So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 25


Hellooo lovely ppl
So finally I m here with my 25th episode
And all thanks to u all….it was ur support that I m here with it
So without wasting any time let’s start
So here we go




Sidmin are in Auto returning back to college as they were done with the shopping and party was going to start within few hours
After that lift wala incident Sidmin were stealing glances but either of them didn’t utter a single word… All the time Jasmine blushing and Sidhant was smiling seeing her tomato red face

It was 7pm….Here Sidhant is standing infront of the mirror setting his hairs
He is wearing a black shirt and trouser with black balzer
Sidhant thinks, “Jasmine today I will give my heart to u….I will confess everything which is known but still untold”
He smiles
“Ohh God!!…its 7:30 now….I have to check whether Jasmine is ready or not”
Saying this he removes his phone and called her
“Hello Jasmine are u ready?” he says
“Sidhant just 2 minutes….God this heels are irritating….u read at the lawn(the venue) I m coming”
“Ok…see u”
Saying this he reached the venue….some few minutes Jasmine came
Her peach V neck embroided gown with a golden droplet and a creamish heels with her glowing face make her look flawless
“Hey Sidhant let’s go”she says smiling
“U are looking Beautiful” he says complimenting her

“I expected something more Sidhant” she says with a pout
“Kya karu Jasmine…jab bhi tujhe dekhta hu….tu mujhe ghayal jar deti h” he says with a wink
(What to do Jasmine….whenever I see u….u slay me)
She blushed on this
“Awww….look at this lal tamatar (red tomato) that’s why I lov….” he stops regaining his words
Jasmine was eying him lovingly….with hopeful eyes…a hope that he will confess his love to her
“U what Sidhant??” she questioned
“Ummm….no nothing…come let’s go” he says hiding
“May I” he says forwarding his elbow
She readily held his elbow and they entered the party
“Hey Jasmine….come here” yelled a girl
Jasmine excused herself from Sidhant….Sidhant too with his group

But all the time his eyes were on his lady love….same was with Jasmine who was near the bar counter with few of her friends
“Jasmine….meet him….he is Parth….Parth Kashyap….he is a second year mechanical student” introduced Soumya

(Parth Kashyap : Ankit Gupta….last seen in Sadda Haq season 1)
He was a tall guy with body similar to sidhants…he was wearing a jeans and a white shirt and brown blazer
“Hi Parth…Jasmine here…Nice to meet u” says Jasmine forwarding her hand
“Its my pleasure to meet a beautiful lady like u” they shake their hands
“Will u take vodka or normal juice” he asks
“I would prefer Orange juice” says Jasmine Smiling

“Nice” he says placing his order
Jasmine gave a confused look
“U dont have to compliment me on every thing Parth” she says sarcastically
All this was witnessed by Sidhant…
He started moving towards them
“May I have the please to have a dance with the beautiful lady tonight” says Parth forwarding his hand to Jasmine with a smile
Sidhant didn’t liked it….but before he could say anything Jasmine replied
“Sorry Parth….I m already taken” she says
On hearing this Sidhants happiness had no bounds
“Who is that lucky man?” asked Parth
“Hey…Sidhant here..” he says forwarding his hand
Jasmine was smiling all the time
“I m Man….u are damn lucky” Says Parth shaking his hands

Sidhant arched his eye brows and was smiling seeing a blusing Jasmine
Both Sidmin moved towards the dance floor.
He kept his hands on her waist and the other holding her palm….and she related her hand on his shoulder
The music starts and all the couples on the floor started moving
It was a lite music…
“Sidhant” says Jasmine
“Thanks for making ne feel so special” she says giving a peck on his cheeks
“Yaar aaj pappiyo ki barsat ho rahi h?” he says making his grip tight on her waist
(Today its like shower of kisses)
“Shut up” she says hiding her blush
Sidhant left her one hand which was holding her palm and removed a ring from his pocket which wasn’t noticed by Jasmine

