So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 20






Sidhant is waiting for Jasmine in Cafeteria
He is restless as she is almost an hour late
S : This girl is impossible…. Cant she come on time atleast for our date…well I know its not an official date but a start (smiles)
While he was saying all this he didn’t realized that Jasmine was behind him
J : Ahem Ahem
She coughed to gain his attention
S : (dramatically) ohh finally u came….charan kaha h aapke devi (where is ur feet Goddess )
Funny tune plays
Jasmine gives a pout
J : How rude Sidhant Gupta
By the time Sidhant noticed her completely
Her straight cut plain dark kurti with floral print plazo was just looking perfect on her…she wore a long droplet in her ears with her hairs open n hardly any makeup
He smiled seeing her
J : (snapping her fingers before him) Where r u lost??
S : umm…nothing…come let’s go
Sidhant started moving but Jasmine was standing there itself
S : (turning back) Aab kya hua?? (Now what happened?)
J : So mean huh Sidhant Gupta…u r taking a girl on a date n u dont even have the courtesy to compliment her
S : (holding his laughter) Ohh so this is bothering u…umm…(looking top to bottom) u r looking nice
J : (angry) U just leave it….why was I even expecting this from u….now come fast
Sidhant held her elbow n pulled against himself
(Ishq Bulava plays??)
S : (whispers in her ears leaning near her face) U look just like my Dream Girl….this is what the best compliment I can give u
Listening this she smiles
J : Sidhant…I m getting ur signals…u know
She says with a naughty grin
Sidhant arched his eye brow with a smile
They both left the college


On their way…they hired a taxi

J : umm…I m happy that u passed my test
S : (Confused) Which test?
J : (hesitating) actually I purposely wore this traditional type of dress rather than some western wear so that…
S : (interrupting) so that u can know whether I m a judgemental kind of person or not who judge a girl on her looks n attire…right??
He says with a smile
J : Yeah (n smiles back)
S : well then u should feel urself lucky that u have a friend like me…hot, handsome, understanding n what not…just like a Mr Perfect which many girls dream of
He says pulling his collar up
J : Hello stop boasting urself okay….
Aur yeah kya Mr Perfect laga rakha h…(and what is this Mr Perfect n all huh??)
I understanding everything
S : challo mera kaam to aasan ho gaya na (thats good…my work reduced)
Says with is cheesy smile
J : Here we go…we reached Marine drive
They both got down making their way today’s Marine Drive but was suddenly stopped by Sidhant
J : What happened??
S : we will come here later but first Come with me
He says grabbing her wrist
They reached on a road surrounding many street foods
J : Wow….(she exclaimed)
S : Did u liked it??
She didn’t say anything as her eyes were busy in stating the pani puri stall
J : Sidhant u know I just love pani pu…
S : (interrupting) what r u doing here…come let’s go their near faluda stall
She didn’t said anything but just followed him
Sidhant was enjoying the faludo but Jasmines eyes were stuck on the pani puri stall but she managed to not to show this to Sidhant
S : they r just yummm right Jasmine??
J : Hmm…
She responses as she was not liking this sweet taste
They ate the faluda…n this time jasmine thought that they will eat something spicy
S : So what next??
J : (excited) Pani pu..
S : (again interrupting) now come let’s eat gulabjamun…its the speciality of this place…u must try it
Jasmine managed to give a fake smile
They were busy in eating…or can say that he was enjoying but not Jasmine
She kept stating him lovingly
(Aadha Ishq plays??)

they finished all this n now it is early evening
S : Enjoyed na??
Jasmine wanted to say that she didn’t liked n yes she wanted to eat her beloved spicy fast food but then stopped n gave a nod
Sidmin are in Marine Drive …enjoying the crowd n the atmosphere
J : Okay so shall we leave now…
S : ya
Jasmine started moving but he stood their itself n said
S : Do u consider me as ur friend??
J : (confused) now where did this come from
S : no…u just answer
J : yes…this is the reason I came with …I dont do all this things with strangers
She says sarcastically
S : I dont think so….if u would have considered me as ur friend then u would have told me about ur wishes openly
Jasmine understood what he was trying to say
But before she could say something
S : But I m happy that u too passed my test
N he gave a wink
J : it means it was a plan to make me eat those extra sweet stuffs
S : Well yeah!!
She gave an angry look
All of a sudden Sidhant started moving close to her
S : I dont think we r just friends …I know u never sacrifice ur food n when it comes to pani puri then ur difficult to handle…but see my presence made u do… (He says teasing)
Jasmine blushed on his words. (Ishq bulaava plays??)
J : Shut up n come fast we have to reach college before 7
They didn’t say anything throughout their way

She think, “I know Sidhant we r more than friends but I need time….time to accept that I have started falling for u….time to trust u…time to make u my life….n I know I won’t take much time”
N she slept smiling?

