So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 15




“Please someone save me…Help!!..I m drowning…” She yells
When suddenly


This brought her out of her dream
She whipped her face with her hand…still in shock
“What the hell sidhant!!” She exclaimed in anger
He was having a cunning smile on his lips n his hand were busy in closing the bottle which was emptied on her face just a few minutes ago
She got up cursing her fate..
“Why babaji why it always happen with me….n twinkle u r really a big duffer….what was the need to show ur humanity on this Mr Self obsessed….he really dont deserve ur kindness” she thinks butting her nails….her expressions reflected her feelings for him which her noticed

“U r still the same” he said taking his seat on the bed nearby
This broke her thoughts
“Huh…what??” she
He rolled his eyes
“I said u r still the same…still u see those dream where in u r going to drown….means like seriously Jasmine..” he left out a laugh after saying this
“U still remember” she said in a whisper
This made his facial expressions change
She continued, “I thought u forgot everything…in these 4 months of our film u didnt ever said anything about our past…I though u forgot….but Sidhant one thing i want to say is that u have changed completely….u r no more the same sidhant whom I used to love” she said having tears in her eyes

All the time he prevent himself from any eye contact with her
“Its 3 in the morning…u go and sleep in the guest room…n may I know how did u came in my room.” he said ignoring her words….changing the topic
On hearing this she left out a faint laugh
“U always do the same….all u know is to change the topic…that time also u did the same….u know what u r a coward” she said pressing her teeth….showing her anger …ignoring his question

He pulled her towards himself holding her shoulders tightly
“Just ship up u moron…so what u expect from me…the same guy who used to trace ur path like a dog…the same guy who used to love u unconditionally….the same guy whom ppl didnt gave any importance….so let me tell u Miss Jasmine….I m no more that same dumb Sidhant…now I m The Sidhant Gupta….u better remember” he said pushing her away

“Go from here… U r wet n need to change…I have kept a pair of cloths in guests room” he says turning away

She was about to leave when he said
“U didnt answered my question??”
She turned to Face him
“So what have I done….left u on the road in that condition….taki kal subha media ko ek breaking news mil jata….The Great Sidhant Gupta can’t even handle himself after drinking….ittni peete he kyu ho jab handle nahi hoti (why u drink so much when u cant even handle it)” she says with attitude

She continued, “N I think one of ur habit is still the same….mera hath pakar ke sone ki (sleeping by holding my hands) n u did the same….n helplessly I had to sit over here…now if u done with ur investigation…may I have the permission to leave” she said in a taunt

She was waiting for his answer but he didnt say a word

“U r hopeless” she says leaving the room

Sidhant closed the door of his room n started thinking about how much their life have changed in these years n so does their relationship…..he remembered the prank…the fight…..everything…it was like a slideshow in his mind but then his phone beeped

It was a message from jasmine

• • • • •

If next time u dont attend any party or interviews with me then I won’t spare u….aur agli baar tumhe raste par he chod dungi😡…Mind u
(Next time I would leave u on road only)

• • • • • • •

He smiled on her words but
He lay on the bed n again started thinking about his precious memories




Hellooo lovely ppl

R u excited to know their past??

I just wanted to ask u all that….u have two options

1. Shall I show their past from next chapter…I mean only past
2. Or shall I keep switching between present n past
Decision is completely urs

I know the episode is small…but I really wanted ur suggestions… Once I get them I would give next episode soo

N thanks for the comments

Love u all❤❤


  1. Baby


    |Registered Member

    hey shatakshi di i thnk yeah i m d first 1 to cmnt today haha di amazing episode n i dont no bt yah how mch big past is going to b if its to big toh phir aap usse present past 2nd option choose krlo n if its a bit ohk ohk short type so app usko 1st option krlo only past di d episode was amazing n really excited to no d past suspense type ka hi hai n ur f i luv dem n cnt w8 fr it di post nxt asap luv u di

  2. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    dis episode bole to ekdam phadu n jhakkas shattu
    n i think u should giv only past at a tme……but den majority wins naa den its up to u
    love u

  3. Joonakanksha


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi yr…..what a amazing track you have started…now they are past lovers…..eagerly waiting to know their past… U can choose 2 option…and i completly agree with baby in choosing option

