So a lion fell in love with the lamb (Intro)

Hellooo guys I m back n I hope u know me….its shatakshi . I know I haven’t posted from 15 days or more but what to do as I felt that my ff was not good n as a writer if I didn’t felt that it was good than it is obvious for u all 2 feel the same…but thanks a lot 2 each n every1 for ur support 2 my os….n as u all know this studies….ohh god..but anyways I promise 2 post it regularly n assure u that it would be worth reading n spending ur time….n 1 more important think from past many days I have not been commenting any of the ffs due to my tight schedule but trust me I have read them all..u wont believe I used 2 read it around 2-3 am n that to hiding from every1….

Sweetie ur ff is just rocking as always…crazy,shreya,ritzi,aakanksha n how can I forget pali…I m missing ur ff too much…misha n there r many new writers like me…shamz,rushi u ppl r doing too good…atlast ridhima..dear u r writing superb but plzz post that heaven ff coz I m eagerly waiting for it n also ur cute one liners n jokes they r damn cute….
Now enough of my boring session…so lets start

A quick intro of our characters
KUNJ SARNA : An arrogant, cold hearted person who owns a big firm in Canada. He is known 2 be the most cruel person professionally n personally. But frankly saying there is no one in his personal life..all alone. Ppl have fear of his anger, arrogance. He is widely known 2 hurt ppl. This is the reason of his isolation. Inspite of this he carry a good, attractive n smart personality to which ppl especially girls unaware of his nature r attracted 2wardds him but it doesn’t last long. N 1 more thing kunj hate girls.

TWINKLE TANEJA : A cute, bubbly n happy go lucky girl. The main motive of her life is 2 spread happiness. She runs an NGO n is connected with various such activities. She lives is Canada n is from a mediocre family….not completely a family instead the ppl of NGO is the only family she own coz she is an orphan. 2 run the NGO n her livelihood she is searching a job in big firm. Earlier she used 2 work in a small company but due 2 the losses the company was shut down….her life is full of struggle but she is a fighter .

Guys I will add the characters as needed …

So lets begin the first episode
A Kunj Company
A huge, lavish cabin is shown which is owned by kunj sarna , the owner of Kunj Company as directed on the door of the cabin. A sculpted muscular figure wearing a blue shirt n a blazer with a tie around is seen having a frustrated look on his face. An employ is standing be4 him who is shivering with fear n sweating.
K : U useless ppl don’t even know send an attachment along with ur mail n wanted 2 work in my company (yelling)
E : I m so..oosry but it was not intentionally (stammering) yesterday my children asked me 2 take them at water park..n due 2 this in hurry It slipped from my mind..(he spoke all in 1 breath n eyes closed)
K : FAMILY…oh u r also among those bunch of stupid ppl who waste their life for these selfish ppl…mark my words they will leave u n you will be left all alone (having seriousness along with some different felling which is not understable) not why the hell r u staring at me…get lost n don’t show ur face unless the work is done
The employee left with agreement but with a satisfaction of not been fired
Kunj thinks,”again a person behind his family n all those selfish ppl . I don’t know whether this entire world is sick. (looking 2wards a photo frame in his drawer) People like u can never love any1 n u r the reason behind my success becoz at a very early I got 2 know this world that yeh duniya ke log kisi ke aapne nahi ho sakte inko sirf aata hai to dusro ka chod ke aapne aage badhna.” He had tears in his eyes but controlled it as his phone rang. He received it n said that I will be there in an hour. Saying this he left his office in his car
At Mall
Here kunj arrived in was searching his investers who told him 2 meet him at mall coz it was his last day in Canada n also his meeting was pending with kunj since few months.

K : arree yaar aab yeh kaha chale gaye. I know that I don’t like 2 conduct my meetings in such crowdy places jaha loge aapne face par fake smile chipka ke ghoomte rahte hai (fully frustrated)
Suddenly his eye fell on the investor(Mr. Agarwal) coming 2wards him with his family. Kunj saw him n thought, “ yeh lo ek aur bakra phas gaya in sab jhoote rishto me”(kunj used 2 have a cruel sarcasm in his tone)
After all his work n meeting he was about 2 leave but suddenly he noticed a huge crowd at the centre of the mall. Firstly he ignored but becoz of some music sounds he decided 2 check it out.

