So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 2




Twinkle was laying on her bed trying to cook up a master plan in order to trouble kunj
A cunning smile was spread all over her face….
Suddenly leela entered her room
“Twinkle…can u please give this dinner packet next door”
“Hmm…ya okay” she replied without realizing her words
Suddenly she said
“Ma..Maa…next door…u mean to say at kunjs house” she asks hesitantly
Leela nodded her head casually
It was like a storm for twinkle…within no time she jumped in her bed n yelled
“What?? please…no need to give this dinner n all n that too to that Broccoli”
“Twinkle…language?” said leela
“N u know…being a neighbour its our duty to help…just now I saw him struggling with the utensils n was trying to cook food…seems that he got hurt…thank God our kitchen windows r opposite to each other…now no more drama…just go n give this to him…I m going for jagrata(a prayer meet)…” says leela
“But Mom…he never had courtesy to speak to u once..then also u…” replied twinkle frustrated
“Its his nature…u can’t change it na…” says leela interrupting
Twinkle pouts…but its of no use a leela already left her room
“Wow twinkle What a life!!!…now u have to give this food to that Broccoli…” she thinks keeping her hand on her hips..

• • •

“Ohh God…kaha phas gaye (where I m stuck)cant he switch on the lights of his entrance” says twinkle irritated
Knock knock
But no one opened the door
Again …knock knock
But again?…
Twinkle is habitual to such rudeness n that too from his side…but its going beyond the limits
This time she kicked the door with a bang n
“Uuueee Maa…(ouch mom..) My legs…Ahh” she started yelling holding her legs ??
It was paining so much so she stood against the door taking its support n started caressing her legs
When suddenly the door opens n she looses her balance
But…but…but when hero is here why to fear…
She fell in his arms…her eyes closed…but feeling a strong hold around her body she peeped from her left eye
N yes again….her jaws hit the ground…I wonder haven’t she got any cramp…as now a days she is getting amazed with his acts…
Her eyes popped out
“You!!…can’t u open the door early” she complaint still in the same position
He rolled his eyes….but then something strikes into his mind n he smirked
Within no time he left her….which made her fall
“Ouch…my butt” she cried
Meanwhile kunj left a cunning laugh
“U blo*dy jerk….” She abused standing up on her heels n rubbing her cloths
Kunj just kept on giving uninterested looks
“Why did u came here??” he questioned harshly
“May I come in” was the word she said
“NO” he gave an immediate reply
She narrowed her eyes n said
“Have u kept some sl*ts inside or what…dont worry ur ‘reputation’ won’t get affected…I won’t disclose” she says or rather say that it was a taunt….in return
This made him furious but managed to control his anger
She without wasting anytime entered his house giving a slight push to him with attitude
“U Know what…u r just impossible” he said nodding his head in disagreement
She entered the house or can say the mansion…but nothing was visible to her as it was dark all around
“Why dont u fit some lights in ur house” she says sarcastically
She started locating the switch board but to no avail
Finally she got…As she was going to switch it on…he held her wrist pinning her against the wall
“What the heck r u trying to do huh??” he questioned with anger on her peak
She wasn’t able to see him but his voice clearly reflected his anger…she closed her eyes in fear
Suddenly he took out a lighter n lit it near their face which was very close
Her eyes were even more shining becoz of her teary eyes…
He understood her fear….but it gave him a pleasure…dont know why…but yes it did
She saw a cunningness on his face n tried her best to compose herself
“Ohh my my…now ‘the best’ kunj Sarna smokes too…wow…its like unfolding ur dark secrets” she again give a bash
“I dont” he says stubbornly still in the same position
“Ohh…so u mean to say that this lighter is just for show…right??” she says
Before he could say anything she interrupted
“Now I get it…u haven’t paid ur electricity bills right??” she continues. (funny tone plays on the BG)
Kunj just gives a ‘what the hell’ wala look
She was irritating him like hell…
Unknowingly he pressed her shoulder with his one hand…she felt the pain but she didnt react this time….
Instead she bit his hand from her sharp teeth
“Ouch” he winched in pain
To which she let’s out a soft giggle with a victorious smile on her face
This made KUNJ hell angry n to remove it he banged the door hard…
“Calm down Angry young man” said twinkle calmly without getting affected with his act
“Just leave from here” he yelled
“Not so easily…I came here to give this to u” she said giving the packet of food
Kunj took it n lifted him hand
“A…a…dont even think of think of throwing it okay….as has given this” she warned which gave a pause to his hands
He looked at her with amazement becoz she caught his act
“Dont look at me like this…n go n have ur dinner” says twinkle
“Will u leave??” questioned Kunj rudely
“Where is the washroom” she Gave a counter question
“WHAT??” he said
“Yeah…I just asked that where is ur washroom…I wanted to use it as its urgent” she says innocently
“Pee in ur pants” an another rude reply from him
“U have to clean….as it’s ur house” she says with attitude giving a smirk
“That way” he said indicating towards a direction
“Thank u…Mr Broccoli” she said pulling his cheeks…a way to irritate him??
Kunj gave a frustrated look
But this twinkle is twinkle…it was just a way to unfold this mystery named ‘kunj’….so he went another way or rather say a room
She peeped inside…n yes again another dark room
She located the switch n on the lights…
“OMG!!!” was the reaction she had….she cupped her mouth in amazement
“WHAT THE f**k R U DOING HERE???” he yelled his lungs out….with a blood red eyes

