Adi (director) cant we keep this scene for some other day please?” I requested
“Jasmine you will have to do this scene for some or the other day. So why not now. And by the way it’s not the first kiss Sidhant and you will share. You both have done this earlier I mean in ur previous project right? So what is bother you.” He convinced in the best possible way he could.
I had nothing left to say. I nodded my head in affirmation and left for my vanity.

“This is not good Jasmine…I mean it’s the worst situation anyone could ever face. I haven’t seen Sidhant since yesterday night. What if he comes to know the truth. Nahh Jasmine he will never. Give it a break and first find Sidhant.” I ended my thoughts and started exiting from my vanity when I found someone entering in. He closed the door shut and proceeded towards me.
“Sidhant” I whispered in shock.
He was expressionless and so.was I.
Without having another thought I ran and gave him a tight hug. But see this egoistic man. He didnt even bothered to revert my hug.
“Jasmine control” he said freeing himself from my grip.
“What are you doing….it’s not good to be close to some stranger….and after all you are engaged right? What will Parth think… that his fiancé still loves her EX-BOYFRIEND” he says emphasising the word. This man never fails to taunt me.

“Sidhant you really think this all this is a joke. I mean when will you grow up? Do you know my condition since morning when I got to know that you haven’t returned since last night? Do u know what kind of ill feelings I was having? No you don’t!! The only thing you know is to hurt me in the best possible way you could. I am fed up of all these fights Sidhant. I surrender.”
I kept my heart open and started realising the pain within me. I sat on the couch beside and cried.

“Ohh Really Jasmine. Today I got to know that u are not just a cheater instead a best lier too. I mean how could a person be so versatile….I wonder. So let me tell you Mrs TO BE Parth Kashyap…. stop fooling me.”
His words me piercing my heart. Why Sidhant? Why always me? I can’t see hatred in ur eyes and that too for me.

“Parth is standing out. You can go and meet him.” He said coldly
This was enough for me. I ran out and found Parth smoking.

“What are you doing here?” I asked sternly
“Shut up Jasmine first tell me what is all this? I mean….” Before he could continue we saw Sidhant coming toward us
I yelled, “We need privacy Sidhant!” In a most rude way I could
This brought a frown on his face.
Without uttering a single word he stormed out of the place.

I folded my arms
“So may I know why the hell are you here Mr Parth Kashyap?”
“Awww darling u look so cute in this anger Mr to be Parth Kashyap”
I gave a disgusted look on this statement.

Before we could say anything a spot boy came and informed about my next shot.


“So guys are you both ready” questioned Adi
Sidhant gave a thumbs up
“Remember …u both have to show ur affection, passion, lust and love in best possible way u can” he directed
This situation was awkward enough to prevent myself from making any eye contact. But he was still with his cold expressions.
Before starting the shot he looked towards Parth and asked
“May I?”
He didnt say anything and left the place
Why will he even bother? It’s my profession …its my work….n the main thing is that he is nothing to me….so it doesn’t matters.”

Now the shot was here.
he started moving towards me.
It was really very difficult to maintain the eye contact but we have to.
We were just a few distance away. The warmth of his breath raised the heat of my body.
It was difficult to control the situation…I had a fear of loosing my control and his closeness was making me do so.
His fingers traced my lips which brought shivers through my spines.
His hot air was fanning my hair’s
“Jasmine u have to respond…it’s just an acting” I consoled myself and leaned forward.
Within a couple of seconds our lips met.
All of a sudden everything started flashing in front of my eyes.
“He was still a good kisser.” My dumb head though.


This broke our trance.
Sidhant all of a sudden backed off and I slowly opened my eyes. A droplet flowed off from the rim of my eyes. Sidhant saw them.
Neither of us said anything….words were not enough to show our pain.

I ran from the set and reached towards a cliff nearby.

I cried my heart out.
“Why did you lie Jasmine” I heard a voice and yes it was him.


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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Wah Shattu di kya likha aap ne…UMMMMAAAHH??????And I planned to tell the secret to u on this episode but u are the great Shatakshi?? Anyways thanks for uploading it soon ? Love u.
    Do I need to say my TAKIA KALAM? ?? Okay fine keh deti hoon???
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  2. O teri!
    Shats di!!!!
    This was the best episode till date!
    I hope u r not gonna end it…
    Please don’t…please please please…
    U love ur twin sissy na?
    Please dnt..
    This is so good???
    Write soon…love u???

  3. Dheemahee

    yar I missed your ff so much thanks for posting it and sorry for not commenting before keep it up dear if possible please post next one asap …bye

  4. Amazing fab…toooooo good..

    Sorry for missing the previous epi but Actually I wasn’t visiting TU at all…soooo..

    Loved it

  5. Meeta

    That was breathtaking.
    I guess it was a bit short.
    Never mind.
    Looking forward for the next one.

  6. Fan

    Awesome epi shatz!

  7. Ria

    Hey baby doll,
    Woah! The episode was so emotional. I loved it so much. Glad you’re back earlier this time. Hope you do so the next time too.

    Loads of love.?

  8. Fab episode. Loved it. Do post soon.

  9. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome the emotions SidMin showed were awesome I mean The words and Parth I don’t Think Twinkle is engaged to him Or is It? Don’t know Cant wait for the next part Post soon 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  10. Kritika14

    OMG! Damn, i loved this. Itna suspense kyu choda hai yaar? I am so excited and eager to read the next episode so jaldi jaldi upload the next one theek hai? Love you darling ?

  11. Kruti

    ummmaaaaahhhhhhh………….Amazing shatakshi…..kya likha hai yar tmne mazza agaya

    hope u arn’t ending d ff……pls…pls…pls dont end it

    love u

  12. Anam_sidhant

    It was beyond amazing❤ the best epi till date? loved it to the core! Please post next on asap?

  13. Twinjfan.tamanna

    awesome awesome…plz post asap..

  14. Thanmy

    Shatz yrrrr thanq soooooo much for being early I missed u a lot yrr seriously very very glad that ur back n I understand..
    N the episode u rocked it yrrr I mean jas lied what a twist!!!! I’m toooooooo excited ?? WOW!!!!!! Hope all will get well between them ……
    Love u yrr??

  15. Superb epi…

  16. Awesome fabulous…. Loved it vry much…..

  17. Chiku

    Awesome ?????
    Itna kaamala episode hai love it
    I really loved the emotions showed by twinj. Well potrayed????????????
    Love u

  18. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Shatakshi lovely episode……what lie ???? Excited for next episode…..

  19. Amazing episode shatz…post next soon…

  20. Sara28

    Shatz, I missed you! Glad ur back and the episode was amazing. There are so many secrets and hidden truths that I literally can’t wait anymore. And that “he’s still a good kisser” part killed my heart. ? Post soon!

  21. Amazing epi.. the emotions sidmin portrayed was awesome.. do cont soon ?

  22. Romaisha

    Damnn yaar! Dii! ?? how could you leave us midway like that?? I mean.. Haww .. You really must have saved the best for last ?
    I swear your ff is making me go crazier everyday! ?
    Please do post your next episode soon!
    Love you Di ?

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  24. Ranabulbul

    Oh my god shattu loved it to the core..
    Twinj sorry sidmin ki kiss haye ….
    And this blo*dy parth jaldi out karo isko..
    Bit koi na no fear been shattu is here

  25. dreamer..arundhati

    Sattu di…my gosh…lajawab epi but aapne to hame latakte hue choda…update soon

  26. Ramya

    Hey Awesome
    Loved it
    N who is he
    Plssss asap

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