So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 26

Helloo lovely ppl
See I m here with double episode
Pata nahi aajkal mai bht khush hu iss liye aaj double episode

So let’s start





Here she is lazing around eating muffins…
She thinks,” In these 6 Years u are completely changed Jasmine….once u loved spicy food now u dont, once u loved simplicity now u dont, love u loved Sid….” Here thoughts choked
She continued with tears, “Once u loved Sidhant….(with anger) now u hate him….I hate u Sidhant….from the core of my heart….the.same core which used to love u endlessly…but u r not worth of my love… A man who can’t even see my success….then I m sorry to say u are not a man….My Man…..”

She kept her plate aside when suddenly she gets a call
“Hello Jasmine here”
“Hey Jasmine Aditya here….actually wanted to meet u….are u free tonight”
“Yes ofcourse Aditya…but is there something important?”
“Relax Girl….u will get to know tonight….so Renaissance Hotel at 9”
“Sure dear…bye”
Saying this she hanged up the call
Several thoughts were moving in her head…n it eventually happens if u are free and have nothing to do😂
“Is there any new contract for me…??”
“Am I going to get a new film??…”
“God I m hell excited”
Whole day she was lazying….breaking her sofa😂
Finally it was evening
She reluctantly dressed herself up in a loose white shirt with a white inner with her buttons left open.and a shaby jeans giving her a completely simple look


Jasmine reached and there she spotted Aditya Singhania…
She moved to the table….it was a 4 sitter table….Aditya was sitting along with a man with his back.facing her front
She sat next to him and was shocked to see Sidhant sitting there with a grin….playing with the spoon placed on the table
“So what was that urgent work Aditya?” questioned Jasmine ignoring Sidhant
“Actually Jasmine I was planning a film staring u and….” says Aditya but was interrupted by Sidhant
“Staring u and me….again” he says with a wink
Jasmine was very angry as she knew that it was all his plan
She says sternly, “Listen Aditya….I m sorry but I can’t do this project…”
“But why Jasmine?….do u have any problem with the actors..?” asks Aditya

Jasmine composed her anger and said
“Its nothing like that Adi….actually I m new in his industry…. n I want to excel myself with new actors….as I have already worked with Sidhant….he is a great actor but this time I want to try something new” she says convincing him
“Who told that only Sidhant is ur co actor…..we have another character lead too in this project” says Aditya casually
This was shocking for Sidhant as he didn’t knew about any of these things earlier
“But Adi u told that u are gonna star me and Jasmine then who is the other actor?” questioned Sidhant impatiently
“Yes Sidhant I did but my current story demand him….he is on his way…u will meet him soon”
Jasmine had a cunning smile on seeing Sidhants face
“Ohh see here he comes….Mr Zain Imam” says Aditya standing from his seat…they both share a hug
Sidhant to greeted him with a hug….they both have worked many times and were good friends but Sidhant was still uncomfortable of Jasmine working with him

All of them sat and Aditya started describing them the story….
“Its basically a youth project were….with love triangle….fun…” and he went on describing
“But what is the need for this love triangle??” questioned Sidhant not convinced with it
“Sidhant viewers love such plot now a days….and I m sure it will be loved too as we have got an Amazing cast for it” says Aditya sipping his vine
“So Jasmine are u ready for it now?” he asked
Jasmine looks at Sidhant who was praying that she should say no …..
“Yes ofcourse… How can I miss a project with Zain” she replies
“But what will be the title of the movie…..did u think something?” questioned Zain
“Many things are going on in my mind….but at present I m thinking of STUDENT OF THE YEAR as the title….how is it??” replied Aditya
“Its Amazing Adi….I m looking forward to it” said an excited Jasmine

After some discussions all of them left the place
Jasmine reached home and got a message from Sidhant
S : What was the need to agree for this project?
J : ???
J : Who the hell are u to question me?….its my life…stop behaving like a possessive boyfriend becoz u have lost that place
S : Shut up Jasmine….n u stop being childish….u won’t work and thats final
J : 😱😱 Omg look saying….the same guy who lost his relations just becoz of a stupid childish reason….go hell with u sidhant.
S : why always u divert the topic…. U know what its useless to talk to u
J : f**k off

Saying this she threw her phone
“Now the real game begin Mr Self obsessed Sidhant Gupta…..” she says with a smirk

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  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi Loved it the new twist with Zain and the cover pic is awesome Loved it 🙂
    And there is something in the past which is troubling Jas Loved it 🙂

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Oho shatakshi dear …….😆😆first of all hats off to u sweetie for the amazing fan fiction…ur cover dp is amazing dude N epi was very interesting….so now this much only coz u have already posted next one so I’m going to read that ….💕😙😙😙😙😙

  3. |Registered Member

    Double episode!
    Ye hui na baat!
    That’s why u r my pyali pyali behna
    But u forgot me
    I know u have forgotten me
    Bhool gaye aap mujhe😢
    Koi na…I can never forget u na
    Usi se kaam chala lungi
    Going to comment on the 2nd epi

  4. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    oh i loved it. firstly i was very confused with the cover art of yours and now i get it. It perfectly suits. Anyway, wont say to write soon as you already posted. Love you 💕

  5. Saira

    Omg thank you for double episode
    You made me so happy today
    The episode was AWESOME
    And so sorry for not commenting on previous episodes……
    Waiting for the next one

  6. Krystal_Krysiee


    |Registered Member

    Uh on insta whts ur account name plzzz bata de behn plzzzz wanna be in touch with uh anyways teri nxt epi pr dil khol kr cmmnt kiya hai do check it plzzzz

  7. Ayu


    |Registered Member

    Are yaar!! Pyaar ho gaya hai? Crushie?? Aaj kal happy happy?? Anyways aise he rehti acchi lagti hai…double blockbuster!! This one was out of this world!!! Creole mein ‘mone gaT ar to ff’ which means i am in love with ur ff😍😍
    Now the real game begins❤️

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