He again held Her hand and made it wear in her ring finger
Amazed, “Sidhant what is….” she says
Interrupting her, “ Shh…” placing his fingers in her pulpy lips
“Dont worry this ring is from my earning….I won this cash price from the acting competition during college times….and so does this dress u are wearing….” he says
“Why didn’t u said it earlier?” she aked
“Bata deta to tumhara itna cute sa face dekhneko nahi mil pata” he says in a whisper leaning forward
(If I would have told then…..I would never have got to see such a cute face of urs)
“I love u Sidhant” she says touching her forehead with his
“I knew that” he says teasingly
She looked his eyes narrowing it…giving him death glares
“Ok ok….I m sorry I was just teasing u” he says
Jasmine rested her head on his chest
“Hiw mean Sidhant….u didn’t replied “ says Jasmine slowly

“Dont u know my Answer?”
“I know…. But I want to here it from u” demanded Jasmine
“Ok….ummm….so I m in love with the most prettiest soul which I have ever met in my life….u drive me crazy …seeing her my heart does a flip flop…. and thats u Jasmine….I love u a lot” he says giving a kiss on her head which was resting on his chest
She smiled n gave with a tight hug….her embrace was like a heaven to him
He felt it many times but today it was special

Jasmine bragged him out of the dance floor and they went to the same basketball court where they met each other personally
Jasmine brought him in the middle of the court….and cupped his face
She lifted up her heels and litely sucked his lower lips making him shocked
“Am I dreaming?” he says dramatically falling on the ground…. Seeing this she let’s of a soft giggle
“Thats not fair Jasmine….one day u will take my life by showering such love on me” he says standing up
“Come let’s enjoy the party” says Jasmine leaving

“We are not done yet” yelled Sidhant naughtily
“Shut up Sidhant….and come face” saying this she moved towards the lawn followed by him…
They were smiling all the time ….and their Fingers were entwined with each other…. Such that no one can part them
Jasmine Thinks, “Thank you so much Babaji for giving me such a partner…..for bringing Sidhant in my life….I want to cherish all the happiness with him….Please babaji keep all the evil eye away from our relationship “
She sees him lovingly. (Sajna ve plays)
Sidhant asked what happened through his eyes
She just nodded with a blush and held his elbow tightly….sidhant smiles and keeps his hand on her

• • • • • •


• • • • • •

Was the episode interesting??
I know it is small….but as I am going to post everyday so I I didn’t put present in this episode
Twinj forever….I m also a big fan of Misha’s ff Masquerade and two shades…but I dont know why is she not posting….I guess its her 10th so
And Navyu Congo for ur silver jubilee too
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments
And yes I didn’t get time to check so please ignore the mistakes
Love u all❤❤

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  1. dreamer..arundhati

    Sattu di fab epi..luved it

  2. Ria

    Hey Baby doll,
    The episode was amazing, okay? I loved it shoooo much. (Not more than you! Shhh..?) It was such a cute one. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Well, congrats for your Silver Jubilee! Eagerly waiting for the present. Looks like this ff is gonna be the longest in your collection. Anyways, do post soon.
    Loads of love.?

  3. Shreya098

    Congo for ur silver jubilee…???????????????????

    The epi was just fabulous….


  4. Rashiverma2199

    Hy my dear…. Episode was fab….loved it to the core….awesome….excited to see present

  5. SidMin

    Loved it Shatakshi and Parth’s entry OMG The name itself makes me smile (Love him yar)
    Loved the way Kunj confessed his love for Twinkle and Twinkle said yes
    Congo for your silver jubilee Loved it
    Love you
    Post soon 🙂 Excited to see no no read the present 🙂

  6. Jisha

    Congrats for silver jubilee…loved the episode…Fabulous one…

  7. Ayu

    Shatakshi it was simply???
    I was smiling throughout ur ff. It was breathtaking….chota hai par it has weight n i love the naughty side of kunj❤️

  8. Jiya_Ani

    A cutie one ..and really appreatiatable …muaaaahhh??
    Zyaada long nahi likh sakti kyunki exams are going on..
    Loving it.

  9. Fan

    Awesome epi shatz!!..loved the confession

  10. Kritika14

    Firstly, congratulations on the completion of your 25 episodes ? Coming to the episode, i loved it! It was fab. Loved sidmin scenes, they were just so damn cute ? Waiting for the present now. Write soon x love ya ?

