So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 27




A week later…the photoshoot for the project started
Sidhant tried his best to convince Jasmine but she never paid heed to his words.. Instead she always used to talk with Zain which was burning his heart
Sidhant thinks, “Aabhi se he yahi haal h to aage jaa kar kya hoga… ladki bhi bht ziddi h….mujhe he kuch karna hoga…..mai isse aase he nahi Jane de Santa kisi aur ke saath…jaanta hu ki aabhi mai bilkul bakwas bate kar raha hu jiske koi sir pair nahi h par mujhe aabhi se he savdhan rehna padega nahi to aage chal kar kuch bhi aasa vasa ho gaya aur jasmine mujhse dur hogaye to mai Jee nahi paunga”

(The condition from now only is becoming worse then what will happen in future….this girl is so stubborn….I have to do something…. I can’t let her go with someone else…..I know I m thinking nonsense but I have to alert from now itself so that in future nothing wrong happens and becoz of this Jasmine doesn’t go away from me….if anything as such happens then I will die)
Saying this he went to Aditya
“Bro listen to me….I have something to say” says Sidhant
A : Go ahead
S : Actually can’t we have anyother actress as a lead in our movie instead of Jasmine….there are many like Priyanka, Deepika and yes how can I forget Alia…she will be the best for this role
A : Are u sick Sid….I have already invested lots of capital for this project and the contracts are also signed up….and I dont find Jasmine unsuitable in any aspect….nothing can happen now
Saying this he left
Sidhant was looks on



Here jasmine was busy with her phone …..but she was constantly getting calls which she was rejecting all the time….
“Whats the problem of Sidhant….can’t he live and let live” she blurt
“Last Day Jasmine…..from tomorrow again the work will.start….Dehradun I m coming “ saying this she jumped on her bed and hugged her teddy
Suddenly her door bell rang…it was ringing continuously
Jasmine was pisses off and ran to open the door cursing the person
J : 2 min ruko ge to mar nahi jaoge….(she yells from inside)
[If u will wait for 2 mins u won’t die] As soon as she opened the door she found a drunk Sidhant standing infront of her holding a bear bottle
J : (whispers) Sidhant!!
Without saying anything he entered her house and lied on the couch
S : (in a drunk manner) Jasmine…..please dont leave me….please
Saying this he stood up n came infront of her….due to misbalance he landed on her….it looked like they were hugging
J : Sidhant….get up….see I m here only…
But she wasn’t getting any response becoz he slept on her shoulders
She properly placed him on the couch and went inside to bring a pillow
When she came she found Sidhant coughing…..he was vomiting
Jasmine ran and started rubbing his back….
She wiped his face cleaned all the mess around…..removed his shoes and coat to make him feel comfortable
All the time he was murmuring “Jasmine I love u” this brought tears in her eyes becoz she knew that the more she try to convince herself that she hate him….the more love for him increases


Sidhant woke up with his head aching very badly
J : here u go
Says jasmine giving him lemonade
Without saying another word he took the glass
She sat the soft infront of him
J : (sternly) so may I know the reason of this stunt??
S : . . . .
She rolled her eyes as somewhere it was expected….
She waited for few seconds
J : (frustrated) Its useless to expect any answer from u
Saying this she started moving inside the room
S : Leave this project
This made her stop midway
J : Why?? (Folding her arms)
S : Becoz. …
He started searching words
J : becoz u can’t see me growing right??….that time u did the same….I left my job just becoz of u that day….just becoz I wanted to save our love….u knew that the job was very important for me and my family but only becoz of u I left … Only becoz of ur stupid love I sacrificed everything …..but not anymore. ….I will defeat u once again how I did 6 years back….a day will come when The Sidhant Gupta will be no where…ur so called fans will forget u and thats my promise….why do u think I choose acting without have its passion….the reason is only u… the only aim of my life is to defeat u…..and next time dont u dare to come here….u are no one to me