  4. SidVee

    Hey.. amazing epi.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next.. and whichever option u choose m okayy with it☺

  5. Azreen

    Satakshi di ur episode was awsm loved it. And u can show only past as would get confusing if u show both past and present together, well this is my opinion the rest is up to u

  6. Meeta


    |Registered Member

    That was so good.
    I guess both ways of showing Past are good.
    Choose any1 n please do give recap everyday

  7. |Registered Member

    Shats di…
    Ok ok….aap smjh gaue ki main ekdum flabbergasted hu….u mean Jas and sid…what? Love? This is gonna be splendid. M getting tooooooo eager….update soon di…and it is cmpltly ur own wish whatever u wanna do..
    Love ya💞

  8. |Registered Member

    Hey shatz tysm for giving us SidMin ff…super se b upar wala episode…eagerly waiting to know their past…if the past is short go with 1st option and if it’s too big then go with 2nd option…

  9. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Shatakshi what was this…..i mean seriously i never thought that there could b a SidMin ka past……u r just so fab at it how do u get such ideas……The epi was superb……actually something more than superb Loved it
    Love u ❤❤

  10. sujina

    u r marvellous yaar…
    u know i thot sidmins luv story starts wid a new phase….
    bt u gav me a shock tht they were past lovers…
    omg i m so excited 2 know their luv story…
    oh love d smile of sid after reading jas msg…
    n abt fb u can give as ur wish coz u r d best…

  11. Dolly

    Such a lovely episode
    This is my first comment n I hope u Will nt mind
    N ha I read all the episodes frm starting n they are amazing
    The twist u made is awesome I never expected it I thought dat story was real bt twist was amazing yaar super

    I have also used to read so a lion fell for a lamb season 1 bt i have nt commented
    Bt srsly I love ur ff
    I’m so sry as I have nt commented befre

  12. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Hey baby doll,
    The episode..umm..umm..mmm.. rook jaldi mat Kar. Let me find words.. it was splendid? marvellous? fantastic? fabulous? Chal ho gaya aur nahi varna aap saathve aasmaan par pahunch jayengi.. I would prefer switching between past and present but, go with majority vote. Do post soon.
    Love you loads.😘😘

  13. Thanmy


    |Registered Member

    OMG you always amaze me yaar
    the episode was awesome
    mind blowing
    what should i say more too good yaar
    just loved it
    and i am excited for the past revelation
    and i would like to go with 2 option

  14. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Diii!!!! Godddd such an awesome episode!! N i can’t wait for the past u shud do only the past from next chapter…❤ post soon !

  15. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    DUDE! Kidding me? How? Like really how? Itne ache ideas? God God! And you say you don’t write well? Pagal. Coming to your episode … It was just so amazing! I am out of my words. Just one thing, continue soon okay? Cuz you know I am waiting for it. Love you💕

  16. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    DUDE! Kidding me? How? Like really how? Itne ache ideas? God God! And you say you don’t write well? Pagal. Coming to your episode … It was just so amazing! I am out of my words. And coming to my opinion, you choose whatever you are comfortable with cuz I know you ll just the best or go with the majority cuz I am okay to any of it. Just one thing, continue soon okay? Cuz you know I am waiting for it. Love you 💕

  17. Mantasha


    |Registered Member

    Omg shatu.. m soooooooooo late…… n ur episode was damnnnn awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……. actually not awesome….
    coz it is superrrrrr duperrrr awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Love u…
    n yea plzzz if u can snd me d link of pokemon game.. or d icon of d game through email.. plzzz if possible…

    • Shatakshi



      Hey Aliza
      I m so sorry but I deleted the game
      But I can guide u….u just go to google n type Pokémon go download… Their u have to download an app n their u will find the game…if u have any problem then u can mail me😊😊

  18. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Past interesting waiting for the next episode and I want full past scenes That would be good or else your wish Loved the episode 🙂 Love you

  19. Jisha

    Awesome episode…wow… superb… this time I am too late…I am okay with both, but will prefer 1st option…rest is your choice as how u r comfortable writing…

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