So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 22


Hellooo lovely ppl
So Hot Girls and Beautiful Ladies
Here we are going to have a cake cutting session on the auspicious occasion of my beloved Baby Doll I mean…RIA?
So let’s start singing

Happy Birthday to u ?
Happy Birthday to u ?
Your the monkey in my zoo??
Happy Birthday to u ?
Happy Birthday to u ?


We both are submitting our ffs together?…at the same time

So let’s start the episode





Here Jasmjne, Sidhant, Riya, Om n some more were sitting on the staircase chit chatting
Suddenly Om’s cell gave a ring so he excused himself
Others continued their talks…in between the conversation Jasmine eyes spotted Om who was on the phone…his face said that he was complete iriked with the caller
He took some time but then finally returned

J : (teasing) Kya hua Om?…teri ex gf pregnant ho gaya kya??
(What happened Om?…is ur ex gf pregnant?)
Hearing his others started laughing
O : (frustrated) no yaar nothing like that…the thing is that my mom is worlds most irritating creature on this entire universe
All the crowd sitting were not happy with his words for his mother
S : (sternly) Om…first of all mother is not a creature…so u better mind ur words
J : Sidhant leave it…n Om what made u think such crap
O : U know yesterday night I went in a party….u won’t believe but for the first time I took permission of my parents

S : (rudely) its becoz they should be informed earlier that their son is gonna be arrested in drug dealing n sleeping with sl*ts n would come to rescue u from police….so they should be mentally prepared right??
Om rolled his eyes n then continued
O : So since that time she has been asking me what happened there??…whose party it was??…how many of my friends attended it??… Were there any girls present??… An alcohol??…urgh!!!…n thousand such stupid questions…she is so irritating….what is the need to ask such silly questions…I just hate it…its obvious that it was a late night party so alcohol, girls has to be there…
R : U know what…u have a shitty mind…blo*dy looser
A boy : Dude…I feel the samethat…sometimes its damn irritating

O : Oh guess what I dont give a damn…n yes….sometimes they r hell irritating…whenever I visit home she just want me to stay with her all the time n listen her oldie talks….like beta u know I saw a nice shirt for u in khandelval market…beta I brought grapes for u….see my son became so thin seems like u r starving since years….Ohh God!!….irritatingi m not a child anymoee
Jasmine was controlling her anger
J : Yes u r right om…our parents n elders always have something boring to talk…unlike us youngsters….we have very useful n productive discussions….right??… Like welfare of our country n how can i forget our society…
S : Jasmine what’s wrong with u…u r supporting this dumb brat
She ignored his question
She started doing with her phone n suddenly it rang
She didn’t excused herself….instead sat there itself….knowing that she is talking on the phone rest all of them sat quietly
On call
J : Hey Jenny what’s up dude
J : Omg omg omg….r u serious….like seriously he proposed u….explain me from start…how it started
J : Ohh…okay….Awww so romantic….but dont u think that it was a bit crepy….he was acting cheap….just sending a message that he loves u…okay leave it just say me which emoticon he used….did he used A Smiley?…or a heart❤….or that one giving a flying kiss?
J : He seems better than the earlier one

J : Hmmm…thats good…I think he is perfect for u…good luck girl…love ya…bye❤

She hanged up the call
N looked up….all of them were sitting with surprised face n Sidhant was smiling….n this Om was seeing the floor in guilt
J : (acting to be confused) What happened??…n Om what were u saying??…Ohh ya I remember…we all youngsters r very intelligent n always speak useful things….bro I agree with u
There was complete silence when suddenly Riya stood up n gave Jasmine a hug
R : Jas….u r really the best…the way u gave an answer to this looser Om was great
Jasmine just gave smile
Om didn’t say anything instead left the place
J : wait I will check ….I think he felt bad

S : Leave him….he will be alright after sometime…but Ur way was really killer …how easily u proved Om wrong without even protesting him….it was needed to make him understand that what is real n what is reel…parents love is the most precious gift in this entire world…if he feels that mothers love is irritating then trust me no one can help him
J : exactly…n now a days ppl consider their ‘so called friends’ as their life… Silly them
R : Hey leave all this….I will go n check whether that looser…u know na some ppl need a hug around neck……..with a rope?

All left from there except Sidmin…sidhant was looking Jasmine smiling
J : What??
He shook his head in negation
S : I discovery a new smart Jasmine today
J : U mean to say that I wasn’t smart earlier….so mean Sidhant Gupta…so mean
J : (she continued) but anyways…I too found a new Sidhant yesterday….different from that childish one….a mature Sidhant who understands his family
They both look each other (Rabata plays ?)
They broke the eye lock

S : Umm…Jasmine so what is ur decision
J : (confused) about what?
S : Fresher’s party…its day after tomorrow….so r u coming with me
He eyes her hopefully
J : Umm…if u r insisting so much then…umm…okay
This lighten up his face
N they left smiling



Here Sidmin came for promotions…surrounded by various reporters
They questioned many stuffs about the film….
But there was something new today which Jasmine too noticed but managed to keep quite
Today sidhant was out from his ‘I Am The Best’ mode….n was answering all the media questions calmly
Even reporters were amazed as many of them had been the victim of his arrogance
Reporter : Sidhant as u r a successful actor….n it seems like this film too is gonna set record….so have u planned anything about ur personal life… marriage….or love
Sidhant looked at Jasmine but Jasmine prevented herself from eye lock
Sidhnat held the mic firmly

S : I am rejected by my lady love
Was the word he said
All were shocked including Jasmine …she was just glaring Sidhant
S : (laughing) Just Kidding….n I find love painful…ummm…let me explain the phases of love in my way (n he gave a wink?)
So when u start loving someone ur heart sings “Meri pahle Mohabbat?” (My first love) *its a song from Darshan Ravals Album*
Everything just seems perfect

N then as time passes n both are together …its like
“Kuch to hai tujhse Rabata?” ❤
But then….misunderstandings?
“Yeh mohabbat nahi aasan”? (this love isn’t easy)

R : (laughing) then?

