So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 18





The episode starts with


J : Okay…so now as we r friends…so new friendship ke naam par ek game to banti h (So on the name of our new friendship let’s raise a toast with a basketball game)

She says smiling
S : Nope…I m in not mood to play now…we will do it later
J : C’mon dont be a spoil sport…Get up…Move ur butt
She says dragging him in with the ball

N now the game begin

Jasmine is dribbling the ball trying her best to escape from his trap but he blocked her way raising her difficulty to give a throw…
In no time as she was struggling he took this as an opportunity n snatched the ball giving a throw n yes earning a point

J : WTF!!
She exclaimed in disappointment
He gave a victorious grin

S : Better luck next time babes
Saying this he passed a flying kiss?….dropping her jaws?
The game started again…one after the other Sidhant was increasing his points
This was too much for Jasmine
Now the ball was in Sidhants hand n he was dribbling it giving her a grin of victory
Suddenly she stood erect n moved infront of him leaving him blogged
She moved her fingers on his right cheeks raising his amazement
Still the ball is dribbling n is in Sidhants hand

S : What r u trying to…
J : (placing her fingers on his lips) Shh… (Ishq wala love plays in the BG)

Her every touch was raising his hormones…after all he was a guy
He closed his eyes to feel the touch
Few minutes passed when suddenly

J : Yesss I did it
Yelled Jasmine gaining a point
Yet again Sidhant was trapped in her plan…

S : That was not a fair move
He says arms folded standing infront of her with a frown
She left out a small giggle

J : Its just a start…aage aage dekho hota h kya (now u just wait n watch)
She says boldly…n gave a peck on his cheeks
N turned around to leave

S : Hey…just dont do that
Reacted Sidhant on her Kiss
J : Why it even matters
Said Jasmine teasing
S : It creates problem…like…
He started searching words for clarification
Jasmine laughed nodding her head in disagreement
J : Be a man Sid…just say na that my every touch makes ur hormones dance on Disco Dewanee
This made Sidhant smile
J : Catch u later…I have a class right now
S : ummm…which field??
He questioned hesitantly
J : Now please dont tell me that u haven’t noticed me in ur class….Mechanical first year
S : (happy) Thats great…
He said controlling his excitement

They both quickly changed their sweaty attire n got themselves into the formal wear as per the college dress code
Sidhant wore a black shirt with faded denims
N Jasmine wore a long straight cut maroon kurti with floral print palazo

They both reached the classroom
Jasmine sat with her new friend Navya n Riya
The girls we in minority as it was Mechanical…its the sane scene throughout the country as its not a their first choice

Sidhant sat behind her…the whole leactuer he was admiring her beauty…her straight forwardness…n most importantly her boldness

At the end of the lecture the Prof announced
P : So the first year students we have an announcement for u all….as we all know that the academic year has started…so the college have arranged a Fresher’s Party

This lighten the face of the pupils …all engaged themselves in plannings

P : N the theme this year is Halloween night…

On hearing this the crowd together yelled ‘WHAT THE F!!”
“Thats not fair” says Dhruv annoyed
The chaos in was room was increasing

P : Hold on students…
Says prof smiling
P : Just kidding….the theme is Couple Party…yayay for the first time the college has arranged such freashers eve…so enjoy…n yes if u dont have any partner…then u can take ur so called brother for the entry
N he winked
The prof was a in his mid thirties…probably the youngest among the other
He left the class leaving a happy crowd behind
“Wow so much fun na” exclaimed Riya in excitement
On.which Jasmine faked a smile
Sidhant was happy n nervous too as a biggest task infront of him ask permission from jasmine for the Night…



Jasmine was standing when Sidhant came n gave a pat on her shoulder
S : Hey
J : Hi…but I think we were in the same class so this greetings….
S : Vo actually…umm…actually
J : Kuch kaam h kya…kuch puchna h kya
(Do u have some work….u want to ask something)
She.says teasing him
S : Yes..I mean no….I mean yes
J : Fattu kahi ke…ladki to convince karne me kitna darte.ho….seedhe seedhe bolo na ki tujhe mujhe party me Lee Jana h as ur partner
(So Dumb…u fear to convince a girl…can’t u.ask.directly that u want me to join u for the party as ur partner)

Sidhant arched his eye brow
S : It means u r coming (excited)
J : (in attitude) I didn’t say yes
She says playing with her fingers
J : U have to please me…make me feel special…then..
S : (interrupting) Then u will come (seeing her with hope)
J : Then I will think
Sidhant pouts n she smiles looking at his face

• • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So how was the episode??
R u liking the track??



