So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 12




Episode starts with twinkle breaking down into tears but kunj is in some other state
He is thinking something….the shock state of mind is clearly visible on his face

Now it was enough for twinkle….she got up….wiped her face n said

T : Will u say something
K : (coming back into senses) Yes…I mean no…I mean yes….I mean….Oh God!!
T : Dimag to theek h tumahara
K : what will happen to me….just shut up Empty Head n find a way out to tackle this situation

Twinkle thought of something n then took her cell phone out…
On call
T : hello…Police station
On hearing this kunj was shocked…he snatched her phone…removed the sim n broke into pieces
T : Not again….why do h always target my phone huh??
K : (hitting her head) R u insane….how can u call police…stupid girl

Kunj is finding someway out…he held her hand n started running

T : where r u taking me….I won’t came with u…I m going to surrender….I can’t remain alive with a tag of murderer….u just leave me n go
She says freeing her hand

K : just shut up…another word n I will kill u….I m serious
Twinkle didnt spoke anything
K : people here will anytime get to know about all this…we cant take risk so just come

They both escaped from the mall

T : I want to go home
K : we can’t…we just have to leave this place right now….
T : meri maa ki yaade h waha…I can’t leave then (tears in her eyes)
K : U have to
Kunj understood her pain so at last they reached Taneja Mansion…
Twinkle was continuously crying….each n every corner their sweet memories
Kunj was looking at her….can say for the first time admiring her


How babaji how??.. Can a person be so innocent
Here twinkling eyes r like mirror…they convey her every feelings before her mouth does
Wait kunj….dont think too much…she loves u but u will never love her…not only her but anyone…
U have to pretend as if u didnt heard her words…


Twinkle sat on the staircase n was caressing Leela’s photograph
Kunj came n sat beside her…
He started, “ I was 14 when my family left me…no no not left me….some evil eyes snatched them from me”
By the time twinkle stopped crying n was looking at him
“My father Field Marshal Manohar Sarna….the most loyal person I have ever seen in my entire life….he was know for his work, his loyalty, his honesty was admired.
But some people had bad intentions to ruin his life, his achievements his everything”

“Ramhinder Taneja” was the word twinkle said
Kunj nodded in agreement
“They had problem with his truthfulness…usually Government servants r a slaves of this so called Best Business Tycoons for their contacts n selfish motives…n so does RT n his colleagues approached my father…he rejected…this was enough to start a battle…they warned that they will destroy our life n so they did…..” kunjs eyes welled up in tears

Twinkle wrapped her arms in kunjs so as to console him n heated her head on his shoulder
“They killed my father, maa n abhi my brother….the ppl thought that I they finishes the entire family but I was the one who survived….from then no one knew about me…where did I go…for the world I was dead…n my life only revolved around seeking revenge n finally I m done” he said smiling

Twinkle stood up n yelled
“Hate u Broccoli”
Kunj looked at her blogged

K : Kabhi bolti h love u kabhi hate u…yeh ladki ha sach me screw dheela h
(Sometimes she says love uthe another moment hate u…this girl is really sick)

T : I heard….point to be noted your honour
This man….this broccoli know that I love him….still he is acting as if he is bechara bhola bhala bakra (an innocent Goat)

Hearing this kunj busrt out laughing
K : Twinkle tu sacchi wala pagal h (u r a truely insane)
Twinkle rolled her eyes n folded her arms in attitude
K : twinkle come fast now everyone might have got to know by now
T : but cc TV footage??
She questioned sounding tensed
K : I have already damaged them
T : Smart
K : I m not like u…EMPTY HEAD…
T : Its not about having brain or not….its experienced in this field
K : In this field??…what r u trying to say ( making weird face)

T : I..I mean umm… In this murdering n all (stamerring)
K : ek baat thi clear rakh aapne chote se dimag me ki tu ek ko maare ya 100 ko…its equal get that…u better get that. (One thing u just fit in ur mind that u whether u kill 1 or 100…its one n the same)

Twinkle pouts on hearing this

K : aab jaldi chall. (Now come fast)
T : par kaha?? (But where)
Kunj thinks for a while n then says
K : I know where we should go

Kunj n Twinkle left Amritsar n made their way towards the hilly misty Kashmir valley…
Earlier it was very difficult for them to live their…the adjustment with the climate, the need for food, shelter….everyday was a big challenge for them

Now its been a month
Twinkle continue with her non sense talks but for a change kunj admires her day by day

Twinj live in a one room wooden house….but manage everything together

One day

T : Kunj
K : Hmmm
T : why should I live with u??
This sudden question brought shock to kunj….he was finding words
K : ummm…becoz u r my partner in crime
Twinkle narrowed her gaze
T : what do u mean
K : u know that
She rolled her eyes n said whatever
T : OK so I m leaving….I dont want to be a burden on u anymore….I can survive myself I dont need anyone….u dont even love me so kis rishte se mai tumahare saath rahu (She did that purposely)

Kunj wanted to stop her but how…he didnt know what to do….what to say

K : Dont go….please
This brought a smile on her lips but she hid

T : (attitude) Why….I dont matter to u….my presence in the same as my absence….so why should i
Kunj didnt know what to say more so the best way was to show anger

K : (anger on his peak) Arent u getting what I m saying???…u will not leave n thats final (he yelled)
Without having a second thought twinkle slapped kunj hard….

