So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 10

So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2)❤



Twinkle composed herself but her eyes were swollen…. bring the same fake twinkle with that constant smile on her lips…
She then decided to take a walk so she went to the park nearby…
It had many rides…swing…see saw…merry go rounds n many more
On seeing this a genuine smile captured her lips…she ran towards the slide n started playing with the children around…
Kunj was observing this from one corner…he came to seek forgiveness but seeing her he started smiling…but then composed…Broccoli ka Broccoli he rahega?
Here twinkle was completely exhausted so she ended up sitting on the bench nearby
Kunj tip toed n sat next to her

Twinkle didnt noticed him as she was breathing heavily…
Kunj removed something from his pocket n forwarded it to Twinkle
This time twinkle saw him n then his hand….it was the same prism ball which he broke earlier
As cute smile appeared on her face…but she nodded in negation
“U dont have to do this” she says calmly
“Will u rake it” kunj says harshly

“Offoo…again same drama…please kunj go n get a life…how can u be so boring n the level is increasing day by day” she says sarcastically
All the time kunj was wondering that how can she change her feeling so quickly…his curiosity was rising n he wanted to know that why was she so emotional at that time
“Dont think that I m guilty or something like that….u faced loss due to me so this is just to compensate…dont dare to think some other way round” he warned with his harsh words
Twinkle gave a slap on her forehead n moved her head in disagreement
“U r just impossible!!” she exclaimed
He grabbed her hand n kept the ball in her palm…n starts going
“Do u really think that this is the compensation for my memories” she says in a hurt voice
Kunj sensed her pain n turned to face her…she had tears In her eyes
“U dont know its importance but I won’t blame u for that…please take it” she says handling over him again
“How can u be so positive” he says amazed…with a whisper
Twinkle was surprised on hearing his words
She held his palm n made him sit on the grass of the park along with herself
She cuddled her legs n said

“This was the first gift which my mom ever gave to me….ya first…rest all were earlier given by my day from his earnings…but this…was her first gift after her husband left her…n from her first earning” she says…her eyes were Welled up with tears
The guilt in Kunj was raising with every passing words of her….it was piercing his heart
She moved towards her n forwarded his hands for hugging but then hesitated…he again moved front but yet again backed off…
Something was stopping him from doing so…
Twinkle was busy in wiping her eyes bit saw his actions of her eye corner…she smiled inside
Looked up straight in his dark brown eyes n hugged him immediately
It was indeed a breath taking hug..
Kunj didnt reacted to it…twinkle put his hand on her back
Few minutes later she broke it
“Well that was too heavy to handle” she says jokingly
Kunj rolled his eyes seeing the stupid her again
He got up started moving
“It was nice talking to u” she yelled
He heard it n gave a cute kanjus (stingy) wala smile on his lips N left
Twinkle says smiling, “Jhalla nahi ka”



Here he was drenched in sweat n was punching the punching bag hard….the frustration within him was clearly visible
Atlast he gave a hardest punch n yelled in pain….he broke into tears


WHY ALWAYS ME!!…always I hurt my near ones…
I m a blo*dy failure…that day also I wasn’t able to help them…n today…urgh!!… I dont deserve anyone
I m in utter shock not becoz of my deeds instead on her reactions on the situations
She is way more unique….
Wait kunj…give a brake to ur thoughts….u cannot think about her…no u can’t..
I have to focus on my next target….no one can distract me
Its the most awaited moment…I was waiting for this day since years
I won’t leave u RT….I wont
U r gone
I planned…a full proved one…ofcourse it is becoz its Kunj Sarnas plan?
3rd August will ur last day in this world RT….just count ur days now


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Hellooo lovely ppl
All well na
Well I m not?
N did u liked the episode??
N guys the revelation is coming soon….
Not so soon but yeah its gonna come within 4 episodes or so
N how is RT related to kunj??
Keep thinking n keep reading
Love u all❤❤❤❤

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  1. Angita

    Wow……shocking episode
    Toooo good
    I’m speechless
    You explained the things to well

    1. Angita

      And thanks
      Vo its because
      Only you have inspired me to use emojis

  2. Amazyn twists nd turns……2dyz epi was awsm fantastic…..waiting eagely fr confrontatn….post it soon …luv u???? nd ur ff more dan dat????

  3. Toooo goooddd…. U r amazing writer sattu… Waiting for the next episode..

  4. Ria

    Episode was splendid but, this isn’t fair. Tujhe ham sab ne kitni baar bola pehle apna dhyaan rakh? I know tu bore ho rahi hai but, still. Anyways, tujhe kuch bolna faltu hai so, please upload the next episode soon.
    Love you more than even what you cannot imagine.?
    Your baby doll

  5. Sayeeda

    Wwwooowwww…….Sattu what a episode ….
    Twinj scenes were so painful nd cute too ….
    The way kunj felt guilty nd sad for Twinkle was more than good …u expressed Kunj’s emotion so well …loved it …
    Excited for confrontation … 3 Aug only 3 days left for it …
    love u nd again get well soon …

  6. Jisha

    Wow… Shatakshi… twists and turns… beautiful episode… waiting for confrontation..???

