So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 3




The episode starts with…
She peeped inside…n yes again another dark room
She located the switch n on the lights…
“OMG!!!” was the reaction she had….she cupped her mouth in amazement?
“WHAT THE f**k R U DOING HERE???” he yelled his lungs out….with a blood red eyes?
This was like a minor shock due to his sudden outburst..
But what was before her was more shocking at that moment…
She didnt respond his anger…but continued looking at the wall….yes it was a wall
A black painted one….
She took a step ahead to have a look at it carefully….she started moving her hand touching the wall

“What is all this???” she said in a cold tone facing him
But he stood their like a statue…
“ANSWER ME DAMMIT….WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS???” ?she yelled with rage giving a hit on his chest
“I m not answerable to u” he said leaning his head down preventing to have any eye contact with her
To which she gives a faint laugh

“Are u kidding me….Mr Kunj Sarna??” she questioned him
“So u mean to say that these words on the wall is just a joke….right???” she continued
Twinkle motioned towards the black painted wall n started reading the written over words

“So this….ya ya this…(she says pointing )…let me read…so what is written ya
Or this one

Yes this one…how can I leave this one
U R NOT WORTHY TO BE LOVED…” she yelled reading all of the written sentences on the wall with tears gushing out from her eyes…she was hurt than being shocked after looking such negativity within him

“Look at me kunj…” she says lifting his chin up again with the same pitch
These tears were cracking her voice but the uncontrollable tears were just running…?
Within no time she hugged him n burst out into a cry…
But he didnt responded her hug…as he was amazed looking at her intense reaction
“Why does it even matters to u??” he said meekly…she is still hugging him
She broke the hug n stared directly into his eyes…

But then she realized her condition….within no time she composed herself
She wiped her eyes n ran towards the exit…
But again…Ahh…the door
It got jam becoz of a hard bang given by kunj…
She tries to open it up…but to no avail

Kunj was looking all this from behind…he started moving towards her
He held her elbow h pushed her aside inorder to make his way to open the door
But he too failed in opening it…
Twinkle was still standing blank as several questions r still to be answered
She sat on the sofa…accompanied by kunj…sitting opposite to her
There was complete silence all around…non of them spoke a word
It was not becoz of awkwardness rather it was to prevent ‘the third world war’
Finally twinkle broke the silence
“What was that???” she questioned looking straight into his eyes
As usually she didnt expect any answer but to her surprise…this time he did
“My Life” was the word he said looking at her
Twinkle gave a confused look….n she went n sat next to him
She didnt spoke or rather questioned him further…instead she cupped his face n hugged him wrapping her hand around his neck…a sign of consoling him
But still he didnt respond…
“U dont have to do this” he spoke coldly making her break the hug
“U r a mystery” she whispered…both looking each other with their face close enough
“So let the mystery be unfolded” he said standing up n this time in the same harsh tone coming back into His character
“Why r u like this??” she asked confused bringing both her eye brows together
But kunj again ignored her words

“Please tell me….I know there is something eating u from inside…hurting u each n every second… the pain can be easily seen in ur eyes” she says softly holding his palm
Kunjs heart started melting on her words…but with in no time he controlled his emotions n shook away her hand in anger

Her held her jaw line with is right palm….n pressed it which was hurting her
“What u thought huh??…that ur such words would melt me up…if so then u r high mistaken Twinkle Taneja” he says pressing his anger
N saying so….he left her…which made her fall on the sofa nearby
She held her cheeks as it was paining…n tears gushing out continuously
Kunj was somewhere guilty with is behaviour…
He went near the door with an iron rod n broke the lock…
Twinkle without uttering a word left the place



Here she was thinking about what happened just some minutes ago…
She thinks, “Why is he having such negativity within him….n that Murderer…why did he write so…Urgh!!!…my head is aching….but twinkle u have to find the answers…”
She slept thinking about the nightmares

>>• >>• >>•

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode???
I know it was a bit boring… Sorry for it
N the reason behind kunjs behaviour will be revealed slowly n steadily
N one more thing guys…I won’t be able to post my ff till 12th…as I m going out to attend my sisters marriage…
But I m surely post on 13th…

N thanks a lot to all the readers for loving n supporting this story
N silent readers please do comment if u r liking…
Love u all…❤❤❤

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    It is so beautiful…thank you?
    But ya…i am very curious to know whats that mystery….seems very interesting?

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    The episode was too good and enjoy your sisters marriage and do post soon

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    Excited for the mystery to unfold..
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