Kunj was shocked?

• • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
As promised I m back but u remember ur promise na…

OK coming back to the episode… The next one will ba a shocker so be ready

Hint : end of twinj journey. .

So stay tuned….n thanks for ur lovely comments n do read my replies on it

The links r here

N one more thing guys next episode will be long n shocking enough so it will take time till Friday…I will surely post it

Buss ek din de do….
N do comment on today’s episode if u liked
N why did twinkle slapped kunj??

N what is this reality….
U have to wait
Till then bye n
Love u all❤❤

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  1. Awesome shatakshi too good no words to express loved it !!!

  2. Awesome shatakshi too good loved it it was fab

  3. Jahapanah….tussi great ho….tohfu qubool karo

    Jai Shatakshi maate….maiyya jai Shatakshi maate….humko aashirvad de de…humko aashirvaad de de….nahi to tum maar khaate….maiyya jai Shatakshi maate….

    Gaana bhi likhna seekh gayi?

    Ok….so what was this episode? Not epic…it wasn’t an epic episode…just a step below epic…why? Coz NEXT EPI WILL BE EPIC! Wondering how I already know it? If u r forgetting, m ur twin sister?
    So don’t u dare forget that I know u n ur writings better than u know them?
    Abb ye batao ki hone kya wala hai? Thappad maar diya! Mere kaano mei wo ‘chataak’ ki awaaz abhi tak gunj rhi hai….
    Aur wo Love u broccoli aur Hate u broccoli thing??
    Main hans hans ke paagal na ho jau….
    Ok ok coming to a serious note….
    Haan haan Ishani can be serious also….
    Arey sach mei m serious
    Toh listen, if u don’t post ur epi asap, m gonna kill u.
    Get that? Kill u! And I’ve already told u of my cousin….so….not a big prob for me….toh jo bhi karna soch samajh ke hi karna Shatakshi Singh!
    Oye mere harsh words ko mind mat karna….kyuki mai aapki chhoti moti cutie beauty sister hu…aur humesha ki tarah…love u??❤❣???????????

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Hey ishwar..Kya..??
    Kar kya rahe the aap jab is price KO banaya tha??..itna suspense kaha se soch leti ho di???..
    And should shorry for not commenting.. Kya karu gushha ho gya tha main..aap comment hi nahi karti mere posts par..
    Aaj bhi comment nahi karne wali thi but socha bacchi par Taras khao..dedo ise ek comment ye bhi kya yaad rakhegi!!..

    Diiii..amazing likha..and remember mera brain sirf mere ff pe work karta hai..toh somewhere I have an idea what you are upto and hope its not the second last epi!!..

    Likhti raho likhti raho…..
    Love you

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey shreya
      I m so sorry
      I was really not knowing that u r angry with me
      But dear the episode which I commented last was the last episode I read of urs…have u written next???
      If yes then can u give me the links….the links which works…last time Jo tune kiya tha that didnt worked
      So sorry if u r hurt
      But I still love u??❤❤❤

      1. Jiya_Ani

        I know it din worked koi ni..ab jab post karu tab kar Dena..

  5. Awesome…. Is the last chapter end of ur ff bcz u told it will be reality

  6. Loveleen

    damn girl….phir se ek aur suspense……u r seriously a potter head who knws so mny magics to impress us…itne sare ideas kis bank se lati ho yr….love u n ur ff alot….

  7. Kritika14

    IT WAS f**kING AWESOME! HOW DO YOU WRITE SO WELL? itna suspense ? i am gonna die in shock once again ? damn damn damn, i am so out of my words .. inti badi dictionary mein i’ve got no words. Waiting for your super long episode. Just one thing, love you ?

  8. Kruti

    Shatakshi………..tera dimaagh kaise itna chalta hai ki har bar itna aacha likhti ho ……’s epi was a masterpiece
    Ur efforts have resulted into such an amazing epi loved it and when twinkle says I hate u and then kunj ka reaction was epic……loved it♥♥

    An tumhare hint ne mere dimaagh ka dahi bana diya hai…….thodi anxiety aur thoda dar…….mixed emotions
    Friday come soooooooon

    Take care…….Love u♥♥

  9. Awesome shatakshi too good I’m speechless waiting for the next one first to comment today

  10. hey shatakshi….it was superb
    n waiting for next…………….
    u end of twinj journey………ff end naa karna

  11. Shreya098

    Wow what a bang on epi….awesome
    Sooo much mystery….”The next one will be a shocker”….eagerly waiting for it…..