• • • •

NEXT UPDATE : Still the lamb is in lions den…

• • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So did u liked the episode??
Was it funny???
Did u liked their talks???
Why was twinkle amazed…any guesses??
N yes finally…was the length OK???
Thanks to all the readers for loving the first episode
Hey Angita…no dear…we r still friends…yeh Broccoli humari dosti nahi tod Santa??
Sayeedaaa n Bhavika…kya shayri thi yaar…loved it..❤❤❤
N sayeeda I loved that jhakkoo…???…bole to full to jhakas…hehe
Keep loving the same way??
Love u all…❤❤❤

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  1. Sameera

    Lovely sattu ek damm awesome superbb wala epi tha ???

  2. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  3. Kruti

    Hey shatakshi
    Amazing epi……jaldi se nxt wala epi post karo kyunki mujhe pata hai twinkle me omg wale expression ke saath kai sare omg wale expression free mein milenge humare faces par…… Waiting for d mystery to unfold

  4. Im ssrsly in luv with ur ff….it’s awsum??

  5. Srsly i was angry bcz i saw next update .. Im likeee no did it have to end??? Post ur next epi ASAP i literally can’t wait i wanna see wat kunj is hiding !!! Haa im demanding u ??? ❤

  6. Ria

    The episode was amazing..looks like Kunj has a huge past to be unfolded. Waiting for it. Or, may be I’m wrong.

  7. Wowww…seems lyk the mystery man has too many untold stories abt him….it wz lovely and twinkles nvr give up wala spirit in digging info abt kunj wz a delight:)

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi dear…episode was fab….awesome……loved it…..

  9. Shreya098

    woww what a episode…
    their nok jhok…??
    loving it

  10. Saby

    Shatu…… ?
    Sachi batade itne secrets hai q.?
    Muje toh voh vamp hi lag raha hai?
    Lovely epi…..?
    Eager to know Kunj the vamp k more n more secrets…. Btw twinki is also very stubburn yaar…. Loving its so interesting?

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it…..drama queen twinkle……..plzz post next part asap….

  12. Angita

    Glad we are still friends . very eager for the next one.looks like Kunj is ASD dangerous as our siyappa queen

  13. Lama

    Amazinggggggly Awesome…Superbbb epispde…eagerly waiting for the next part…plz post it asap

  14. AmaZing!

  15. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome…it was really a funny one…what a pair….both are two stubborn….really waiting fr nxt episode…plz..plz post next epi asap…

  16. Sayeeda

    Oyee Sattu mujhe bhi Saby ki baat sach lag rhi hai ….kunj as vamp …huuuhhaa….Twinkle akeli bechari abla nari ek vamp ke saath raat bhar…kitna khaufnaak mazar hai …lolzz….
    Coming to episode ….bole to ek dum mazedar….phaddu …rapchik…
    It was so funny ..loved their Talks nd length na pucha kro jitna likhogi utna kam hai mere liye kyuki mujhe aur padhna rhta hai na ….smjjhi…
    The best part was Twinkle’s ” Ueee maa…” hhaaahh…so funny …
    Finally episode was full to jhakkoo…

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    okk nw m quite xctied to knw d secrets of kunj….wat did twinkle see ?..n why is kunj so rude n all dat…plz update soon ..m quite anxious nw…

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    Amazing epi di… Sorry for lste comment as I was in school…

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    Amazing episode…. waiting for nxt… kunj’s secret…. post nxt soon…

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    Wowww Awesomeeee epi…. ?????
    Loved it!!! Plzzz update soon… waiting eagerly to know wht did twinkle see……..???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Sattu di fab
    I m in luv with this one

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    Wow Loved the episode and the way Twinkle behaved was so cute waiting to know Kunj’s past Waiting for the next episode and Loved this one

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    Twikis Mr broccoli hehehhe..????
    Pee in ur pants omggg…..??
    Precap ahan seems going to b fun…..??????????
    N may b going to unfold his dark mystry…..??????????❤❤❤❤❤
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz….❤❤❤❤??????

  25. osm suprb shatakshi wow luvly

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