She says sternly but these tears were making her weak

Sidhnat was numb…..
But after realizing her words his anger had no bounds

He grabbed her hand and bangged her against the wall
S : Its enough….maine bhi bht sun liya aur Tumne bhi bht keh diya.. ..Maanta hu vo meri galti thi…Vo mera bachpana tha….jiske liye mai aaj bhi guilty hu….tumse kitne maafi mangi minnete ki pur tum past se bahar nikalna he nahi chahti ho….par aab bahut to gaya… Aab mai tumse kabhi mafi nahi mangunga….tum yahi chahti ho na ki mai tumahare life se chala jau…par maaf kar dena aasa kabhi nahi hoga…..Beinhehaa pyaar ka to pata nahi par aab beintehaa nafrat zaroor karogi….yeh mera vaada h Jasmine
(Its enough…. accept that it was my mistake but that was not intentional…..everyday the guilt in me is raising for which I seek forgiveness everyday from u in a hope that some day u will….but u dont want to forget the past….but now its above limits…. Now I won’t apologize for any of my mistake….u want that I should leave ur life and go away….but sorry darling this will never happen….I dont know about endless love but from now u will hate me endlessly….n thats my promise)

Saying this he left her and stormed out. (Tujhe bhula diya plays)

• • • • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • • •

I hope I didn’t bore u all
And next episode will be my final episode for the past….it will reveal everything
And then I will focus on present…..
And the dp is the poster of their new film….I found it cool
Sid is looking Awesome …zain is also looking good but Jasmine is looking hilarious ??
This ff is full of my experiments
I never include UV or Zains character in my ff but its for the first time I did
Hope u all will like it
And I got to know that Jasmine got a new serial on colours….dont know its true or not but if yes then we will get to see her soon
Love u all❤

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  1. SidMin

    Shatakshi two episodes in a go today Loved it and beintehaa nafrat is a bit scary Waiting for the next episode want to know more about the past Loved it please post the next episode soon (See how greedy I am 2 episodes padne ke bad bhi Dil nahe manta )
    Will you do me a favour read the OS me and Chiku have posted “DECEPTIVE BEINGS”

  2. Sameera

    Omg sattu kya jhakasss wala epi tha
    Past last epi do cont soon
    I know u gave 2 epi today but kya karu ye dil manta hi nahi ???
    So amzing awesome marvellous epi yaar

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi…episode was awesome…..loved it to the core….

  4. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Shatakshi dear …u really rocked ….n shocked me …when u read final episode …I was not belonging me eyes tha pen thak God past ‘s final epi ??
    Otherwise the epi was amazing …..
    Loved it to the core …….

  5. sattu…loved it…
    sid ne toh…ab kya hoga…both ke bich main tashan…post nxt asap…n past…love u
    n yes jasmin is on role of pretty zinta as on chori chori chupke chupke…n name Sangharsh…n sidharth sukla as salman…n tina as rani…

  6. Pichhle waale mein bohot rona dhona ho gaya tha
    Aur nhi roungi
    Aur agar aapko bura laa to sholly
    Meli aadat hai
    Both epis were fab
    Spcly abb zyada mazaa aayega
    Sidhant has decided not to apologise
    Zain ki new entry
    And and and…
    Student of the Year!!!
    Who is Rohan and who is Abhi?
    And and and and and…..
    Epi 30 aa raha hai??????
    Majjaaa aayegi
    Aur aur aur….ekk aur os plsshhhh
    Plsshh plshhh plsshh
    Ok tata
    Bye bye
    Love u…emotional drama toh koi mese seekhe?

  7. Kritika14

    you made my day. Two episodes in a go. Dil garden garden ho gaya ? and i truly agree … twinkle is seriously looking hilarious but its okay to be different ? I am loving the whole new track. Keep writing soon. Eager to know what actually happened b/w them. Love you ?