  12. Hey shatakshiiiiiii di…..
    It ws superbbbbbbb yaar….❤❤❤❤
    Fab marvellous n wht nt????
    Ur jussssssssssssssss muahhhhhh ….?????
    Twinkle slapped kunj!!!!?????
    Wht y kyu????
    n wht is it….?????
    End of twinjs journey…???????
    Ok anyways do cont asap pleaashhhhhhhh….???????
    Lub uhhhh……❤❤❤❤

    1. Ha han shock….
      Aur wo bhi bahut hi zyada wala….??????
      Kyu meri shakal se dikhai nai dera kya????
      Ha ha ik ik ki bahut zyada hi irritate karti hu…???
      Bt kya karu adat se majboor…????
      Kitne bate yaar!!!
      Ap bhi sochte rehte hoge na ki kis pagal se pala padgaya…???
      Ok ab friday tak ka intezaar nahi hota….
      Bt still apke full suspence ahan must see..
      K kya reality hai…?????
      Ok again bieeee
      As always lub uhhhh….❤❤❤❤

  13. Sayeeda

    Kya yrr Sattu what a episode yrrr ….
    Ek dum raphick…… faadddu ….zoombastic … good yrrr ….

    Loved it to the core ….
    love u

  14. Romaisha

    Arrreee …. End of twinj journey??? Huh?? Dii u plan something big nah?? Can’t wait yaar… Buy i loved today’s epi ?? emotional too kunj’s truth … Chee RT is bad … Ur plot is something like tht Tarzan movie with the car … Still though im enjoying Ur ff alot di .. Can’t wait for u to post …

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….lovely episode….Shatakshi are u ending ur ff….loved it. …..amazing

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    Omg omg ong shattuuuuuuuuuuuuu it was amazing yr loved tw nonsense talks and

    Mr. Brocalli

    But take ur time and do post

  17. Angita

    You left me tottaly speechless
    Mujhe marna chatihu kya
    Seriously that was damn awesome….
    …….end of twinj journey……hope you’re not planning on ending it…are you???
    But diiii it was tooooooo goooooood
    Haha I know its not so special likin I don’t have any words to use yaar……meh kya karu

  18. Very nice episode shatakshi and I like ur writing . May you be my friends

  19. Jisha

    Wow…what an episode…so much of mystery…too good dear…
    Hint end of Twinj journey….????

  20. Zuha Fatima

    Shatakshi di ❤❤❤❤ Now I am jealous from you??why on earth do u write so well? ???
    Just kidding dude ???? After all I am also a sweet, little, kid ?
    Now what should I say in appreciation? Chalo aap hi bata do, aap kya suna chati ho, because I am out of words to express how beautifully you have written???
    Just keep writing like this?
    And the hint at the end, is so much like ??????? SUSPENSE ???????
    Dying to read the next part???
    But koi nahi, sabr ka phal meetha hota hai!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂 Shatu 🙂 Di 🙂

    Keep writing..Stay blessed..Take care!

    Love u Shatu di❤❤


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    wat is dis..??
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    Kya.. twinj ne to murder kiya so kiya.. tera iraada kya h.. haa… mera murder krna chahti ho kya.. kya re.. itne killer episodes koi deta h kya…
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    As always awesome dear….but really sorry as last time I won’t able to comment on ur ff….so pls maaf kardena mujhe…..but d epi was really so awesome than even im speechless and was continuously thinking what to say …..
    And ya love this new track ….pls continue it & post d next one soon….as I’m too exited for next one….an aapka ff hai hi itna amazing toh next wala padne ke liye control kaise hoga…love ur ff to d core…keep writing & entertaining us by ur mind blowing episodes…

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    Hi!? Phir se? Anyways, the episode was breathtakingly amazing. I legit loved it. I know the comment is a short one but, please maaf kar dena. I’m so tired after working the entire day that I’m blinking my eyes to comment. I hope you’ll be happy to find my comment as you never expected one?? Anyways, do post soon and no guesses from my side as my mind isn’t working.
    Love you my baby doll (more than you what you can’t imagine)???

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    It was awesome shatakshi… sry I ddnt cmmnted on ur some episode….so sorry…..but every single thing which u wrote In ur now n previous episodes was just undescribed …so sorry…love u …plz dnt end twinj journey…

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    1. Shatakshi

      Hey baby
      Next episode have been posted
      U can check it out

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