S : Aab bacha he kya h…breakup (Now what else is remaining…Breakup)
N then it will be like
“Tadap Tadap ke iss dil se aaha nikalti rahi…” ??
N finally after ur life passes from all this background music’s u realize that
“Pyaar China Ka Maal Hai?” (Love is made in China)
N everything end up…
So its better to stay away from it….right Jasmine??

Jasmine was giving death glares to Sidhant ….n Sidhant…be was smiling cunningly. (Tashan e ishq title track plays)


Guys I know many of u much be thinking that the song is a break up song….so let’s see what happens

Thanks a lot for ur precious comments
Love u all❤

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  1. Sara28

    Omg Shatakshi! The dialougues in this epiosde was on fire ? Loved Kunj’s way of explaining through song titles! ? And I love the song “We don’t talk anymore” ❤️ Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Kruti

    Superb dialogues shatakshi…….Loved d epi
    Waiting to know whats nxt in store for us

    And what u said was a 100%true……Ria is d most cutest doll

  3. Ria

    Hey baby doll,
    Thank you so much. Even though you wished me first but, this ff wishes. Haha.. anyways I’m a monkey in your zoo? Doesn’t matter cuz you’re also degraded to a zoo keeper.
    Anyways, the episode was amazing. I loved it. N the part of mother love was super fabulous. Eagerly waiting for the next one. Hope you get to post soon.
    Loads of love?
    Your baby doll (forever)?

    1. Meeta

      Demotion ho gaya??
      Itne àchhe writer se ek Degraded zoo keeper.?
      Very well Ria.?
      Love you both.?
      Love this FF.?

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Shatakshi episode was awesome…. Loved it to the core….

  5. Shreya098

    Superb epi …..
    His reply to the reporters…wow

    Pyar China ka maal hai???????hehehehehe…

    Loooved it

  6. Awesome epii.. superb.. really loved hw kunj explained his way of love to the reporters thru song titles.. and I laughed on this one “pyaar China ka maal hai” ????? do cont soon ?

  7. Jisha

    Episode was too good.. loved the reply of kunj to reporter… awesome episode

  8. Shats di
    Perfect treat for Ria di on her b’day! I mean aise b’day treats agar mile to mann karega ki har roz b’day ho. Nevertheless, this was a treat for me too. I loved it oh so much!
    Dnt wry…I love u more than ur ff??

  9. Baby

    oh my god shatakshi yr i m still laughing
    hmm hhmmmmmm are yr itne ache se smjaya sid ne pyaar ko
    wid dese songs at d bcground toh i wont smile
    den wtelse ll i b doing
    luvd it 2 d core i mean wowwwww soooooooo to gud
    luvd it was fabulous fantastic amazing
    both past n present were fab
    speechless yr rukne ka mann nhi krrha par hmm hai rahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte (bhno ke liye or dost ke liye bhi) yr c u soon wid nxt episode
    post asap dear

  10. Sameera

    Omg yaar sattu ….
    Amzing amazing last scene amazing
    Awww sidmin loved it yaar

  11. ???last part is hilarious!!! Amazing!!

  12. dreamer..arundhati

    Sattu di fab epi…luv u

  13. SIDMIN-Daamini

    ???????????????????really u just nailed it
    tadap tadap k iss dil se aahhh niklti rahi n pyaar China ka maal hai ???LOL
    Superb shatakshi
    Twinj were just Awsome
    Love u ???

  14. Awesome episode… Loved it….

  15. Loved it

  16. Thanmy

    Awesome shatakshi toooo good especially song wala answer its tooooo good I loved that part a lot and I like peheli mohabbat song a lot and episode was amazing

  17. Kritika14

    DUDE, ii just loved this. It was amazing! I epically loved when sid describes through song titles … you just nailed that part. And your song selection is awesome. Pelli mohabbat completely suited the situation and also, i love that song. Continue soon and love you ?

  18. Zuha Fatima

    Good going Shattu di! Such a sweet episode ? Really enjoyed it! Keep it up 🙂 Good going 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  19. SidMin

    Loved it
    Shatakshi and I will post my ff soon (Same problem no time to write Exams on head )
    Loved the song selections and really want to know what happened in the past
    Love you 🙂

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  21. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…. Dialogues were more than best…. Superb Yrrr….
    Sorry for the late comment… ???…..
    Love u ???

  22. Mantasha

    First of all… sho shoooooooo shooorrrryyyy… 4 not commenting on prev epi.. actually m lacking time.. today to I got up early n finished my work.. smewat.. n sat to read.. n it id totallly shit…
    .. shit..!!!!! M lacking words… coz m speechless right now…. darr gyi thi kya…?????????????????????????????

    Anyways luv yaa…??????

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