  11. Kruti

    Shatakshi……..such a cute epi
    I so loved d part when sid made jas wear the ring……it was damn cute???
    Superb epi……loved it

    Love u????

  12. Hey Twin Sista!
    Congo for 25 episodes!!!
    50 episodes at least I want…ok?
    C’monn….chhoti behen ke liye itna bhi nahi? Kaunsa diamond set maang rhi hu?
    Khair…ur ff is like diamond set for me…
    And Sidhant…naughty naughty…
    Pappiyon ki barsaat?
    And kya confession hai
    I love u Sidhant…I know that
    That was cool?
    And basketball court…
    That’s one of the most spcl places in my life…and in SidMin’s life also?
    Aur wo chhachhundar Parth
    Huhh…I didn’t like him in Sadda Haq also…and here also…line maar raha tha meri Jas pe
    Chalo koi na…u know I am missing Twinkle-Kunj….abhi toh Sidhant aur Jasmin hi padh rhe hai?
    No probs….toh aapki twin sisso ka bhaashan khatam
    Hum chalte hai
    Aur jaane se pehle…
    Love u?

  13. Thanmy

    Hey shatz
    U r just I don’t know what to say I was reading the last part even I love 2 shades of Misha dii a lot and as soon as I read the next line trust me my heart skipped a beat as soon as I read my name I got scared!!! I thought what I did n continued and u made my silver jubilee extra special yarrrr thanq soooooooooooooooooooooomuch and yyeah congratulations to you 2 as I said both of them completed silver jubilee on the same day as well as both of them wrote confession on silver jubilee what a coincidence n this episode was fabbbbb I just loved it itzzzzz tooooooo good n u rocked as always
    Thanq once again for making my day special!!!
    Love u !!!!!!

  14. Congratulations for silver jubilee shatz…loved the episodes to the core…

  15. Chiku

    Congoooooo conggooooooooooocongooooooooooooooo???????????????????????????????
    Yeeeeeeeeeeee u completed ur silver jublie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love ur ff alot man.
    Loved it
    Waiting for next one. ❤️??

  16. Sameera

    Awww amazing sattu loved it yar
    Congratulations for silver jubliee
    ????????????????????Love u yaar soo much

  17. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute romantic mind blowing epi….loved it……

  18. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh my goody shatakshi
    u always r a bang bang
    yr wt cn i say speechless
    as u said i rmmbr jasmin i sqyt straight frwrd hm we sawe dat
    ohhhhh god amazing fabulous hayeee sid toh gir hi gya hoga itne saare kisses jo mile usko by his lady love osm yr n w8ing fr nxt
    post asap
    n happy to no u cmpltd 25 episodes n happy silver jublieeeeeee……….
    luv u yr very cute episdoe sweety….

  19. Damm cute episode

  20. Zuha Fatima

    Ohhhhh Shattu di???It was amazing ?? And the best dialogue was AAJ PAPIYON KI BARSAAT HO RAHI HAI ?? So damn amazing it was ?? Seriously loved it to the core but not more than u??
    Love u di❤

    Keep smiling and keep going 🙂
    Zuhu 🙂

  21. Superb epi.. I laughed on that dialogue “aaj pappiyo ji barsaat ho rahi hai”????.. and I loved their confession???.. and Congo for silver jubile?.. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  22. sattu…i m sry i m late…lovef sidmins confession…n naughty sids talk…congrats 4 ur silver jublieee…i love ur ff n keep on continuing…love u

  23. Romaisha

    And im here again shocked and speechless of what i just read!!
    Like damnnnnnnn ???????????????????????????????????
    Oh god di !! You r tooo gooooddd!!! No superbbb no awesome!!… See i dont have words!! ?
    Like di most simpliest and cutest and hottest confession yet!!! Like srsly it literally touched my heart ❤❤❤❤❤
    You nailed it yaar!! ??
    Post next episode nah pleashhh cant wait to cont reading!! ???
    Love you diii ??

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