• • • • • • •


• • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
See I m early today
N guys ik that many of u r sad becoz of tei is going off air
But please dont be sad as its better to end it rather than dragging the crap….right??
Even the actors should get some good opportunity to excel themselves
N plzz dont quit TU as many of them did after Sidhants exit
N thanks a lot for ur lovely comments
Love u all❤❤

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  1. Awesome!!!! Amazing…..Superb!

  2. Sameera

    Amzing sattu marvelous
    Loved it yaar
    Aww cute sidmin
    Yeah it’s better to end it than to drag it ?
    Plz post next asap

  3. Ria

    Hi baby doll,
    Umm..umm..aj short sa comment. The episode was amazing. Aha! Ovio they’re more than friends. Unko nahi pata toh kya I know.?? loved it. It was legit amazing. Possessive Sidhant would be a treat to watch. Do post soon.
    Loads of love.??

  4. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Shatakshi….awesome episode dear….amazing

  5. Amazyn…superb….luvd it ???

  6. Awesome epi.. loved this cute sidmin??

  7. Romaisha

    Wahooooo!!! Yay you’re backkkkkk ??????????????

    This episode was fabulous yaar!! These funny wala tests ?? ???
    Tooo good diii

    Post next one soon!! Pleaseeeee … Sorry kinda got too happy when i read ur ff ??

    Love you ❤❤❤

  8. Awesome lovely

  9. Amazing!!!really sweet!!

  10. Kritika14

    The episode was just amazing! Those tests sidmin kept for each other ?? Really loving this whole new track and waiting to see our siddhant being possessive. Write soon and love you ?

  11. Fan

    Awesome epi shatz!

  12. Angita


  13. Kruti

    Thank u shatakshi……epi jaldi post karne ke liye
    I enjoyed reading it…….and d tests that both gave to eo were cute
    Obviously yar they both r something more than friends….realize toh hogaya donno ko baas ab confession jaldi ho jaye

    Nxt epi is gonna b exiting…..possesive sidhant……just cant wait

    Love u??❤
    Keep smiling and keep writing?

  14. Shats di
    Aa gayi aapki bimar Ishu?
    Ur ff is always a treat. Even in this condition. But I loved it as always. Will be waiting for the possessive Kunj.
    Love you beyond infinity??❤

  15. Sayeeda

    Sattu yrr tumne toh dil khush kr ditta… ????…..
    What a amazing episode….
    Seriously yrr no doubt that my Sattu is a outstanding writer…..
    Amazing.. Awesome episode..
    Loved it to the core ?

    Nd u r right we should not quit TU…. I can’t even think to leave my TU family….
    Love u ??

  16. SIDMIN-Daamini

    shatakshu ( hope u dont mind this name )
    dear u were fab
    main tumhaari fan ban gayi hun
    i love u dear
    epi was fab
    n sometimes i was just laughing my heart out on twinj nok jhok that was so cute
    n i know tei is going off air so we must not leave tu at least for eo n tei show n this tu has a big hand behind this coz through this only we were able to make such lovely friends
    n ya they r dragging the track so no demand but not negative im full of positivity ki dukaan n i still expect or hope to see my sidmin again alive on onscreen n with together only
    but i dont wan to judge but still i dint thiink there r no serial with most boring story line
    hope one more show of this zee tv come to an end though tei n meru sasu ma r going tobut still for tashan e ishq season 2
    see how much i am positive
    now stay blessed n keep smiling 🙂

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    Firstly toh i m eagerly waiting for diz possessive sidhant ?? nd secondly as always u rocked though it was a short update but still i loved it nd der tests funny as well as cute…. loved it….
    love u…. ??

  18. Zuha Fatima

    Shattu di….How are u? Hope u are doing well 🙂 Well the Episode was amazing as always 😉 I really enjoyed the way Jasmin tested Sid’s love for her. Simplicity is Purity 🙂 Very well described each and every dialogue was beautiful 🙂 Good going 🙂 Keep it up ?

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    Love u ❤❤


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    ekdum dhintaak amazing…….
    bole to phadu….
    do cont yaar…
    love u….
    n yaa definately will not leave….tu…
    a BIG NO FROM ME…..
    i will not leave okay…
    love u
    take care

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    Amazing epi….
    Looved it

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    Tumne dil garden garden ker Diya… enjoyed it…n possessive kunj was a treat to read…loved it…
    N yes u r right… dragging a crap story Se to better hai end it at a good note.. won’t leave tu family for sure

  24. SidMin

    Loved it
    so cute Jas testing Sid and Sid asking Jas wether she considers him her friend then why did she not tell her wishes openly to him
    Loved it
    waiting for the next 🙂

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