So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 14






Wow finally A BREAK!!
What else this life need….just some quality time with urself n this yummy muffins….I really love them….they r my darlings…I mean the muffins
The best stress remover….after all if u have a co actor like that self obsessed THE SIDHANT GUPTA n its my personal recommendation to have something like this Becoz it’s really needed

I m loving this Mumbai ki barish with my hot coffee n muffins…it feels so comfortable in this homely surrounding I though sipping up my coffee when suddenly I phone gave a ring

OHH GOD!!! Why on earth people can’t let me live in peace I cursed seeing the phone from the director
“Hello sir” I said in the best possible way I could
“Hey Jasmine” his voice cheered up
He continued, “So be ready for tonight” he stated
I was completely blogged but one thing my mind at its not a good sign for my most wanted break
“Tonight??” I questioned
Yeah u r gonna be the star of this party…a pre launch party for our team” he clarified
My glowing face was gloomy now…I dropped my face in disappointment
“Hey Jas…r u there??” his voice brought me back into reality…the bitter reality
“Ya..Yes sir I will be there” I replied accompanied by he hung up the call
I was biting my lips continuously while hands on the hips…cursing every damn thing came in my mind
I really wish my life too had some background music so I can make out what the hell is going on…
Finally I clicked a saddy pic of mine n posted it on Instagram
I know I sound silly but why should I bear the whole pain alone…it must be shared n I know I fans r loyal enough to take it ?
I finally posted it with several has tag’s along…OK so let me explain
#sad #gloomy #poser #instalife n the list goes on n on n on…

Finally I feel somewhat happy
My life have always been revolving around such imaginary world….we actors have is the lack of family love
Many a time it feels like to run somewhere away from this fake world n hid myself but then a part of my reminds me of me being a 26 year old mature adult….I m sorry I missed it…26 year old ‘responsible’ mature adult…ya this is what people demand

I fell on my comfortable bed….a better place to spend my entire life I thought
Several thoughts are revolving in my mind…what to wear toning??
How to present myself??
Who all might be present??
U may find me stupid…n yes I m…I accept this fact
Ohh freak!! How can I forget Mr Self obsessed….I have u bear him thought out the party…ofcourse as we the stars of this night
I planned all my stuffs accordingly…


Jasmine got herself into an elegant black jumpsuit….her hairs rolled up n a simple make up u deglaze her beauty
Within an hour she reached the venue
It was sparkling with disco lights….the party was in full swing
She got down from her shining BMW….after all to maintain a class n standard is the priority in this field
She gracefully entered the venue with several camera flashing around….a constant smile stayed in her lips
The entire team greeted her n she reciprocated it….the director excused himself to receive a call
He sound tensed but then returned to the group with his dropped face
“Sidhant is not attending the party” was the word he said
This lighted up her face like the crackers in Diwali
“Omg am I dreaming….no I m not…yeppieee it feels like I m a free bird…but wait a minute…this means I have to handle this entire party alone….how can someone be so irresponsible…I won’t spare u Mr Self obsessed” she warned him within
In the party as the time went on….she got to know many unknown n strange habits of Sidhant
•Never attends any parties n rarely any press conferences…this was the main reason for he being a most controversial star in Bollywood n the most hated co actor

• A reserved kind of behaviour

• A big gossip factor for media

• Not good relation with the other corresponding actors
Well these all were the this to which Jasmine was well versed….but then too she found it strange

Finally after a tiring session of fun….she made her way to Juhu….her residence

Its late probably midnight
The hustle n bustle of this never sleeping city has covered itself with silence
Jasmine passes through an isolated corner of the city…
All of a sudden someone bumped against her car making her to jerk the car
She was shocked at first but then got out of the car
“Helloo…can’t u see….” she yells but gets shocked seeing the face of the guy
“Sidhant” she whispers in utter shocked state
His condition was terrible….with a bear bottle in his left hand….his blood red swollen eyes made him look not less that any drunken fellow roadside
Jasmine really didnt knew what to do….
She can’t even take him with her as she was not comfortable in doing so….the main problem in living alone is the safety
But she cannot leave him in this state….it was not where he belong- a road…this will pop up some new controversies or a new gossip for media

She finally made a quick decision of dropping him to his house which was a bit far away in the interiors of Mumbai
The windy weather made the environment lively
Sidhant was sleeping on the passenger seat at the front….whereas jasmine was driving
Its long way to reach the destination….she dropped the windows making the breezes play with her curls
Her gaze fell on Sidhant sleeping peacefully next to her

Jasmine think, “How innocent he looks while sleeping….dont know why by even after making an entire film for 3 months with him….I dont feel like I have an bond with him…rather he have restricted himself from doing so….but one thing I accept is that when he get into his role…he take it to another level….I admire his acting but not his behaviour”

Her thoughts ended up as they arrived his residence
It was a banglow not so vast…it was surrounded throughout with garden n greenery
Jasmine called the watchman n with his help she got in his house n made him lie on the couch in living room

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So r u liking this new journey??
R u all excited about the precap??
Do give ur views on the chapter…it was basically an introduction with our new characters
N I m so sorry for not commenting….but really schedule is hectic…hope u all understand
N sorry again for not replying back….??
Thanks a lot for ur lovely comments?
Guys u ppl really make me feel special with every comment u give….I would really want u all to be frank than fake in giving ur views n suggestions
I know many of u wanted twinj rather than Sidmin….but guys a new change was really needed up in my writing….I have nearly written 54 episodes on twinj in total….so just thought of trying something new with Sidmin….
I would love to get ur views on my work…as this is new for me too….
U know while writing the episodes many times I typed twinj instead of Sidmin….hope u guys support me

Love u all❤❤

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