  8. Loveleen

    omg wat an amazing episd….d dialogues were sooo awesm….u perfectly described d pain n anger…

  9. Superb episodes.. loved both of them.. and their tashan was too good.. I love ur dp.. when I read final episode I was shocked.. then I saw that it was final episode of the past.. I was relieved.. and yh I also read somewhere tht jasmin has bagged another show.. that’s good.. but won’t their pair be wierd??.. siddhart looks much more older than jasmin.. but one thing will remain constant which is sidmin (siddhart and jasmin)??.. but I like our sidmin (sidhant and jasmin) more??

  10. DIL maangey more…..
    AWESOME Episode
    Finally past will be over….present misunderstanding getting solved and then at last TwiNj…..
    Please it’s a request don’t end it soon….
    Cont with your FF cause it’s AMAZING

  11. Krystal_Krysiee

    Cmmnting after a long tym qki mere phone ka keyboard kharab hai yaar main mummy ke phone se post kr rhi hoon apni epis mere phone me p q m z a l type ni hota this is my bro ka phone n today i thought to cmmnt on at least ur ff qki tuhi meri jeene ki wajah h m nothing without uh meri bandar no. 2 and i think ur class assingments r going on now?? All the best for it m sure uh gonna rock ur xams meri xams r from 14 huh anyways the episodes r more than fab the thing is uh write beyond our
    xpectations i love uh a lott n plzzz tell me ki abhi is sidhant abd rohan is zain jasmine is shanaya btw jst a question yeh tanya ka role kon play kregi and wht about jeet and sudo and shruti and and and the dean
    batao batao ……. Acha byee love uh stay blessed and one request yaar plzzz change the poster jasmine is looking hehehehheehe hilarious hehe plzzzz waise i am ok with this poster also qki sidhant is looking more than awwsum did uh edit this?? If yes thn tell me from which app cz i too want to do this plzzz tell me
    finally byee
    love uh
    stay blessed

  12. Sara28

    OMG Shatakshi it was amazing! I absolutely loved it! ❤️ But wait…what do you mean by last episode?????????????????

  13. Ayu

    Haye!! That was smoking hot!! Awesome!! N that is sooocool?
    Some ex comes in front of ur house drunk? n that hate wala love is more captivating now!!! Simply amazing yaar❤️❤️Muaahhhhh

  14. Loved it to the core……..

  15. Fan

    Awesome epi shatz..but jasmine is looking very funny in the dp?

  16. Shreya098

    Insecure sid… Loving him
    Now zain is also there….
    Its gonna be fun…

    Excited for the last epi from past…

    And ya ur dp……jas is looking hilarious?????

  17. Jisha

    Wow…back 2 back episodes… enjoyed it…both the episodes were too good…loved the Tashan…a hatke wala dp…nice

  18. dreamer..arundhati

    Double dhamaka loved it sattu di…I m hooked on to this…..killer epi…ctd

  19. Baby

    shatakshi oh god amazing
    speechless episode was wowowwowowoowww
    yr u nailed it luvd it yup u r including zain fr d first tym in ur ff lets c
    luvd it yr n post nxt asap
    or batao itna happy happy hone ka rsn kher dere shuld b any rsn bt i hp u always stay happy n b blessed luv u darlo u r jst fabulous i was srsly laughing while seeing d dp of d ff hehhee all r luking ohh lalala yr kya creation ki hai hehehe
    luvd it luv u bhna amazing episodes

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  21. Kruti

    Thank u shatakshi fr 2epi’s
    They were awesome…..loved them

    Love u??

  22. Luvd it???

  23. loved it yar superb
    plyzzzzzz post the next one soon
    Waiting for the the next episode of a beautiful girl

  24. Plyzzzzzz tell me what do you eat
    U write fabulous :-):-),
    Y know I m speechless

  25. Ria

    Hey baby doll,
    The episode was superb. I just loved it. It’d be exciting to see TwiNj tashan now. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

  26. Zuha Fatima

    Shattu??U are ending it 🙁 Awwwww.. But everything has to end so no emotional drama of mine, u know I am a big drama queen ?? Well the episode is rocking and shocking, really eager to know how the story unfolds ?? Good going! Keep it up!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂
    Love u!


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