NOTE:- (Please do check it)

Friends its been 5 months since I m writing on TU
When I ended my first season of So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb on a sudden note becoz of my studies I as missing u all like hell….seriously
So I started my second ff I Love The Way U Lie….in that too u all gave ur lovely support
I thought that I will manage my studies n writing n to some extend I did it
But I knew soon I have to end it
N I think u all r not liking the ff….
I thought of saying this earlier but that was too early to say but I feel now its the right time
U all might be wondering that why am I posting it regularly now a days …its becoz I will be posting my last episode of the ff on 31 August…n I dont want to run fast in my story so I m giving up all in this story as it would be my last ff
Just support me for 15 days….or can say bear me
Guys I m not good in expressing my feelings so please understand
N I won’t leave TU n promise to comment on all ur superb ffs
N thanks a lot for ur support on all my journey so far
I dont exactly know how much episodes more to go but will try my best to entertain u all this 15 days
Love u all❤❤

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  1. Sameera

    Wow wat an epic epi
    Just loved it sattu
    N y u wanna end ur ff ???
    Happy Independence day to u too
    Nope sattu ur ff is amazing n I daily wait for it
    But if u have personal reasons so okay
    Do as ur heart says babes love u

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous epi….loved it ……bt plzzzz don’t end this…..plzzz

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Shatakshi episode was amazing N plz don’t think like that u r not good at expressing feelings
    If the problem is related to time management coz of studies we really don’t care about the ff coz we can wait for it but if u r doubting ur skills then it is very bad
    Just coz of ur this season 2 I read the season 1 also coz u write so well
    Plzz just think about it once I won’t force but for me everyday u gain my curiosity
    Loved the epi

  4. Kritika14

    dude! the f**k? Didn’t you promise me and ria that you won’t leave? You can’t break the pact damnit! If you do then so will i. Anyway, back to the episode it was just amazing,amazing,amazing! Love your writings and you ? and happy independence day to you too x

    1. Ria

      Forget it. I’m left with no hopes. Let her go if she wants to.

      1. Kritika14

        I guess you are right.

  5. Baby

    hey shatakshi tu muje aise chod kar nhi ja skti abhi abhi toh mile hain ham
    or kisne kaha ki i dont lyk ur ff or we ppll dont lyk yr yah i dont lyk it
    bt u no wt i luv it pls yr
    tu khin nhi jayegi september mein exams hain toh uske baad milte hain naa wid new stry yr promis eme u wont leave me plsshhhhhh ab tu iss baby ke sath asia karegi toh baby royega hehe yr pls luvd d episode luv u yr khin mt jaa pls we all luv u
    happy indepensece day
    n yr prsnl par kuch msg hai dekhiyo jaroor or reply bhi krdiyo hehe

  6. Amazing epi.. BT plz dnt stop writing.. I really love your ff.. in fact I’ve read and loved ur previous 3 ffs as well.. but if it’s a personal problem then I don’t mind you ending it.. and happy independence day to all Indians ?

  7. Thanmy

    Awesome shatakshi who told that we r bearing u ??? This is not fair please don’t end ur ff ur first season I did not read first 5 episodes and when I read one your writings made me search for your episodes and made them to read till now not even an episode I missed and what made u think like that we r not liking ur ff u want to stop because of ur studies its OK but anything else means no please don’t stop pls pls !!!

  8. Awesome episode
    Who said we r nt liking dis
    Dis is superb
    N season 1 n 2 both r amazingly
    So plz don’t stop it
    I’m so sry fr nt commenting regularly bcoz sme net issues bt srsly I love ur ff alot
    So pls don’t stop it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Satakshi it’s a humble request plsssssssssss
    N l love u

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Shatakshi have u gone mad….??
    We all really like ur ff….it’s amongst the top ones… pls don’t try to end or finish it so early….
    Awesome episode..

  10. Srsly good sattu di…loved it..
    n happy independence day to u too..
    plzz post next epi asap..
    love u loads..

  11. Hi Shatakhsi
    Amazing epi
    Plz plz don’t end it plz
    I love your ff
    Plz I have read all your ff you r an amazing writer plz request don’t end this

  12. Fabulous shatakshi!!!
    I really love the ff!!! Pls dont end it….plsssssssssss!!
    N ya happy independence day to all of u who are celebrating!!!

  13. Ria

    It was amazing. Really excited for the next episode. Do post soon.