  7. Shreya098

    Wow….it was amazing..

  8. Meeta

    Can’t wait
    Update soon

  9. Kruti

    Speechless……….my condition right now
    Superb epi shatakshi loved it
    Love u ♥♥♥
    Keep smiling 🙂 and keep writing

  10. Oohhh!!! I adored the park wala scene! It felt so good…if i am not mistakened…rt toh twinkle ka father hai na….

  11. Maine kaha tha theek hone tak mat likhna???
    Yeh bimari itti easy nhi hai yeh bhi bola tha???
    Maine dawai aur fever ke baare mein bhi bola tha???
    Par Shatakshi maate ko toh sunna hi nhi hai???
    Insta air WhatsApp bhi poora din chala rhi hai yeh???
    TU pr articles bhi post kr rhi hai???
    Kaun sunta hai iss chhoti behen ki baat????

    Ok….episode padhne ke baad saara gussa udan chhoo ho gaya??
    Haan haan pata hai mere mood swings hote rehte hai??
    Aaj ka episode…main ro rhi thi??
    Sachhi….kitta emotional tha…main…aiinnn….waiinnn???

    Ok ok rona band…bass jaldi se theek ho jao aap…take care and love u??
    Aapke saare fav hearts aapke liye?

  12. Sameera

    Wow sattu what an epi
    It’s epi loved it yaar
    Hey take care of yourself
    N post next part soon
    Can’t wait for confrontation
    Love u yaar ????

  13. Nice episode loved it to the core love you so more thing I know you are not interested in my reply as you said but its ok because I also know I am worst writer.and yes as you said I am so greatful to you for commenting. Thank you for supporting till you so much bye.

    1. Ria

      Lover, please don’t think that it was Shatakshi. Recently there have been many people commenting taking the names of TU members and commenting ill about the authors. Shatakshi’s unregistered account has a green dp and not a blue one so, please don’t misunderstand. She can never do such a thing.

      1. Sorry ria I am really sorry but what to do my mind stopped working at that time I know she was not shatakshi.

    2. Sayeeda

      Lover dear u know na now a days it has become a tradition to exploit someone names …she isn’t Sattu ..
      U know na nd even we all know our Sattu is so generous ..kind hearted person ..she can never think to hurt anyone …she is not her .
      Some imposter is using her name for defaming her ….

      1. Yaa di I know but my mind stopped working at that time and I went with flow.

    3. Shatakshi

      Hey lover
      What r u talking about
      I really have no idea
      Wait let me check ur ff
      Just now I got up sleep
      I m suffering for high fever n viral disease so I read only some ffs
      But I really dont know what r u saying

      1. So sorry dear I just went with flow please dil pe maat Lena I just got a shock that you’re telling this to me. So sorry.sorry please maaf kar do.

      2. I am really sorry for my cheap act and get well you always..

      3. Shatakshi

        U dont have to be sorry
        I love u n always will

  14. Superbbbbbbb se uper wala epi…❤❤❤❤
    Yaar ur jus osmmmmmmmm loved it…..



    Still m speechless….,. ????
    Uh oh got yyyy???????Bt waiting for confrontation……
    Do cont asap

  15. dreamer..arundhati

    Sattu di osum…again u did it

  16. awesome…loved the way kunj was concerned for twinkle

  17. Joonakanksha

    Oh no rt
    Tw dad
    Wondering whats going to happen
    And episode is awesome yr

  18. Aamu


  19. Hey my dear shatu.. plzzz get fine n den post any articles.. coz i know wat illness is.. coz i too m suffering frm fever.. n m also sick.. plzz try n understand.. it may make u more sick..

    N abt d episode… it was superrrrr duperrrr hittttttt…. love u… loved it…. n nxt 1 after u r fyn… okk.. ur sissy.. aliza..

  20. Kritika14

    It was great! continue soon x love you ?

  21. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..Shatakshi lovely episode…..

  22. Romaisha

    Heyyo shatakshi di … I hope u feel better soon i read u have fever i hope u get well soon 🙂 back to this epi … 🙂 it was superb!! And RT? Kunj? You’ve just made ur ff all the more interesting .. Can’t wait for confrontation … Do post soon …love u

  23. Baby

    omg satakshi di amazing episode heart touching episode luvd it sooooooooo mch 2 d core post nxt asap di

  24. shattu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    wah wah kya baat hai wah wah kya baat hai awesome diiiiiiiii waiting eagerly for next part confrontation love u diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii??

  25. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi

  26. yeppy cant wa8 till 3 aug…
    u r so amazing…
    loved kunjs guiltiness…
    how in d world twinkle can hav a smile so sweet of her…

  27. Srija


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