So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 13


Hellooo lovely ppl
I know I m a day early but few hours ago I got to know that my sick leave is coming to end n now again the busy schedule will start so i have to coverup huge amount of pending studies
So just thought of being regular for time being
N please after reading this episode dont hit me
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The episode starts with kunjs shocked face…he was still holding his cheeks
K : (angry) What the f**k…
Twinkle behaved as if she is least bothered n started packing her stuffs
Kunj saw this n suddenly grabbed her hand n made him face her

K : What r u trying to prove huh??…that u r so great… But let me tell u Twinkle Taneja that u r one of the most insensible, immature n brainless girl I have ever met
Twinkle was hurt on this statement… She had years in her eyes.. She shook his hand n yelled
T : SO WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTERS TO U….LET ME GO THEN….all ur problems with finish…
K : (anger at his peak) I MATTERS BECOZ I LO….. (stops)
Twinkle understood his words….her heart was dancing Like hell n here kunj was struggling with his thoughts…

Their was silence all around
Suddenly twinkle gave a pat on kunjs cheeks which brought kunj into reality
Twinkle moved towards his face constantly seeing his lips
T : (sensually) U what kunj
By the time he was sweating hard…
K : (stammering) I…I …nothing
He slightly pushed her n prevent himself for any eye contact
Twinkle smiled at his nervousness n again started jotting her stuffs
K : where will u go….he asked coldly
T : (dramatically) ummm…yes I will go with Aftab…u know he proposed me yesterday…his eyes omg…its killer…ya I will marry him n live happily ever after. (In complete excitement)

By the time kunj was boiling in anger….he grabbed her hairs n pinned her to the wall
K : What u thought huh I will let u go so easily….then u r wrong completely wrong…I won’t let u go anywhere
By the time kunj was saying so….his eyes was welled up with tears
Twinkle quickly held his face n pulled n they shared a liplock
Yes….for the first time….kunj was standing numb but then reciprocated her soft touch
She pulled back smiling

T : Aab to bol de Brocolli (Atleast now u tell Brocolli)
Kunj smiled on her words
He touched him forehead with her

T : A stupid lamb (letting a faint laugh)
K : An arrogant lion. (A thousand years plays in the BG)
They were the most happy soles on this earth?

All of a sudden they heard firing…..the only thing strikes was that now they r caught
Twinkle entwined her fingers with his n they both started running
Dozens of police behind them…kunj had gun but was not enough for their protection
A bullet touched kunjs arms making him fall

“Twinkle bhaag (Twinkle run)” was the word he said
“Kunj jeeange to saath me….aur marenge to saath me” she says stubbornly
(Kunj we will live together…n die together)

She brought kunj behind a tree becoz of which police didnt noticed them
She tied a cloth on his wound….n they both escaped from their eyes

Its been a year now….still the entire police force is searching the most wanted serial killers but our love birds they r still together living happily or can say running happily
From that day no one know that where they r….r they dead or alive
But wherever they r….they r together….forever

Screen Shifts

A guy watching news sipping his coffee
A girl came n sat next to him placing his pancakes before him
“Thank you” the boy says smiling
“Anything for u Broccoli” the girl says teasing….was munching her beans
The boy narrowed his gaze
“u Empty head….but u know sometimes I feel pity of my fate….I have to bear u my entire life n that too as my wife sometimes i feel ki tujhe chod du” he says faking tears

She quickly grabbed a knife next to her n pointed it on him….
“Sochna bhi mat kunj….nahi to maar dalungi”
(Don’t even think of doing so….or else I will kill u)

“But right now I pity on these ppl….” she says indicating towards the police

Both burst out laughing…..
They hugged each other smiling

Screen freezes


• (I know shock laga….but please keep reading)

The hall was filled with silence
Suddenly *claps*
The clappings filled the atmosphere
It seems like it is a theatre
“Mr Gupta n Miss Bhasin….I must say the film was really good n the best part was the acting….it made it more lively” a man said
This made them smile
“I told u na that The Sidhant Gupta…the youth sensation will never disappoint us….finally the screening of the film was super hit” said the director

All the time both the leads were smiling or rather say passing fake smiles to each other
Everything was windded up n both of them left the theater without sharing a word to each other….can say that ignoring eo
But finally at the lobby both have to face each others presence

“Well congratulations Mr Gupta” says Jasmine smiling….forwarding her hand
Sidhant gave an uninterested look
“U dont have to do this drama okay….It was known that the film will be a grand success after all its THE SIDHANT GUPTAS film” he says in attitude
“U know what….I m happy that this project got finished….finally I was breath freely without any arrogant negative vibes around me” she said with full rage

“Just shut up u small town cheap actress….dont u dare to talk to me like this okay….don’t forget that I m the one to launch u” another arrogant shot from his part
“I JUST HATE U Mr SIDHANT GUPTA….u r a bl**dy self obsessed Actor….I just pray that we never face each other in future” she says moving towards her car….n drove off
He hit the wall next to him in frustration n then left the place

• • • • • • • • • • •

So how was it??
Did u find that I did a justice with twinj character??
N r u all eager to look up a new love story??
Was my surprise good or just a popat
OK so no more questions but do tell me with ur comments about ur views
I hope I didnt make u all confused
Now our new pair will be Sid n Jas….n it will be a new journey
Thanks a lot for ur love in my previous episode
Love u all❤❤

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