At that place a DJ was set up n a girl was dancing along with some youngsters on a hindi song (guys as u all know Canada has a huge Indian population)

Kunj reached the sight n saw all this activities. He noticed the dancing girl..her bright eyes, her clothes which were not expensive but was looking perfect on her maintained figure n above all her craziness . All the ppl appreciated her dance n fun n suddenly she grabed the mic from the host n said
Girl : Hey every1 whats up!!! U might be thinking the reason of my drama but guys kya aapne life ko itha boring banana zaroori hai kya??? U know like is like a daal chawal…but 2 add spices u have 2 make it chicken tandoori, keema pav n then u will realize the real meaning of life. Just a few minutes earlier I was roaming here n then I noticed that every1 was busy with their work..some were roaming alone aree itna he boring life jeena hai to jaa ke ramdev baba ke satsang me baiho nay aha mall ka show kyu kharab kar rahe ho??(listening this the huge crowd started laughing) N yess how can I forget this phone…pata hai aaj kal saari married women he yahi problem rehti hai ki mera pati mujhse zyada aapne phone pe dhyan deta h. Now a days they have started feeling mobile phones as their sautan… (All started clapping for her)

She got down from the stage as her friend sonakshi(an orphan) called her
S : Yaaar twinkle chall na but anyways the pravachan was superb..
Kunj heard all this n was thinking that how can a girl speak soooooo much. He heard her name as he was standing close 2 sonakshi .
K : (thinks) yeh ladki the ya bullet train. Ittne jaldi sabka attention bhi gain kar liya aur aapne baat bhi keh diya. But nevermind this list of things r for these normal ppl n this world but not for me. These girls r so foolish n that’s the reason I hate them…
Kunj left the place as it was the time for some interviews 2 be taken for the position of his PA.
Here twinkle who left with sonakshi was in a hurry as she wanted 2 catch up an interview in Kunj Company.
At Kunj Company
A huge queue of ppl were sitting there n twinkle reached there on time as allotted 2 her ie 3:30pm
She noticed that in that line only men were sitting n not a single women..she felt strange but then ignored.
As soon as she reached wearing her formals a man arrived to her n said that she is not selected
T : What the hell I reached here just now n I m on time. N btw u have not taken my interview then how can u judge my skills..(in anger)
Man : sorry mam we cant hire u as this position is for the post of Kunj sirs PA n he had strictly ordered us that there should be no lady.
Hearing this twinkle was bit surprised n yelled
T : OHH NOW I GET IT THIS COMPANY IS SO NARROW MINDED WHERE THE SO CALLED “BOSS” IS BEHAVING LIKE A DUMB PERSON… n for ur kind information I run an NGO for ur such an act I will complain 2 police… just cant believe this n where is ur boss I wanted 2 meet him n teach him some values which he might have not learned in this early years
All the ppl were staring at twinkle n were hell afraid coz just behind twinkle kunj was standing n listening her talks to which twinkle was unaware that he was only kunj sarna so he told him..

T : Now what do u want..ohh I see another narrow minded person(rolling her eyes)
Kunj was calm n quiet n all the employee in fear..

Screen freezed on their scared faces

Precap : Kunjs challenge for twinkle

Hey guys how was he episode???
Was it interesting???
Do u loved kunjs character????
Plzzz give ur views through ur comments…

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  1. Superb episode….well done shatakshi….amazing story…really love ur plot….lots of luv….

    1. Thanks rashi…??

  2. omg ws damn awsm….i jus loved it to d core…m jus waiting to see hw kunj wl chng his character….

    1. Hey loveleen tysm for reading n complimenting??

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    1. Tysm nisi n regarding the writing skills it’s just the inspiration from some amazing ff writers…??

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  8. Heyy i luv this new story i can’t remember what was the last ff u wrote im sry but u came back with a bang !!! 🙂 🙂 btw kunj’s character i kinda like it BT i no twinkle will change it gradually plzz post the next epi ASAP 🙂 luv u !!! :*

  9. N the name if ur ff suits it ???

    1. Tysm romaisah….n regarding the name…it was a line from twilight novel so I just thought of making it..

  10. Oh woowww ;oh woowww it is dam awesome ;fabulous ; totally spell bounded …I really loved the role u portrayed for kunj waiting to see his angered side.
    Eagerly waiting fr d next one …plzzz post it soon.

    1. Hey sayeeda tysm for ur compliment n yes I have already written it n just wanted to make small change then surely it will be uploaded

  11. just amazing ??????
    continue soon

    1. Tysm srija…keep reading?

  12. Its awsome i m happy that there is no faltu ka character?

    1. Kinjal I think we both r alike coz such nuisance creating characters r hated by me coz I m unable to make a bang on twist like other fan writers so its better that I remain in my comfort zone n entertain u all….n thanks for liking it

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    Awdome yar keep it up

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  21. it was more than awesome
    loved each part of it
    i was also thinking that why someone not write a ff on your topic
    loved each and every character

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