  14. Chiku

    Satu its not like dat ur ff is amazing every tym sm new idea…… I am a big fan of ur writing ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Nd dont do this…..dnt end it …. I luv u man nd ur ff…????????????????????????????????????????????plzzzzzzzzzxxxxzzzzzzzzz
    If u r ending it then plz cm back wid I luv the way u lie season2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fr me … Or else main naaraaz ho jaaungi ??…? Plzzzz

  15. SidMin

    Loved it Shatakshi and Its alright that you are ending coz I know it would be hectic for you (college and all ) Love you and stay connected with us forever and ever 🙂 Love you 🙂

  16. dreamer... arundhati

    Sattu di u know what… U r a wonderful writer…. Luved writer…osum epi.. I won’t stop u as its related to ur studies….

    1. dreamer... arundhati

      But di i wanna see u through ur comment.. Promise na that u won’t leave tu… I. Luv this ff… Luv u too.. And i know 11ki studies and to handle that with this is very tough… Whenever u get time do write more… Luv u di

  17. Ranabulbul

    Hey hey shattu u were the one who told me to believe that less comments are not the base of a ff

    And ur studies u can post whenever u want to its not compulsory yr

    U can take a gap of one month also no problem girl

    Without ur ff tu will be so blank yr plz its a request ??????????

  18. Kruti

    R u kidding me Y is everyone ending d ff’s first saby and now u y r u guys behind breaking all our hearts
    Shatakshi pls dont end this if u really wanna end then come back with a new one pls yar dont do this

    The epi was just superb …..jasmin ki boldness was d best part …..loved it

    Happy Independence day

  19. Priya_

    awesome… loved jas’s smartness..
    don’t you dare say that we don’t love ur ff?
    its just amazing..
    really really sad that u have to end it..

  20. Aamu

    i will not tell to not stop as studies r more important n here d same thing is happening…….i m also not able to concentrate on my studies…n m also stopping my ff
    so…….i will not stop u….but request u to come with another
    its k if not now but come soon dear
    dis epi was amazing,wonerful,marvellous
    n eager for d next epi



    where by

    HAPPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!shattu……………….

  21. Sorry Shats di but m not speaking to u…
    Please find another twin sister for u.
    I will neither say anything about how the episode and I won’t even wish u Independence day. Just find some other twin for yourself. My day was so good since morning, sorry to say but u spoiled it…. goodbye.

  22. Shreya098

    Wow it was awesome…..
    Looved it….

    if possible plz don’t end It na …. Its okay if u can’t post it regularly….we’ll wait… But plz don’t end it….
    I just looove ur ff❤❤❤

  23. Loveleen

    hey shatakshi….or cn i call u shattu ?? as all frnds call u…..u gave me a big shock…i ws lyk dumb struck wen i read d last part tht u r stopping writing ff ??? i agree i cmnt very rare bt trust me i always eagerly wait fr ur update…plzzz yaar dnt do dis..i love all ur ffs n hav read each n evry episd smtyms i read d special episds twice or more…girl u hav ur own unique style of writing wich is a way different thn oders…u knw u hav great skills dnt deprive us frm having a chnc to get entertained by ur writing…m glad u hav managed studies n writing equally….i promise u tht i wl cmnt in evry nxt episd even though m late to cmnt bt i wl n continue supporting u dese 15 days wid a hope dat u ll nt stop writing….i have loved all ur episds till date n wish to see u further..

  24. I promise mei har episode mei comment karungi but aisa maat kar . mei bhi 11 mei hu I know studies bahut hard hai but time to nikal sakti hai naa please its a request from my side don’t leave writing you can write once a week too but please if you really accepted me somewhere as your sissy then it’s a request from my side please please tussi na jao warna mei bhi nhi likhungi pakka promise and I want to talk with you.

  25. Jisha

    Beautiful episode dear… superb… happy Independence day…
    N regarding u ending the ff, if it is affecting ur studies, I won’t force you… studying is more important at your age…rest everything can happen later…love you dear…god bless you…

  26. Twinjfan.tamanna

    plz don’t end ur ff plz …yaar mai hamesha tumhare ff ko wait karthi hun …plz don’t end it…im loving both twinjs character….love u…plz try not to end

  27. Don’t end ur ff , and epi is amazing

  28. Angita

    Amazing..but you made me sad…as if you get happiness in independence day by leaving us huh?
    Love you though

  29. Sayeeda

    Sorry for the late comment as I was busy with family….
    Amazing episode… Loved it to the core…

    I won’t force u to continue as I know u have lot of studies pressure… But if u can manage both then plz do it nd continue with ur ff… Plz just consider my request please…..
    Love u… Nd plz don’t quit TU Sattu… ??

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