So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 16



Hellooo lovely ppl
Thanks a lot for ur choices…but it was a kind of tie between.the option?
So I have decided that I will show past first to avoid any confusion….so sorry if u didnt liked my decision…
N from now the story revolves around the college life
So I m giving the character sketch of present n past Sidhant n Jasmine

Present Sidhant : An arrogant self centred actor… But his arrogance is a medium to hide his pain…but is a kind hearted person

Present Jasmine : A newly launched actress…she is quite bubly in her nature…but is quite reserved becoz of her past

Past Sidhant : A chocolate boy….not a flirt kind….a kind of normal guy with many flaws in him…u will get to see many shades of Sidhant…he is from an upper middle class family..

Past Jasmine : A very extrovert kind of girl…knows to stand for herself….she is from a middle class family



• • • • PAST • • • •

The scene revolves around the terrace of a huge building…it seems like a college campus
The darkness is spread all over n its probably midnight
Few boy are sitting on the edge of the terrace with bear bottles in their hand

“Finally!!…we r in IIT BOMBAY… Whooo…its like a dream come true” says Dhruv in a creepy ascent due to the alcohol

Sidhant leaves a faint laugh n throws.the bear bottle on the terrace breaking them into pieces
“Chill na Dhruv…bhai aab to humare aash he aash h….4 saal mazze me rahenge…na parents ka pressure aur na discipline ki zarurat…its like My life my rule…” He says howling in excitement
(Chill na Dhruv….bro now our life is full set…just fun for 4 years…we neither have any parents pressure nor any kind of compulsion on discipline.. Its just like My life my rule…)

“But sid we r just first year students…n if the faculty gets to know about all this bear n all then we r dead…bhai tujhe daar nahi lag raha (bro aren’t u afraid)” said Om with.a ting of fear in his voice

Suddenly a cheezy smile appears on Sidhant lips
“Darta to mai aapne baap se bhi nahi” he says getting down from the railing of the terrace
(I dont even fear my dad)

“Ruk…aagar aase baat h to tu mere ek dare pura kar tab mai tujhe maan jaunga” says Dhruv following him
(Wait…if u say so then u just have to complete my dare…then I will.accept u to be brave)

Sidhant turns around
“Challenge accepted” he said

Om ran n took a sheet from his bag n handed it to Sidhant
“What is this??” questioned Sidhant confused
“ Its a list of Phone numbers of the most beautiful girl in our campus n our classmates…u just have to call anyone of them n propose her…..but i m still warning u coz this act is very risky” warned Dhruv

Kunj narrowed his eyes on hearing this
“Tujhe aur koi kaam nahi h kya…aaye hue 5 din bhi nahi hue aur ladkiyo ho taadna shuru…u guys r just impossible…blo*dy morons” says sidhant rolling this eyes

(You ppl dont have any work…its not been 5 days since we entered the college n u started checking out girls…u ppl r just impossible…blo*dy morons)

Dhruv lifted his collar…
Sidhant saw the numbers…n finally picked a number from the list
It was 12:30am by the time
As it was no exam season or rather say that just an academic start so the students were relaxed
Sidhant removed his phone n dailed a number

• • • •

On call:-
Sidhant – Hello (with attitude but his drunk state can be understood through his ascent)
Voice – May I know who’s this (she tried her best to be polite but such kind of activities were which she was well versed with)
Sidhant – Log pyaar se mujhe aashiq bulate h tumahara (Ppl call me ur lover)
Voice – (by now she was hell angry) Listen Mr…
Sidhant – (interrupting) Sidhant…naam to suna he hoga
The girl was smiling…but that was not a shy or blush which made her smile…rather it was a cunning smile as if something was cooking up in her mind
Sidhant – Aur tumahara naam Aranya…right?? (Says dramatically as if he is forgetting)
(N ur name is Aranya…right??)
The girl made a face on his statement
Voice – It’s Jasmine
Sidhant – Ohh I m so sorry…actually Aranya is my sisters name so just got mistaken….n I must say I really have nice choice my chameli
Jasmine – Tumahare grah me lover aur behen me koi difference nahi h kya(taunts)…n what is this chameli
(U dont have any difference between ur lover n ur sister (taunts)
Sidhant – Aww meri chameli gussa ho gaye…I thought ki saab tumhe jasmine bolte h to mai kyu na kuch haat ke karu…so from now u r my Chameli
(Aww my chameli is angry with me…I just thought that every one calls u Jasmine so I have to do something different…so from now u r my chameli)
Jasmine made a disguised face
Jasmine – Thats so sweet of u….
She waited for his reply but there was no response…
She smiled looking at the phone n said, “Ludak gaya” (I really dont know in English but it means tahg when a person drinks too much n falls in hangover…so sidhant slept or rather say fell unconscious in between the call becoz of over drinking)

She moved her fingers playing with her phone
“Now just wait n watch Sidhant….aasli maza to kal aayega” n she slept
(Now just wait n watch Sidhant….now the real game begins)


NEXT UPDATE : The revelation behind Jasmines cunning smile….THE FACEOFF


So did u liked it??
N I will be posting next episode tomorrow….I won’t be late
N thanks a lot for ur comments
N I m so sorry for not commenting today…but I will surely read…

Love u all❤❤

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